Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 24) (KKB, Swaragini)


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Abhi: what tmrw?
Prag: from tmrw my final semester exams going to start.
Abhi: hey fuggy for this u becomes dull?
Prag: fuggy?
Abhi: when u becomes sad n abt to cry then ur face looks like balloon.
Abhi: u want to write exams na don’t wry. I’m here with u. give me ur time table. Now we r going to Coimbatore. Ok?

Pragya, swara, laksh, sahil, uttra, ragini all writes their 1st exam successfully. Prag explains what happened in these days.
They almost completed their exams. There is still one exam is balance.
Last day of exam.
Successfully all completed their exams. All discussing abt their exams n they all r emotional too. Bcos they r going to separate na….
A flight landing is shown

Prag guys 1 min I’ll back in few mins. She buys chocolates.
Prag: guys its party time co… suddenly some goons around her. She gets nervous.
Like super man abhi gave entry. But b4 his entry one goon slapped her.
Abhi beat the goons but neil gave villain entry n hit abhi on his head by rod. Then only san, lak, sahil notice it. Girls too abt t come but utt stopped rag n swa.
Utt: there is already prob if u went there they will be face more risk better stay here.
San hold abhi n tapped his cheek.

Abhi : don’t bother abt me. just safe prag….
All fought with goon. Slowly abhi stand n tried to walk. He undressed his shirt n tied it in his head.
Neil pointed gun on prag head.
Screen freezes on abhi, lak, san, n all face. All shouted pragya……
Neil: bcos of her brother my sis died. His brother purab also have know how its pain if lovable sis died.
Suddenly someone hit neil’s head. (guess who is this?……many of u will be wrong…I think….. purab hit neil’s head.)

All goons alerted all fighting well. Neil n purab is fighting. Bcos actually enemies purab n neil na…..
Abhi take prag away from there.
Prag: this much bleeding….
Abhi: u don’t wry abt me. swaragini take care of her.
Neil beat purab heavily….. abhi came there n saved him. Finally abhi abt to kill him at crt time police came there. (ya our rag only called police)
Police arrested him.
Now all r safe.

Prag: bhaiya when u came from Canada?
Purab: today only.
He didn’t talked much. Took pragya to hotel, Whereis bul n appu.
Prag felt sad to leave abhi.

Next day

Scene at kishan

Kishan: uttra did u saw that day what happened?
Uttra: what happened?
Kishan: she thought abt me only that means she had fast for me na?
Uttra: I accept that she loves u. but there is no use. U too have to move on.
Kishan: I didn’t asked u to give advise. I asked abt ritual only. If I want advise then I can go to dadi n maa. They will give more than u.
Uttra: haan. She thought u means she had fast for u.
Kishan: get ready soon we want to attend her mehandi and sangeeth function na?
Uttra pov: god plz do something. Don’t know what he will do if she got married.

At 7pm.

All gathered at marriage hall. Bcos rag’s home is not that much big.
A lady applying mehandi on rag’s hand while others doing other works.
Priya: di after sometime apply this sugar syrup. Mehandi’s colour will increase.
Rag smiles.
Lady: what is groom’s name’s first letter.
Kishan: K. I mean kailash….
Lady: I’ll write K only.

Cute smile appears on kishan’s face while rag feels hard.

Kavitha: guys what is this….. really is this sangeeth function? Here is no fun ya……
Jothi: kavi is absolutely ri8. Come guys lets fill the dance floor.
Naveen: hey one game…..
swa: what?
Naveen: this is pair dance. Everybody’s name is In this pot. Pick one name from this u have to dance with them. ok?
Kishan: superb idea.

Nav: First lak bhaiya u.
He opens the paper just then priya picks it from his hand. I’ll tell u bhai.
Priya: swara di….. u r the pair.
All takes card. Swalak, kavitha sahil, uttra kailash, naveen jothi, and our RagSan is the pairs……

San forwarded his hand, rag eyed all around with hesitation gave hand to him.
Lak forwarded his hand. Swa gave her hand happily. Bcos according to her its just a game.
While sahil n kavitha fumes in anger.
All danced well. Ragsan n swalak both danced on sanam re song. They matched the steps very romantically n with passion.
At one point sahil n kavitha cant see that both pulled san n swa.
All r shocked.

Kavitha: vo….. don’t mistake us. This game is boring thats y……
Sahil: ya we can play anthaksari….
Girls r one team n boys r another team. Our heroes showered romantic n love songs on our pretty heroines. Girls canr spoil the function by singing sad songs so they too sang sweet love songs. In dream our hero heroines danced more romantically.
Prag: sry guys for the late coming.
Rag: its ok.

Prag eyes searches for abhi.
Rag: r u searching somebody?
Prag: nothing like that. Then she had her dinner.
Swa lak prag sahil all going to stay there bcos tmrw is rag’s marriage.
All r talking in terrace she saw abhi in road. She ran towards him.

Prag: y don’t u attend the function?
Abhi: she didn’t invited me….. I mean she invited me for marriage only not for sangeeth.
Prag: but u r waiting here?
Abhi: san told he want to talk to me that’s y….. bye.
Prag: bye. Y his departure hurts me?

Next day

Suj: kishan we r going to rag’s marriage. u till didn’t get ready?
Kishan: with dull tone: no maa. I don’t like to come there. So plz…. Don’t force me.
Suj: but…..
Kavi: aunty he is telling not interested na plz leave him.
Suj: ur wish. utt what abt u?
Utt: its my frnd’s marriage….. without me..is this possible. No way. I’m coming.

Screen freezes smiling face of uttra.

To be continued………………

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