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Hi friends sorry for not posting episode yesterday. Again I’m really sorry. I’m not able to post further episode now. Because my internal exams going to be start from tomorrow (28.07.2016)

In my previous exam I scored less marks so my mom said I wont allow you to write stories. But I assured her that I’ll score good marks. So I want to concentrate on my studies. My exam ends on 5th July. So my next update will be on 5th July.

I know I disappointed you all. But I hope you all will support me. thank you so much for your sweet comments friend. I replied to you all. Just check it.

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I know I’m not able to post episodes so I thought to give promo to you.

Here it is.


1, Abhigya

Pragya is lost in abhi’s thoughts.
Purab: pragya… I know you are thinking about maa papa na?
Pragya: vo…. Haan bhaiya.
Bulbul: your bhai know about u very well that’s why he fixed your engagement tomorrow
Pragaya: what??

2, Ragsan

Kishan, Ram and Sujatha all take a seat in dinning hall.
Ragini cooks cashew nut halwa for her rasoyi. She poured ghee.
Kishan smells it and feels the taste.
Just then ragini comes there with halwa. She placed it in front of ram and kishan. She was about to go near sujatha but leaves from there.
Ragini feels bad.

3, Meghan

Mohan and Megha meets in mall.
Megha: you too came here to purchase for marriage?
Mohan: haan.
Megha: I want to go to third floor. What about you?
Mohan: i too. Lets come escalator is waiting for us.
Megha: I prefer lift. And she headed towards lift.
Mohan too followed her and laugh at her. She gets irritate suddenly lift stopped in middle.

4, Swalak

Laksh gets a call. He lifted it.
Caller: laksh…. Sahil is back.
Laksh smile fades. He gathered his strength.
Laksh: I’m coming to airport.

5, Rabul

Bulbul: appu why are you looking sad?
Appu: really is this vocation? Do you know what is meant?
Purab: ohh meri pyari bhacho……try to understand the situation.

Screen freezes with sad face of Ragini, tea giving posture of Pragya, shocking face of Meghan, pleading face of Rabhul and miserable face of Laksh.

 Is Ragini able to win Sujatha’s heart? If it is yes, then how?
 Is abhi know that pragya is going to married? Is he able to stop?
 Are Rabul able to make Appu happy?
 Destiny with make these two birds as love birds. Meghan will take how many days to confess?
 Destiny already played a lot in laksh life. Now sahil is back. Laksh will lost swara forever?

To know the answers for all these questions please STAY TUNE. Hope you all liked this promo isn’t it? Do comments friends. By urs loving Aastha.

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  1. Waiting for ragsan scenes, all the best for your exams

  2. Hi Astha feeling bad for ragini:-( but your ff is awesome 🙂

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    Don’t worry sanku darling studies are main nd don’t make ammaaa angry u study well we can wait

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    Don’t worry dear… Exams are important na… All the best for that and promo is good. I will wait for your update. Love you dear and take care

  7. nice promo….k study hard….

  8. Nice promo.all the best for exam dear

  9. Astha Akka Nan Unga mela kovama irudhen bcoz nan unga comment paathutu happy’a irudhen and unga adhutha update la idha sollanum nu wait pannitu irudhen but you made me to wait for a long time. That’s why I was angry with you but after reading your situation I am no longer be able to get angry with you. Akka padipu dhan mukkiyam and athai sonnathu correct dhan. So study well and score high marks in your exams. As you said I am not that big to advise you so I am suggesting you as a pyari sis. I am waiting for you Akka. All the best Akka.

  10. Suha

    hi astha i replied to ur mgs… all the best for ur exams . nice promo.we “ll waiting for u… study hard!

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    It’s OK di, I can understand.Take your time ⌚.BTW promo is good.All the best for your exams.Love you loads.
    Take care ????
    Keep smiling ☺

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