Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 4) (KKB, Swaragini)

Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with next episode of salt & sweet love story. thnq sooooo much for ur cmnts. But I don’t know y am getting less cmnts than my previous updates. Plz try to cmnt me n give suggestion. Ur cmnts r my strength. Plz be with me. If u don’t like the plot then plz tell me sure I’ll stop this ff.
Another note for kkb fans. U r really missing abhi na….plz u must wait for some time. I thought to give surprise to u but …….now I revealed that abhi is in my ff soon he will come. I replied to all if u r free then check the cmnts.

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Recap: rag gets labour pain, swara angry on diya.

Swara throws diya’s note n shouts get out from cls. Diya goes out n murmurs on swara. Swara continue her cls. At that time HM comes to her room n sees diya. (I already told u na their cls is near by HM room)
HM: y r u standing out?
Diya: who…
Students informs swa that HM came. She goes out n tells what happened. HM scolds diya. Scl last bell rings. All students r watching her scolding she felt insulted n gets angry on swara.

Scene shifts to hospital.

Lak comes there.
Lak: san I wnet home n servant informed that rag got pain…..how is she?
San: doc says she is in critical stage they r saying bla bla I cant understand anything…..i’m very tensed. He hugs lak.
Pra: hey I informed swa y she didn’t told u any thing?
A voice: no pragya I didn’t told him anything. (ya its none other than swa)
Swa explains her situation n asks abt rag.
Pra: now see time is 7pm we came in afternoon but still we cant understand what they r doing.
Suj stops a nurse n shouts at her. Pra consoles her.
Swa: sry for troubling u but what r u doing? Mam….patient is in some prob so we called one spslist. See mam came.
A lady enters room n sees rag’s condition n asks abt her bp n bla bla test results. Nurse tells they didn’t took any tests. The lady scolds them. N asks immediate test results. Then comes out. Her face shown. (she is none other than Megha – Akanksha singh)
Meg: plz don’t wry…..ya I accept rag is in critical stage but no prob…….
After some time results came. After seeing results she informs san that no prob she can give birth by normal delivery . san holds rags hand after lots pain she gives birth to twins.(kangal neeye song frm mupoludum un karpanaigal plays in bg) (chandaniya frm rowdy rathore plays in bg)( 1 boy n 1 girl.) Then rag goes unconscious.
San gets worried abt rag. Meg notice this n says don’t wry its normal now she is alri8.
The news comes out. All r very happy. Praswa hugs each other. Suj on peak of the world. She shouts in kushi RP controls her. Lak gives sweet to all. After 15 mins rag comes to conscious n caress the child. She says happy bday my sweet hearts. Then san wishes happy new year my sweet hearts. San kisses on rag’s forehead.

San: how r u feeling now?
Rag: I’m peak on the world. Now I’m completed. I got a position as mom. Now really I accept that delivery is really reborn for a mom.
San: u suffered a lot pain na?
Rag: ya but after seeing this small pretty babies I forgot all. Water drops comes frm eyes.

Days started to pass like rocket.

Swa takes cls then diya looks at angrily. She thought she have to revenge for her insult. Atlast she got oppourtunity. Actually now she got swara’s phone num. her evil mind thinks smthng n smiles.

Next day ( that was a Sunday)

Lak comes to swa house. Hey cook fast I’m very hungry I cant wait anymore.
Swa: ha baba 2 mins. He makes noice by knocking plates. Then swara’s phone rings.
Lak lifts the phone that was an unknown num. he didn’t utter a word b4 that a boy talking….no no…..scolding swara by very bad words….then he says don’t dare to insult a student later he cuts the call. Lak was numb but he is in peak of angry.
Swa: who is that? Lak comes to sense …voh,……wrong num….just then he starts his bike n goes. Swa comes out by carrying lunch n finds lak is missing she wonders…

Scene shifts to hostel

moh seeing his face on phone by selfie camera.
Ram (another staff) (he also stays in hostel with moh) : hey moh what happened today? U r seeing ur beauty. Anything spl?
moh :mmm today I’m going to coffee day with prag
Ram : wow. Do u love with her?
moh : yes
Ram : frm when?
moh : don’t know when I fall in love with her. But has a magnetic power that attracts me towards her.
Ram : 2day r u going to propose her?
moh : I thought that don’t know . but I’ll try.
Ram : all the best dude.
moh starts his bike.
He reached coffee shop n waits for prag. Then she too comes.
Prag: sry ya am I made u wait so long?
Moh: not at all. Then he orders 2 cold coffee.
They both waits for coffee. moh is nervous. Coffee came.
moh gathers full courage :prag I want to talk to u.
prag : she drinks the coffee n says ya sure what matter

scene shifts to rag’s house.

Both babies r crying.
Rag: hey san what r u doing children r crying….u changing channels on tv?
San: Hey I’m searching song for thalaatu….
Rag: u r gone mad…….she sings…araro ariro frm siruthai. (chandaniya frm rowdy rathore) girl stopped crying but still boy is crying suddenly san stopped channel on 1 climax fight. Baby started to laughs. Rag damn shocked.
Rag: hey ur son is also rowdy like u that’s y he stopped crying after seeing fight.
San: that’s my boy….he lifts his collar. Rag gives stern look.
San: y r u staring me like this?
Rag: nothing past flashed on my mind. San thinks…..FLASH BACK OPENS.

It’s a very hot day. In mid of road one fight is going. There crowd around them. A boy beating some goons brutally. Sweating drops escapes from his body while blood escapes from goons body. His face is shown. That’s our handsome kishan. (kishan is none other than sanskar – varun kapoor)(actually kisan is his real name on this ff for readers comfortable I showing him as SAN). He reaches his home which has name board as Kundhra Nivas.
A lady: see him.. there is any resembles of our family? (he fought na so his dress is very dirty)
San(kishan): offo mom….
A man: sujatha….just now he came….leave him. Go n get fresh .
San: thnq dad.
Suj: ji….what is this u always supporting him.
San comes down after fresh up
Suj: today also u fought. Today what is the reason.
San: mom some boys teased girl so I beat them. What is the wrong in it? I’m ri8 na dad?
Ram Prasad(RP): of course u r ri8. Sujatha gives a stern look.
A lady comes there to give invitation for her son’s marriage.
Lady: invites them n sees san. Ur son also same age of my son. Now my son getting married what abt ur son?
San to RP: she came to give invitation na then y she is talking abt me?
RP: get ready my son. Ur mom next topic is this only enjoy….

Next day sujatha goes to astrologist. He sees san’s horoscope.
Ast: now ur son’s time is not well. Sure he will bring problems.
Suj: what r u saying ji?
Ast: recently ur son shoud beat anyone isn’t it?
Suj: yes ji.
Ast: like that he wil bring more problems if he stay here. He want some place change.
Suj: sure ji..what abt his marriage?
Ast: end of the year he will get married. On his birthday he will meet his fiancé.
Suj comes to home: kishan get ready…….
San: y? am going anywhere?
Suj: u r going to ur grand ma’s house. My mom’s house.
San: what? In village? I cant maa.
FLASH BACK interrupted by ragini.
Rag: hello ur fb is enough now. Go n bring veg for cooking. He goes with murmuring rag smiles.

Lak drives fast then calls his frnd…………..we can see clear tension on his face.

Screen freezes with tension face of laksh.

Precap: Laksh beats someone. Diya gets slap.

Frnds I know today swalak part is very short but soon they will get importance in further epis. Frnds plz cmnt. My nxt update will be on weddnesday. Keep smiling frnds. By urs lovins Aastha.

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  1. Abdul hafiz(uma).

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    Nyc di…i loved it….di u r making sanky and kissan same ryt???

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      ya san n kisan is same but i didnt copy frm serial i plotted this story 2 years ago. thnq for ur cmnt dear

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  14. ragsan story is awesome,so cute yar

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