Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 27) (KKB, Swaragini)


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Epi starts with pragya

Pragya lost in abhi’s thought. She recalls all sweet & salt moment with him. Her thought were disturbed by purab.
Purab: what r u thinking? About maa papa?
Prag: voo…. Haan bhaiya.
Purab: I know… that’s y I called groom’s family to meet u.
Prag: with raised voice: what? Who decided this all?
Purab: y ? do u have any objection? The groom is selected by maa papa only not me. they asked ur alliance b4 ur 3rd year starting. then u said u want to complete ur studies n want to achieve smthng so we said no but still they r waiting for u that’s y………. don’t u want this marriage?

Prag: vo…..

Purab with sad face: its ok. Who am I to fix ur engagement? I’ll them not to come.
Prag: bhaiya not like that…… I was depressed by happenings for few days.
Purab: I called them bcos the boy selected by papa. U asked him that u want a boy just like dad. Just think about it. Bye.
Prag don’t know what to do or how to say that she loves abhi. How to reject the boy selected my parent? She takes a deep breath. Ok. I’ll tell my decision through that boy.

After some time she goes to purab

Prag: bhaiya……. I’m ready to meet them. but I didn’t called my frnds …….
Bulbuk: u don’t wry abt that. I already invited ragsan lak. Bcos they only in Chennai. To ur marriage u can call all.
Prag gives fake smile.

Scene at laksh

Anna poorna (ap): beta….. how r u? finally u came to us. Umma …..she kisses him on his fore head.
Lak: yes my angel. I came to u. afterwards I wont leave u.
She sees his hair. Hey what is this….. r u not applying oil…?
Lak: maa don’t spoil my hairstyle. Its fashion maa.
AP: what fashion bushion. Come. she drags him n made him sit on small stool. She applied oil n massaged his head. Lak looks at her lovingly.
AP: y r u staring me like this?
Lak: u r the beautiful girl in the world maa.
AP: aahaan…. She playfully taps on his head. U will say this all till ur wife’s entry. Once she came u wont care abt me.
laksh smile disappeared from his face.
AP: hey what happened? I just tease u. that’s it. U always my lovable son. He gives fake smile. U get bath n come soon. I’ll make ur fav fish gravy.
Lak: maa I forgot to tell u my frnd’s engagement today I want to go there so ni8 don’t cook for me.

Scene at ragsan.

Ragsan both r getting ready to attend prag’s engagement.
San: hey wear this dress u’ll look awsm in this dress.
She gives a killer look.
San: hey whats ur prob. Wont u accept me till my death?
Rag puts her finger on his lips.

With teary eyes rag: u know na I love u then what? Cant u understand my situation? Sasu maa dislikes me but u want to enjoy with me? really don’t u care about ur mom’s feeling. She is 1st to u. not me. she only gave birth to u. u enjoys ur freedom that’s all bcos her only. Try to understand her feelins too. Yes I love u. when ur mom accepts me then I’ll accept u. till then we r husband n wife for others but nothing btw us.

San: that’s y I love u. u cares about u hates u….. I really love u ragini. Now I’m assuring that soon I’ll made my mom to accept u n I’ll prove as successful business man, son n husband too. Till then there is nothing btw us. Ok.

At prag’s home.

Home is fully decorated.

Appu imitates like bulbul: prag soon get ready…..
Bul: u chote…… she runs behind appu. While pragya gets ready.
Ragsanlak all came in at a time.
Bul: welcome welcome….. plz sit. Lak n san sits in sofa.
Rag: bhabi is there any work?
Bul: sure come with me.

Just then groom family too comes there. But we can see their back pose only. Bulbul, purab ragsan all welcomes them. then All settled in their places.

A girl: where is our bhabi? Soon call her.
Bul: sure… pragya…. Come here with coffee cups.
Prag looks like angel in paradise. She comes there n serves coffee to all. That’s groom turn. Groom didn’t straightened his head. She gave coffee to him but didn’t see the face too. Groom saw the bottom of prag saree then saw her face.
Groom: Shockingly……Pragya……
Prag too shocked to see the groom.

Yes its our sweet couple ABHIGYA.

Purab: naughtily: ji…. My sis not interested in this marriage we can break this relation.
Prag very fastly: no bhaiya……..
All laughs at her. She feels embarrassed. Abhi too laughs at her. She gives dead glare to him.
Sunaina: ok ok now leave them. they want some privacy b4 engagement.
Ragini: its ok aunty first do the rituals for engagement. Is it ur pov pragya?
Prag smiles n looks down in shy.
Dadi(abhi’s dadi): ya mughurth is going to be end so 1st exchange this rings.

Both exchanges the rings while take intense eye lock.

Rajendar: then with this fix the marriage date too.
Abhi: no dad.
All looks at abhi shockingly.
Dadi:y what happened?
Raj bhaiya: haan what happened to u? u too loves her na?
Abhi: haan I too loves her. That’s y I’m saying.
Aliya: bhaiya plz….. no puzzles. Say it clearly.
Abhi: I promised to Mahesh uncle that I’ll take care of pragya like princess. Look at me…. I’m nothing.
Rajendar: hey my properties all to u three naa. (pointing raj, alia, abhi.)
Prag: uncle he is correct. He want to stand on his own leg. Then only he will know that what is life. He getting everything easily including me. so he have to prove himself. I’ll wait for him till my last breath.

Abhi: I thought u r going to praise me but u r damaging me. I wont made u wait sooooo long. I want just two years.
Mitali bhabi: abhi y two years? From tmrw u can join in ur dad’s company na?
Abhi: bhabi I got a job in Australia. That is two years contract.
Dadi: u didn’t tell abt this.
I was waiting for this job only. Yesterday only I got the interview letter.
Abhi’s family is not ready to send him. They asked purab.
Purab: I’m not going to tell anything. That’s their life then decision too would be theirs.
Dadi: then ok we will decide about their marriage later.

Just then purab gets call. He ignores the call.
Mitali: purab y r u ignoring the call. Lift it.
Purab: vo…… bul gestures what? He replies them.
Dadi: what happened?
Purab: vo… call is from my office.
Rajendar: so what?
Bul: they r calling him to back. They r not extending his leave. Actually we thought we will go there after prag’s marriage. how can we leave her alone.
Sunaina: she is my daughter so u don’t wry abt her. She will be with us instead of our abhi. Am I ri8 beji?
Dadi: absolutely ri8.
Prag hugs sunaina.

Abhi reaches his home n goes to his room. And takes a photo from draw and while prag too does the same. Abhi turns the pic n broad smile came after seeing pragya’s pic. While prag turns the pic she feels shy after seeing abhi’s pic.
Abhi’s pov: if I agreed to marry when my parents approached me then my prag will be maa for my angel…… but still those days when I followed that are really amazing.

After few days.

abhi selected in interview n went to australia.

Rabul n appu went to abroad.

Lak got job. He thought to brought swa there with him.

Co-incident swa also got job in Chennai. For six months she was accountant in branch of ashram. Later got job in school where diya is studying.

Pragya too felt bore she joined as a lecturer in college where she was studied.

Sujatha too accepted rag as her bahu no no as daughter.

Screen freezes with smiling face of sujatha n ragini.

hope u liked todays epi. by urs loving Aastha.

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  1. superb past mudinjatha inimel present ah

    1. Astha

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  2. DC1

    Ragsan was too good and Ap and Laksh’s congo was also very sweet… I just loved it. Sujju accepted Ragini as her bahu no no as her daughter… That is even more good. You are ending this ff… Will surely miss it and now waiting for my Swalak union.. Love you loads

    1. DC1

      I mean Ap and Laksh’s convo… This auto correct is a head ache… Always changes everything

    2. Astha

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  5. Fantastic episode….Family , Friendship, love …..alll sooo awesome….loved the way they tackle problems of their life…..amazing Episode dear loved it?

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  12. finally abhigya engaged..
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    epi was really awesome curiously waiting for next epi

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  13. Super episode. I can’t expreess the feelings in words…amazing.. But make it long…plz update the next part soon…

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      thnq thnq soo sooo soooo much my dear u liked my story this much…… i’m really very happy. i cant make more long dear bcos i already typed balance story in my free times. so this is fixed size. in ms word this article contains 4 pages dear. soon i’ll post next part but tmrw morning hope u saw my reply in last epi u asked traslation na? i replied u.

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