Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 22) (KKB, Swaragini)


Thnq so much frnds for ur continuous support. As soon as I can I’m going to end this ff. b4 that I’ll try to satisfy u all.

Thnq – lovely pooja, di, diya, mary, akshata, lisa, crazy girl, rafee, sindu akka, pavani akka, priyanka. Ammy reshu, j, choti uma.
Fairy dear no need to sry I’ll wait for u n ur cmnt. Sry I didn’t cmnt on ur 10th epi. Bcos I didn’t read it. Soon I’ll send cmnt in private msg. love u dear.

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Epi starts with pragya

Pra: what the hell u done? Actually we want to reach Bangalore but u asked the bus for tamilnadu. I accepted that too. But now we r in Moonar. What is this?
Abhi: I asked 1 man how to go to tamilnadu in tamil. He said pranthan.
Prag: what? Pranthan?…. do u know the meaning of pranthan?
Abhi: yes I know. Pranthan means knowledgeable person. I found bus crtly na so he appreciated me as pranthan.
Prag fumes: hits her head by her hand. Pranthan means mental.
Abhi bites his tongue.
They both don’t know what to do, bcos there is heavy rain bcos of cyclone.

Screen shifts to swara

As usual swara enters into boys hostel by climbing wall.
Lak holds swara’s pic and talks.
Lak: swara I’m ur real HR. but I’m unable to tell the truth. I love u truly. If my love is true then god plz…… do something.
Swara is hell shocked to hear this all.
Sahil comes there.
Swa: sahil shall we go to ooty?
Sah: sure my dear.
Swa: don’t u ask y?
Sah: ok tell y?

Swa: don’t u know or u forgot?
Sah pov: oh this girl questioning too much.
Sah: dear I forgot plz… remember me dear.
Swa: u have one wish na….. u want to go ooty with me b4 marriage for 2 days.
Lak pov: what she is blabbering. I never talked like this to her….
Sah: haan I told na… I forgot dear.. lets go… …
Swa: lak is he really told me this wish?
Lak n sah both gets nervous

Lak: vo…vo…..i..i think….
Swa: tell me…..laksh…..
Sah: hey y r u asking to him. He don’t know. Lets go. He puts hand on her shoulder.
Swa gives angry look to sahil n suddenly SLAPS him. He holds his cheek.
Swa to sahil: how dare u? bl**dy…. How cheap u r?
Swa: lak what do u think urself? How can u sacrifies me for ur frnd? She cries n hugs him. He to reciprocates her.
Swa: laksh….. laksh……..

Screen shifts to ragini

Urvashi: rag beta b4 ur marriage u have to keep fast na according to ur family culture? (already I told u na urvashi, san family all belongs to tamil family. Rag belongs to marwadi)
Rag: haan ma I remember I’m keeping fast. From morning I didn’t ate anything.
Urv: Ok beta.
Kishan: how could u keep for someone else? Plz don’t do this……
Rag: kishan… u…. he disappears. Ya its her illusion.
Rag bites her nails. Where ever I see his face only appears to me.

Scene shifts to swa

Swa: laksh…… laksh….. plz get up….. me n sahil is going to date…… u can sleep after we left.
Lak opens his eyes n realise his dream. Sahil n sawra left.
Lak: if that dream came to true…… how sweet dream…… god….y u made us met. Y u made me fell in love with her. N y u separated us? When I’ll get answer for these questions.

Screen shifts to abhigya

Both goes near one shelter it seems like in that home marriage is going to happen.
Lady: beta who r u? what r u doing here?
Prag: vo….
Abhi: vo we r husband n wife. Now only we got married. Our family searching us….
Prag is in hell shock.
Lady: u don’t wry I’m here na. u can stay here. Anyone cant find u bcos its marriage house. Today morning only my son got marriage. She shown room for them.
Lady: u both get ready then come down I’ll serve u lunch.
Abhigya with smiling face thnq so much maasa
They locked the room.

Prag: what r u thinking abt urself? Haan idiot…. Y u told we r husband n wife?
Abhi: hey its just for safety….. we don’t know the persons na…..
Prag continuous her scolding. When she turned abhi was not there. He is coming out of rest room.
Prag: u……
Abhi: till now u didn’t complete ur blabbering?
She chases him but both falls on bed. Prag is on abhi. Both were very close. Both can hear each others heart beat clearly. Both shares a cute n intense eye lock.
Maasa comes there: sry… I came in wrong time…. (I know ur question they both locked door na they how can maasa can enter into room? Actually they didn’t closed it properly. That lock is have prob)

Abhigya comes to sense. Vo maa nothing like u think…..
Maa: anyway I disturbed u….. take this dress. U have to fresh na…..
Prag: thnq maa
Maasa leaves from there.
Prag: hey 1 min…. u freshed up na…..after that u wore same dirty dress.
Abhi: its not that much dirty.

Prag is wearing saree. She have to take upper fleats. Just then abhi enters the room. She wears saree.
Prag: hey idiot. Cant u come after knocking door? Don’t u have basic manners?
Abhi: hey its my room too. N u r my wife. Y I want to ask permission? He comes closer to her. she backwards her step. He pinned her into wall. She closed her eyes.
After 1 min she opened her eyes. Abhi is near to door.
Prag: hey abhi….. y u came here?
Abhi: to take my purse….. he leaved from there.
Prag: in 1 min I misunderstood him. Pragya ..pragya…now a days u gone mad.

Its evening.

San n uttra came there by some excuses.
rag comes there n sees san drinking tea.
rag: hey kishan… y u disturbing me? from morning u only flashes on my mind. y? plz go.
she thinks its her imagination n pushes sanky. his tea cup falls down priya comes there n asks what happened?
rag: oh its really san….. god….

groom’s family came to rag’s home for complete the fasting ritual.
All r worshiping god. Rag feels dizzy….she holds her head. She abt to fall then sanky holds her.
San: rag….ragini….. plz open the eyes…. She taps on her cheeks. Plz give some water guys…..
All r pin drop silent.
San: guys I asked u all…… he takes ganga jal which was in pooja. N gave to rag.
Rag slowly opened her eyes.

San: I think ur bp got low. Eat this. He fed sweet which was in Prasad plate.
Mom in law: urvashi ji ….. whats happening here? My son have to complete the ritual but here this boy is completed the ritual.
Then only san realised what he had done.
San: vo…..
Groom: Mr. don’t wry. Now she is alri8 that’s enough for me.
Urv: beta now give this ganga jal n sweet to rag.
He feeds her but rag continuously looks at san.

Screen freezes with longing of ragini.

To be continued………..

Really sry guys I know u all r ready to kill me bcos of less ragsan scenes…… I’m holding my ears. Plz forgive me.

Frnds plz reply for this question.

What is minus in my ff? I know I’m not giving proper imp to all pairs, n my English is poor apart from this what feel its my minus. That will help me to rectify. Thats y… in my next ff or os I can avoid those minus.

Am I giving many FB? is Anything confuses u in my ff? what kind of inconvenient is in my ff?

Plz answer for my qns.

by urs loving Aastha

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  1. ragsan scenes are less but cute, try to add more dear, please start new ragsan ff

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  4. Astha Akka unga ff eppodume super dhan so don’t worry. And Akka ennala unga past episodes ku comment panna mudila. I am extremely sorry for that. And I hope you remember me (sweety). Anyways feeling very much sad for laksh ??? and also for ragsan. Waiting for the next update Akka.

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Amazing. Keep going.Love you.

  6. Awesome

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)


  8. Hey dear its awesome yaar i dnt feel any minus u r rockng sad tat u end tis but happy tat u start one more darlu love u????

  9. I don’t find any minus point…. Else this Laksh’s imagination even beated Aditya’s imagination…. I got so happy seeing this but it turned out to be a dream of his. No problem, I will wait for their union. Loved the episode and love you too

  10. unga ff rmba nalla iruku entha minus ila intha episode kuda rmba nalla irunthuchu mukkiyam ragsan scenes.

  11. Superb.update next part soon

  12. Reshma Pradeep

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!& I dont find any Minus point yaar………

  13. loved it….sorry i read today cz internet issues….

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