Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 23) (KKB, Swaragini)


Thnq so much frnds. i’m sry guys in epi only has abhigya scenes. bcos i already told u na i want to end it. so abhigya’s FB still in half so i thought to settle them first. hope u will support me.

thnq lovely dear, mary, lisa, akshata, choti, crazy girl, saro dear, j, ammy, reshu dear.
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Epi starts in ni8.

Pragya enjoys the rain. Its really very cold. After few mins she sets pillows in bed.
Abhi enters into room.
Abhi: wow… u arranged the pillows very neatly.
Prag: thnq. Take this pillow n sleep down.
Abhi: ok. Wh.. wh… what u said?
Prag: sleep down. Y?
Abhi: what r u thinking abt myself? Am I mad? See how chill climate is … I cant sleep down. I’ll sleep on bed only.

Prag: what kind of person u r? in every story hero give up all comforts for heroine. But u????
Abhi: that means u r my heroine……
Prag realised what she. She felt embarrassed n went n sat in balcony. Abhi slept on bed. After an hour he saw still she is in balcony. He took one blanket n covered her. She turned.

Prag: u went to slept na….
Abhi: how cant I slept without my princess? U n sleep on bed. I’m not feeling sleepy so I’ll enjoy the rain for sometime.
She goes n turns n saw him. He didn’t saw her.
After 2 mins he turned towards prag.
Abhi: till u didn’t slept.

Prag: I too not feeling sleepy. Hey I want ice ….
Abhi: in this time?
She nods yes.
Both eats ice.
Abhi: thank god its marriage house so there is some stock of ice. Otherwise…..
Prag licks stick ice cream like kid. How god Krishnan eats butter like that she eats ice. Ice is around her mouth. Abhi stares at her lovingly.
Abhi signs there is ice. But she rubs another side.
Abhi: offo… he pick hanky from her hand n clean.

Both goes to room. Suddenly lights off. She buries her in abhi’s shoulder.
Abhi: u this much afraid of dark?
She leaves his hand that much afraid….. I’m not afraid of dark. Abhi mimics as ghost she hugs him. Ya ya I’m afraid of dark. Plz don’t leave. Plz..plz….
Abhi: cool cool. I’m with u na. nothing will happen to u. relax. He caresses her hair. Lights came.
Abhi: its already late. U go n sleep.

Prag: I accept floor is very cold. U sleep here only. This half is for u. n this half for me. I cant see u suffers more for me.
Abhi: ok come. both sleeps in their respective halves.

Next day morning.

Abhigya is sleeping together. There is no pillows btw them. prag is on abhi’s shoulder. Prag is covered by abhi’s arm.
Bright sun light hits their eyes. They both wakes up. N looks their state fast goes away from each other.
Both gets fresh up. Prag tries to tie her knot but bcos of low neck she cant.
Abhi: may I help u? she didn’t respond. He tied her while she take deep breath. Soon come down all r waiting for us.
Both goes down.

Abhi: what dish maasa?
Maa: beta… now u cant eat…
Abhi: y?
Maa: bcos newly married couples have to do one ritual. That will make their relationship more strong so u have to fasting.
Abhi: mewly married have to be fasting na y me? prag hit his leg.
Abhi: oh.. I’m newly married na….. in mind: I’m very hungry.. in this time… god really u r good story writer. U wrote hungry story on my forehead.

They all goes to temple.

Maa: Beta u have to reach temple which is in peak of the hill. Here more or less 500 steps will be. After that u have to round the temple 18 times.
prag: 500 steps n 18 rounds…..
maa: don’t wry abhi will hold u in his arms. That’s the task.
Abhi wide opens his mouth: what?
All holds their pair in hand. (scene theft from Chennai express)

Prag: u told lie na….. now enjoy it my dear. With naughty smile.
Abhi started to climb. Prag for some time didn’t bothered but when came nearly 400 steps, she realised how much they crossed. She stared abhi with shock. Some kind of guilt spread all over her heart. All r looking abhigya with shock bcos this is not that much ease.
He lost his most of stamina but still carefully rounded the temple 18 times too.
Pandit: beta its really amazing. Many will try to complete this prayer or ritual but they cant. Where is true love there too its hard to possible. Pragya really u r very very lucky to have husband like him. Its ur boon.

Maa: u both blessed by that shivji. That’s y u done this. Prag where is mangal sutra n sindoor?
Prag: vo….
Maa: I think u covered muungalsutra in ur dress that’s ok but plz fill ur fore head with this sindoor. Or else there is no use in this much hardwork. Abhi….. fill this in he maang.
Abhi: me….how……
Maa: u r her husband…..

Abhigya don’t know how to refuse. With hesitation abhi took sindoor. Prag slightly nods in no. but abhi filled her maang.
Prag closed her eye. Their moments flashed in her mind, (how she rejected abhi, their nok jokes, how he saved her from goons, what he said yesterday ni8. “Abhi: cool cool. I’m with u na. nothing will happen to u. relax. He caresses her hair”)

Both went to home.

Next day

Prag: maa r u all going somewhere?
Maa: haan beta. We have some work so we will return in evening.
Prag: ok maa.
They all leaved. Abhigya only in home.

Abhi sat in centre of the house. He is trying to apply oil to his body. Its really paining bcos of yesterday’s prayer.
Prag: may I help u?
Abhi: its ok I can manage. But he cant massage his back.
Prag give it. She took oil n started massaging from shoulder. Then elbow then knee. She massaged his all over body. When touches unknown feeling comes to abhi. He forgot all his pain.
Prag: take sun bath. U will feel more better.

He came after fresh up. He murmurs… omg… now I’m really very hungry. I don’t know to cook what I do.
Prag: what did u said?
Abhi: nothing.
Prag: wait few mins I’ll cook.
Abhi: do u know how to cook?
She gave a stern look n went to cook.

In few mins she came out with breakfast.
Prag: mmm eat this.
Abhi: its ok I’m not hungry. (he is afraid to eat the food cooked by pragya)
Prag gives angry look.
Abhi: ok ok… I’ll. He takes lil bit n tastes it. Mmmm really yammy. Serve more….
Abhi food is in mouth: do u know to cook? I thought u don’t know.

Prag: rag only taught me to cook.
Abhi: nyz.
Both talks casually. Unusually now pragya stares abhi lovingly. Suddenly she stunned to saw a date.
Abhi: what happened?
Prag: tmrw….
Abhi: tmrw….

Screen freezes with confused face of abhi.

To be continued…………….

plz support me guys. by urs loving Aastha

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  1. Anjaly

    nice dear

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  2. Only abigya scenes but nice

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  3. lovely n cool epi…………..

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      thnq so much for cool cmnt di

    1. Astha

      thnq so much dear

  4. Nice…. Bit sad that you are ending it but really loving the concept. I never saw Pragya and Abhi’s serial but your story made me like them as well. Love u

    1. Astha

      thnq so much for loving my concept dear. now kkb is not going good. i stopped watching kkb n swaragini both…. but in starting thats a wonderful serial…. abhigya will talk by their eyes…its really awsm. my 1st heart rob is abhi…. then only sanky…. love u dear.

  5. awesome….

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  6. Superb dear???..eagerly waiting for ur next epi

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  7. telly updates irritate panuthu comment pana poga matanthu superb episode very nice abhi pragya scenes

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      yaa dear. nan pavani akka ff konja nal padikala ippoda knjm free so padikalam nu nenaicha paage open aagave illa. anyway thnq so much dear

  8. Hey darlu its awesome to the core loved it da abhigya were soo cute????keep rockng love u loads???

    1. Astha

      thnq so much my saro darlu……. totally abhigya scenes only pidhichirundadha? enjoy panniya? love u dear. keep smiling..

      1. Of course i enjoyed a lot abhigya r always cute???love u dear

  9. superb episode part

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      thnq sooo much my choti. again thnq so much for liking my writing skill. soon i’ll post my next epi dear.

  12. Wow Akka. I am very much happy to see your comment. Honestly I am overwhelmed to hear that you remember me. And I am in cloud nine ☺☺☺. Really you are my Akka. And about today’s episode it is superb as always.

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