Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 25) (KKB, Swaragini) (Marriage Special)

Thnq so much for ur continuous support. i’m really happy to reach 25th epi. i know u all will ask treat sure in last epi i’ll give u treat.

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Episode 24

Epi starts with uttra.

Uttra n all reaches marriage hall with her orange coloured netted saree with matching jewels….
Utt: jothi…. Rag got ready?……
Jothi: di is getting makeup….. she is in room u go there….. I’ll join after gave this plate to mom.
Utt goes to rag’s room.
Utt: arrey….. itni sunder…… so nyz….

Utt: prag, swa u both don’t know to make up. Lets see how I’ll
Prag gives a killer look…. (pragya wears pink coloured netted saree grandly …..with matching accessories, she looks amazing….)
Utt: swa y she is looking me like this?
Swa: she is professional designer but u saying her don’t know to make up. And now only u said itni sunder but……. (swara wears ink blue coloured netted saree just like pragya, and uttra bcos it is set saree)
Utt gives fake smile.

Utt gives jewels to swa n swa helps rag to wear that.
Prag: idiots…. After touch up only we have to wear jewels…
Utt gives isn’t it look to swa.
Rag: hey plz…. Over make up is not good for health…. Plz its enough…. (Her voice only can hear not able to see her face.)
They completed their make up. But Rag face didn’t shown after completing make up too.

Urvashi is busy in arranging things as per pandit ji’s words.
Urv: priya….. what r u doing?
Priya: maa pandit ji said hand over this garland to jiju…..
Urv: ok ok u go. Pragya……
Prag: aunty….
Urv: take this mangal sutra plate. Get blessing from elders. Prag nods yes.
Urv: swara……
Swa: aunty…is there any work?
Urv: haan beta… take this akshath plate. (akshathai is rice mixed with turmeric. Its used to bless groom n bride.)

While our heroes r busy in kitchen n dinning hall.
Lak: abhi….. all things r perfect na?
Abhi: u don’t wry…. Food r perfectly ready n tasty too. Once marriage is completed then we can serve.
Sahil: deal guys. By the way abhi u looks handsome in this pink coloured shervani.
Abhi: y not…. U too looking nyz.
Lak: then u both forgot me na???
Abhi: ohhh meri dosth….. u r superb cool in this ink blue coloured shervani.

Priya: jiju….. she knocks the door n gets in.
Priya: jija maa told hand over this garland to u.
He signs keep that there. He is facing wall.
Priya: jiju I came hear to see ur facial glow while talking she makes him turn n shocked to see him…..
Priya: jiju what is this?? U r wearing this turban with flowers……
Groom: its ritual….. bye.
Priya: felt something wrong. In mind this jiju….. sanky is better. He is not talking too. She grits her teeth.

Pandit ji: its muhurth time….. call the groom. Groom comes there by his own.
Abhi: lak sahil come we will company the groom.
Sahil: what is the need?
Lak: he is saying means…. Come.
Groom came to mandap with his pink n golden colour shervani. He looks stunning.
Mandap is grandly decorated with flowers. Its looks so adorable.
Groom starts the ritual.

Pandit calls rag. Rag came there with swara, prag utt, priya n jothi. She wears pink n golden colored lehanga which is gifted by kishan. With her golden n shinning stones accessories she seems like angel came down to earth. What ever she looks beautiful that’s her make up only. Her natural beauty (SMILE) cant find in her.
Urv covered her face with her golden coloured pallu.
Marriage rituals r in procedure.
Pandit: tie briges pallu n grooms cloth.
Mom in law: he don’t have sis.
Utt: I’m here na…. she ties the cloths.

Pandit: who is brides parents…. Come to mandap to do kanya dan. All looks at urvashi. But she cant do kanyadan bcos she is a widow.
A voice: we r here to do our princess’s kanyadan.
Rag: bhaiya…bhabi…..
Its purab n bulbul.
Bulbul: pragya tell ur frnd that we wont talk to her, she didn’t informed us abt her marriage.
Rag was abt to cry.
Purab: hey choti…just kidding. We want to see ur smile only. Rabul sits to do kanyadan.

Pandit: groom’s parents come to mandap….
Kailash’s mother abt to go jothi stops her.
Mom in law: what?
Jothi whispers in her ears. (aunty see ur saree…. U r not able to do riruals…. Many of u girls so u know)
Mom in law: now what I do?
Suj pov: if something happened in this marriage I cant stop sanky. However I’ll complete this marriage.
Suj: u don’t wry… if u don’t have any problem.
She says ok.

A voice: without me u cant do this ritual.
Suj: ram ji….
Suj n ram both does rituals.
Bride n groom rounded the agni. For 7 rounds they took 7 oths.
He tied mangal sutra to rag. N filled her hairline with sindoor.
Urvashi, dadi, parineetha, adharsh, kailash’s mom (kailash’s dad passed away)and Sujatha ram cordially blessed them.
Pandit: beta now marriage is completed. Now u can show ur faces.
Rag removed her pallu. While groom too removed his turban.
All r hell shocked to see the groom. Including ragini……

Rag: kishan …….
Swalak: kishan…….
Pragya: kishan……………
Utt sahil: kishan……….
urv jo priya: kishan….
Kailash mom: kishan…..
Suj n all shocked to see kishan in groom attire.

Screen freezes with shocking face of all.

Precap: Kavitha raises her hand to slap Ragini but stopped by a strong hand.

Thnq so much for ur cmnts n do support me thats my strength.

by urs loving Aastha

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  3. Akka I think you didn’t see my comments in the last two updates. It’s OK. Anyways the episode was good and in the last scene it was hilarious bcoz everyone were saying the same name “KISHAN” at the same time.

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    Marvelous di???. Ablakhil conversation is too cute ??. Loved it. Waiting for nxt sissy.

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