Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 3) (KKB, Swaragini)


Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with a nxt epi of salt n sweet love story. Thnq soooooo much for ur valuable cmnts I’m really sry I’m unable to cmnt then. Many of u liked the pairs n some of u worried abt abhi…..plz,…..with patient read this ff. here is many twists n flash backs. pavani akka u asked abt rasan love lyf na.. u know na I don’t know to write a story with out flash back. Sure u’ll see ragsan love track. May be abhi will be excist or not I cant say now. Plz support me here I’m stops my bak bak..

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chapter 3
Recap: entry of our heroes

Episode starts with mohan.
Moh: 1 coffee?
Prag sees a time. I’m sry moh. I’m getting late. I want to pick up my niece . Don’t mistake me. Nxt time sure I’ll come.
Moh nods bye.
prag goes to Mehra mansion with the cute riya
A voice : welcome beta. What happened y u late?
Riya : dadi today me n chachi ate ice cream that’s y we late.
dadi : then where is ice cream for me?
Another voice : kya prag? Y u giving ice cream to her.
prag: y bhabhi?
mitali : today morning only she ate 1 cup ice.
prag : u naughty riya…..they both chases one another cutely.
Just then riya hides her in her dad.
prag : raj bhaiya leave her.. she cheated me.
raj : no i will never leave my princess.
prag : then I’m not ur princess. She makes a pout face.
A voice : u r my princess dear.
prag : papa.. she hugs rajendar.(he is frm ssk. Prem’s dad).
Another voice : papa I’m also ur princess na?
rajendar : yes my dear aliya.
She also hugs him.
Sunaina( she is also frm ssk. Prem’s maa. Here is already sujatha so I changed her name as sunaina) : when we r all together then time runs fastly. Come to dinner.
They all eats.

Screen shifts to swara’s house.

Swalak are having their dinner.
Swa: hey quickly eat n go to ur home. I too have some scl works.
Lak: hey time is just 8:30….y r u saying me to go soon…
Swa gives stern look: y u don’t know ? maa is waiting for u ….. u have to spend some time with her too. What will she think abt me? If u did like this then sure she will think that I’m separating u frm ur family(bcos he spends more time with her). Actually I’m not interested to work in Chennai but I came for u only….but plz don’t bring any bad name for me…..
Lak: meri maa…I’m leaving…..ok. u r alone na that’s why only I’m coming here. U r my sweet frnd na….bye….
Saw says bye to him then she stares at her phone with worrying….lak notice this…..smile on his face started to fade….( hamari adhuri song plays in bg)(kanave kanave song frm david plays in bg)

Next day morning,

@ ragini’s house.

Ragini opens her eyes n sees handsome hand on her waist….she turns to sanky’s side n kisses on forehead.(un vizhligalil song frm darling plays in bg) (san sathiya plays in bg) She is abt to leave….san holds her hand….
Rag: hey leave me want to get fresh ….
San: go…..u r not my sweet rag. U r not giving me just a single kiss.
Rag: then who kissed on ur forehead?
San: I want here…he points on lips….
Rag: this is morning not ni8 to romance..
San: that’s not the rules to ramaance in ni8 only..
Rag: ha ha very funny.
She comes after fresh up n wears a chain with kisan dollar(Krishnan dollar)
San: hey do u remember our 1st meet?
She smiles..haan…sujatha comes there..arey babrey…kya hogaya tum thono ko aaj hamara gar me pooja hai na? get ready soon.
They both attends pooja.

Days started to pass quickly.

@ clg

Good improvement in students. They r in full form. Fire burning in them which lighten by pragya. They showed a limited results in their internal exams.
Maya (student) : mam we never thought that we also will get some importance but u encouraged us atmost. Thnq so much mam.
prag : this is just a beginning u all deserves more than this so don’t lose ur hope.
Circular comes to their cls.
vik : what is this mam?
prag : its abt cultural. Everyone is silent.
prag : guys y silent? I said this is abt cultural. U all have to participate.
Stu : mam we always fails so this time we wont participate.
prag : what is this rubbish? U failed that is 1st step to success I accept that this 1st step is filled with thorns but u have go on. U all have to be proud that u all participate last time also. Don’t worry abt results just try to do ur best.
prag : see me I’m trying to teach u but I don’t know u all understanding mine but I’m trying to do my best. N I’m always hope that results will be positive. (see me too trying to write something good but I don’t know its gud or not but still I’m writing)
prag : so I’m always thinks the positive only. U also follow my words sure u will succeed
Finally they decides to participate.

@ scl

Diya: hey I like swara’s cls.
Frnd: hey she is our teacher we should respect her.
Diya: offo I wont. According to me she is just time pass. That’s it.
Frnds pov: oh my god she is taking over advantage…..i don’t know where it will end?

Again screen shifts to clg

Prag encourages them well n helps them to do more perfect. mohan totally impressed by her. He also helps them.
That day prag sees them they all practicing for dance. But she feels steps r not too good.
prag : guys u all dancing well but some steps r not suitable for this song.
Neha : what we do for that mam. We don’t have good couch.
prag thinks for 1 min then play the song. Stop….in this place put this steps ok. Like this she makes some changes n she dances very well. Students all r surprised by her talent.
ganesh : mam we know that u r a fabulous designer but u r dancing also very well.
She feels shy. Ok guys stop it n start ur practise.
moh : arey u r dancing very well.
prag : u also see…omg.
moh : y? i wont?
Rag : not like that.
Lak : u r tired na come we will go to coffee day.
Rag : sure I’ll come in another day bcos I promised u na. don’t wry. She goes.

Its December 31st

Rag screams in pain. Plate falls down which she hold in her hand. Sanky sujatha n RP come to living room. (Ya rag is screaming bcos of labour pain. Sry frnds in previous epi I mentioned rag is 8 months pregnant. Actually then she is 4 months now 10 months.)
Everyone rushed to hospital.
Sanky was very nervous then he calls pragya.
San: prag rag is in hospital come soon. I’m very nervous. Inform to swara too.
Pra: u don’t wry we will come there soon.
Prag calls swara.
Pra: hey where r u ? rag is in hospital come soon.
Swa: sure u go I’ll come. she cuts the call. She goes to headmistress room but she is not there. So she goes to AHM.
Swa: mam I want to go hospital….my frnd is in……
AHM is already tension: y r u going to treat her ? there is 2 periods after last bell u can go. Swa gets angry goes to 12th A section.
She teaches sums. In last bench diya n her frnds r playing.
Swa: students plz keep silent…still there is noise bcos of diya.
Swa goes near to diya n plucks note from her hand. There is bingo, Hollywood,…..and many more games which can play in note.
Swara throws the note. All students dazed by her angry behaviour.
(i know u r all thinking dec 31st scl…..they r 12 na so spsl cls.)

Screen freezes with angry face of swara.

To be continued.

Frnds hope u liked this epi. Tomato , eggs , negative and positive cmnts r welcome. Plz cmnt n encourage me. tmrw i’ll post nxt epi dears. By urs loving Aastha.

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  1. Awesome. But hope to see Ragsan’s love story

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  3. Astha Unga story supera iruku mind blowing. But mohit (kunal) ku mirchi meena (aakanksha singh) dhan correct and pragya (sriti jha) ku Rockstar abhi(shabbir ahluwalia) dhan correct. Kunal is also a great actor but I am saying my suggestion. By the way story line is nice so pairs are secondary only. Waiting for the next update

    1. Astha

      oh my sweety i know ur feeling actually i like moh very much. nan swaragini la ff eludum podu abhi oru scene ku mattum vandu poramari like frnd n murai maman character pannirukan. ana moh idhuvarai en ff la vandadhila adhan ma. ok no prob dear better u read my nxt epi then u can come to clarification abt pairs. love u loads my dear 4 ur frank opinion.

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