Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 29) (KKB, Swaragini) (Last Episode)


Thnq sooooo much finally I reached the last episode. This is the 1st time I’m reaching 30th epi. Without u its impossible. U all made impossible as I’m possible. This part will be long than usual so plz read the full epi till end.

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Abhigya’s bachelor party. (ni8 time)

Mehra mansion’s garden was fully decorated with lights n flowers. Abhi’s clg mates n many other frnds also there. Abhigya comes there together. Prag wears lavendar coloured velvet gown. Abhi wears lavender colour suit.
Just then ragsan, Meghan, diya n swara all comes. Rabul n appu welcomes all. All r chatting then laksh comes there.
Everyone talks casually. Lak was abt to talk to swa but she ignores him. He felt bad n left from there. All noticed that. Till then no one know abt this swalak r not talking properly. Abhi, san, moh went to parking slot n brought lak. 1st lak refused to come but later came with them.

Guests r in party, rabul managing the party.. They all came to terrace.

meg: swa what happened to u? y r u not talking to him?
Swa: plz prag I’m not interested to talk abt this. Just leave it. I have some respect on u so plz…..
prag: hey what r u talking. R u in conscious?
Abhi: prag cool……
Abhi: swa we all ur frnds na ……. Plz tell us what happened?
San: ya we can solve it.

Swa: there is no prob in btw us. I don’t want to talk to him. Plz try to understand……
Mohan: it means?????
Swa: it means I don’t like to talk with a cheater.
Lak is broken to hear the word cheater.
Diya: what????
Swa: he is cheater. Yes actually sahil is not my heart rob. Lak is the real heart rob. He hide many things from me. he is a cheater. By hiding these things he snatched my happiness. She heard sahlak convo at airport. (ivan en sandosatha paricha drogi….)
Rag got angry n abt to slap her but stopped.
All r shocked……

San: rag what is this…….
Rag: she is saying he is cheater, is he snatched her happiness?……. What she know abt him……. What she know how much he suffered?
Prag: what r u saying?
Rag: ya… sahil is not HR. lak is the real HR. but he hide the truth for swa’s happiness only.
Abhi: that mean u know that b4?
Rag looks lak. He nods don’t say.
Rag: no lak….. it’s the time. Haan….. I know.

Fb showed.

Lak: hey rag why r u seems dull.
Rag: I want to search something abt our assignment but my data is over.
Lak: is this a matter? Take it. He forwarded his phone.
Rag smiles n starts browsing.
A boy: laksh…… uttra is calling u to staff room.
Lak: yes I’m coming. Rag I’ll be within few mins. She nods.

Rag completed her browsing to close the page mistakenly she touched recent page.
She is shocked to see that.
She saw swara’s msg “: hey heart rob…u only saved me from those boys na? I know…bcos u only asked now r u relieved? I didn’t told abt that incident. That means r u there in bus only…
HR (heart rob): how many qns will u ask….ya I was there only…now what?
Swa: u n me r good frnd talked a lot….u knows me….but I don’t know u…just say ur name at least….
HR: y?
Swa: bcos I want to see u n thank u
HR: u said thank na that’s enough. If there is any need sure then I’ll come. bye…now I have work.
Swa: he helps me a lot but dislikes publicity…..a broad smile comes on her face un knowingly.

Just then lak comes there.

Rag: whats this laksh? I know from very 1st day I saw something special in ur eyes while seeing swara……. But y this all? (Lak enna idhu unaku avana istamnu terium but edhuku
Lak: u r ri8. Mine is love at first sight. I loves her soooooo much. She want to realise how much I’m loves her.
Rag: what is the need to hide ur identity?
Lak: just imagine. Its is thrilling n very enjoying love method. Do u know how much she excited to see me? after her confession I’ll tell my identity.
Rag: I don’t know it will work?
Lak: just believe.
Rag: hope everything will be good.

Then lak submitted assignment for swa.
Rag looks lak: enjoy enjoy. Step by step u r entering in her heart……. He smiles. ( aluthu aluthu…kalakura….)Mam scolds him.

Another day
Lak: hey rag I’m going to propose her tmrw. I’m very nervous.
Rag: that’s great but be brave. Sure she will accept u.
Lak: hey u too come with me na I’ll feel better.
Rag: sry lak…. Tmrw uttra n her family going to temple so I too want to go there as servant.
Rag: all the best don’t wry.

After two days.
Rag to lak: what happened? Bcos of some incident I’m not able to come clg properly….
Lak: I went to propose but sahil introduced himself as HR.
Rag: what? Then u filled ur mouth with mothag…. (ni dan HR nu pooi solla vendiyaadu dana….. vaila kolukattaya vechirunda?)
Lak: she was really happy…. If I went there n told the truth she will be broken. Sahil said he loves her so much.
Rag gave a dead glare: how long you can hide the truth? Truth is like a ball in water sure that will comes out. (unmaiya rumba nal maraika muduyadu…)
Lak: I’ll hide the truth how long I can. (mudiyadunu onnu illa nu ni dana adikadi solva ippo niye ipdi solra…)

Fb ended

All r shocked to hear the fb.

Rag: what did u told he snatched ur happiness? He is the only reason for ur happiness for these two years. U believed that b*****dy sahil….. he never thought abt u. for these day u got call from laksh only. He talked with u in sahil’s voice. U chatted these two years na that too with lak only.
Swa looked lak longingly
Rag: ya he done a mistake. If he told the truth then there is no prob but the destiny played with him. What he can do for that. (ivan thapu pannan illa sollala ana adha sari panna ivan evlovo kasta patruka…)
Lak: rag enough don’t kill her by ur words.

Rag: no …. I wont….. for this two years I never told this to sanky too. I really felt bad for u. she told na she loved her heart rob very much cant she recognise the truth.
Swa cries vigorously.
Lak shouts ragini: I said enough. I hide these things from her for her happiness. But now she is crying only bcos of me.
Lak: I’m sry swara……

Swa: no lak what she said that is true. I was blind but not now. She hugs him. He to reciprocates.
(anbe en anbe … from dhamdhoom) (sunona sang marmar from youngistan)

All r happy to see them.

Abhigya: is ur fights came to end then can we enjoy our bachelor party?

All laughs n enjoys the party.

The next day as per tamil culture abhigya’s marriage happens.
They rounded the agni 7 times then he tied thaali (mangal sutra) then he filled her hair line with kungumam (kum kum / sendoor) then abhi made prag wear meti. (the ring which is used to wear by married women in their 2nd finger in leg.) (ammi mithichi arundadhi pakura saadangu nadakudu.)
All rituals finished including grah pravesh. Now this is free time to groom n bride.

Diya: bhaiyas…(abhi, mohan, lak, san, purab) u all looking handsome in this white vests n shirt.
Swa: then we r not cool in this saree?
Diya: y not ? u r looking good but comparing to my bros u all r less.
Diya n bros gives hifi.

Meg: u tell
Moh: no way u tell.
Lak: whats happening?
Meghan: vo …. We r in love soon we r getting married. They said it very fast.
All: wow…..

Abhigya: then what abt swalak?
Lak: vo… maa…..
Ap: I like swara very much.
Swa: willdad accept me? am a orphan na?
Dp: y? I’m asking y? am I told I have objection? U r pampered with good qualities n more over loves my son so much what I want more than this?
Swalak r full happy.

After few days swalak and Meghan got married successfully.

At mehra mansion

Appu sits sadly.
Bul: what happened beta? Y r u dull?
Appu: here is no enjoyment. When prag buva got married then there is some enjoyment but after that no enjoyment.
Purab: exactly I too feeling the same.
Bul: now what to do for that?
Purab: we can go tour na….
Appu: u r absolutely ri8 dad.

Prag: yes bhaiya we too come with u….
Rabul: u have to go to honeymoon not tour.
Prag: but there we feel bore. Lonely how can we enjoy?
A voice: u r absolutely ri8 pragya.
Rabul n abhigya turned.
Bul: megha u too joined with her…….

Moh: we all can go together. Is that ok abhi?
Abhi: of course I too agree with u all.
Purab: bulbul…. They all r saying na….. come we two celebrate our second honey moon.
Appu: haaan ma I too want younger bro.
All laughs to appu’s words. raBul feels embarrassing.

Prag then we will call swalak n ragsan too.
Abhi: y not.
All gathered at mehra mansion.
Purab: tell me what is ur plan? Where we r going to……
Abhi: Switzerland?
All gives killer look to him.

Abhi: y r u all staring me like this? Then u tell.
Prag: guys tell me near place or else in travelling tired we cant enjoy.
Moh: you r ri8.
Swa: simla?
Lak: kasmir?
Rag: what abt ooty? Very near na…. noe climate also very good there.

Bul: I think its good.
Lak: hey its just 80 km from our clg na….
Rag: but I never went there…..
Meghan: we too never went there….
Prag n swa: we never went there with our team na….. it will be full fun.
Finally after lots of discussion they finalised ooty.

Rag: guys…. We can go there by car till foot hills.
Moh: y?
Rag: after that I want to climb the hill by bike…….. she told it with shy….
Pra with a naughty tone: varey va… romance…. Bale bale…
Purab: ok then tmrw morning 5 o’ clock we r going.

A chorus voice how can u go there without us?
Abhi: diya n aliya u both…..
Aliya: yes we too will come.
Bul n rag signs by eyes.
Bul: of course u two r coming.
Others looks bul with wide shock.
Pra: bhabi we r going honey moon.
Rag: we r going grp honey moon then y cant they come?
Bul: they r coming there to take care of appu, sara and saran.
Diya n aliya: what???????

Others r laughs at them.

Then all left to their respective homes.

At ragsan

San closes rags eyes by his hand. She touches the hands n says: Kishan….. what is this like child.
San: come with me na…. he removed his hands. She slowly opened the eyes.
She saw a gift on bed n opened it with eager. She is shocked to see the gift.
Rag: what is this san?

San: plz…plz… u r my darling na…..
Rag: no I wont.
San: just try once na……
Rag: don’t u know I don’t like to wear this western tops legging, jegging, jean… I don’t like this all. I’m comfortable with my saree.

San: hey its my dream. I want to enjoy my honeymoon with this modern dress. I bought this 4/5 years ago. But I never gave this to u bcos we didn’t went to honey moon. Now we r going so u have to. Its ok don’t wear this for me atleast for audience….. they r bored to see u n same kind of saree.
Rag with pout face ok I’ll.
San: that’s my girl. If u wear saree then can u enjoy bike ride with naughty tone. She blushes.

The next day all came to foot hill by car. Now 5 pairs r getting down to bike ride n our pity diya, aliya with sara n sarn and appu going in car.

Our 5 heroes races the bike our 5 pretty heroines r in back n tightly hugged our heroes. They all racing the bike san is in first but abhi comes first like this 5 pairs enjoying the travel. At last they reached the hotel where diya n alliya waiting.

Now scenes will show mixture here n there (5 pairs in 5 different rooms n in last room our aliya diay n kutties r there)

Rag: ok I’ll take bath
San holds her hand

Abhi: till now nothing happened in this soon u want to take bath?
Prag: I think sir is in full form?

Moh: y not? We came here for that only na…….
Meg: ahaan….. do u think soon will u get?

Lak: if u didn’t give then I’ll take.
Swa: omg…. I never this this much romantic lak…

Purab: at ri8 time only that will come out.
Bul: I think u r decided to give baby boy for appu?

Prag: abhi… appu asked baby boy from bhaiya…..
Abhi: so what??? Our son also can be her bro.

All girls pinned in wall by out hot heroes. They r kissing very passionately while our girls face like apple in shyness. (ang lag adhere from ram leela plays in bg) (malai magnum neram from roethiram plays in bg)

At last room
Aliya: all bhaiyas r enjoying but see our state.
Diya: ya… I too waiting for my dream boy.
Both dozed off. In dream they r dancing with their dream boys.

Next day morning.

One by one coming to garden.
Diya n aliya: all r enjoyed ur ni8 very well I think……
Bul: u both….. talk in ur age limits.
Aliya: look diya they brought us here to take care of these three mischievous but saying us to talk in limit.
Diya: we both r finished with this naughty babies. They never let us to sleep.
Swa: hey don’t lie…. I know u both will sleep very well. U also had dream with ur dream boys am I ri8?
Diya wishpers aliya: is they set camera in our room?
Meg twist their ears.
Rag: we don’t want cameras…
Aliya n diya: its paining leave us….
All r laughs at them.

What secret going btw all girl? All the boys asked.
Girls: nothing.
Boys: then come lets take a pic. It’s a selfie time.
Ragsan with sara n saran, rabul with appu, Meghan, swalak , abhigya and diya, aliya took a selfie.
(Roja thottam pukkal thoovi vzhalthu kurum
andha swaragam vandu engal vitil deepam yeatrum
oru nal dane oor pandigai kondadum
engal vaan meethu thinam powrnami vandadhum
vannangala pirindi vandom
vanavillaga serdu ninrom
dole dole…dole le…

this is my fav song already this article is long so i’m giving translation of last two lines.
” we have temple for kannan(krishnan) but we dont have temple for karn (from mahabharat.) build temple for friendship. thats not a crime.” its my ever green n fav lines.

The screen freezes with smiling n naughty gestured group selfie.

Don’t always TRUST what you see, even SALT also looks like SUGAR.

When life is SWEET, say thank you and CELEBRATE. When life SALT, say thank you ang GROW.

When u gives importance to people they think that you are free.
But they don’t understand that u make yourself available for them every time.

So friends think before you leep.

Try to understand the value of love, relation especially value of normal human being. Who is with you they all also humans they too have their own feelings. So give equal respect to others.


Hope u all liked my story. Thnq thnq sooooo much without u all am nothing. By ur salt(frank) and sweet(support) cmnts u modified me and taught me a lot. Once again thnq so much for making feels proud. I have a thought I’m good for nothing. but u all made me realise I too can entertain others.

This is the last epi so silent readers plz break ur silence I want to know how many of u r reading my ff n how many of u likes it. So plz do cmnts. This is last so cmnt more than one word.

Rafee, saranya, pp, nannu, aami, varshavengat, megha123, j/123, crazy girl,Ayesha, adhya, honey, fairy, shiya, soujanya, reshu, ruhani, sonika, krish, priya, loli, mukund, jwala, amna, fagmeetha, lovely, chhachat, sriti/shivani, inu, priya, pavani akka, priya,cute girl, yashavi, monesha, priyanka, sitaram, anu, lisa, nirmal, akshata, sweety, uma choti, venni,alia, azure, rasha, sindu akka, ammy, Vivian mary, diya, keerthi, yagya, snehahari, angel(ami), pooja, sethidisha, tina(suha), suhani, di, anjaly, pratepa, sinzo di, sugan, sriti54, b.k maha, ujika.

Hope I didn’t missed no one who cmnted in my ff. thnq so much for being my strength.

Will u all miss me? do u want season 2? Of course I’ll be back to torture u. but not now. It will take some time. Atleast one month. Bcos I got just one scene. So I have to develop it as full story. Till now I didn’t decided the characters. But abhigya n ragsan will be the main leads. I cant assure that in season 2 there is swalak n Meghan. Yaa they in my story but for ½ scenes only.


Last but not least……


How we got freedom from foreigners just like, our leads too get rid of their all problems.

Again thnq so much for reading this lengthy article till the end by spending ur valuable time. Take care of ur heath and studies. Always keep smiling and make others smiling. By urs loving Aastha.

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