Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 21) (KKB, Swaragini)


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Episode starts with neil.

He is shocked to see Tanya in that condition. Ya she cut her hand its bleeding heavily. He called Dr.
Dr.: sry sir she is no more.
Neil shouted very very loudly n started break all things.
FB ended

PA: then what happened?
Goon: later he fainted n Dr. said he went to coma bcos of heavy shock. Few months ago only he came out of coma n searched their family. He ordered to kill pragya luckily there is all family members together n hit them by lorry. But don’t know how that pragya escaped….
PA: he killed their family na then y he want to kill her?
Goon: bcos purab have to know its pains if one brother lost her sis.

Screen shifts to ragini

Urvashi n jothi cordially accepted ragini. Ragini seems dull. They can understand the reason behind her dullness but they cant do any thing bcos marriage date is fixed. hope u all know if all what will talk a girl marriage stopped.
Urvashi: ragini beta r u feeling bore?
Rag: with fake smile haan I’m feeling bore.
Urvashi: then u jothi priya all can go to temple n spend some time na?
Jothi n priya: sure maa.
All goes to temple n worships god then wanders around temple then a dog comes near to rag she shouts. Priya makes the dog move away.
Till then she talks happily but when the dog came smile fades on her face.

Screen shifts to train

Pragya sleeps peacefully. Abhi staring at her lovingly then he feels something strange.
One goon abt to attack them abhi signed him be quite by pointing his finger but will this goon follow this? He is abt to shout b4 that abhi dragged him near door n beat heavily without noise. Then station too came so many goons came he fights silently.
He punches on one goon’s mouth n his blood sprinkled on pragya’s face.
Prag is in heavy shock

Abhi: prag u…. u slept na..
Prag: abhi plz go from here. If anything happened to u bcos of me I cant tolerate that. While talking he raised his hand n abt to punch prag closes her eyes but he punched the goon who abt to attack prag.
More than 5 goons coming towards them. He hold her hand n run n fought with them. Finally he beat all goon but train started to move they rushed n finally boarded the train.
Both breaths heavily.

Scene at ragini

Her smile fades.

FB shown

Rag worships god that: god I want a groom then,
A voice: god I want a groom just like kishan in handsome looks, naughty behaviour……
She opens her eyes n gives dead glare. Ya that voice is our kishan’s only.
Kishan: I’m right na. this is ur prayer……
She rounds the temple san follows her just like huch dog.
Rag: y r u following me now?
San: im? No no I’m worshiping god.
Both argues.

San: hey hey plz…. At least today only we can stop our fight na?
She gives a stern look
San: I think u r in angry.
San: a man is removing one wheel from three wheeler (auto). Another man asking y r u removing this wheel? That man says cant u see there is a board “parking only for TWO WHEELERS”
San: how is my joke?
Rag: oh is this joke? Next time tell me b4 joke. Then only I can give at least fake smile.

San makes a pout face while raag laughs lightly san notice this n gets happy. They both spending some quality time together then a dog comes there. Rag shouts n hides her in san’s shoulder like a small kid.
San just a min freezed by her touch he is in cloud nine.
Rag: is that dog went?
San: no no its coming more close to us. (actually dog went)
She tights her grip. Then lightly openes her eyes n found san is lying.
Rag: u bl**dy cheat…. He runs n rag chases him. Both laughs whole heartedly.

FB ends.

Water drops escapes from her eyes.
Jo n priya: don’t know how to console her.

Screen shifts to abhigya.

Next day morning. Sunlight hits on abhigya’s face. Abhi stretches his body with yawn he comes near door. Prag too comes.
Prag: till now we didn’t reached Bangalore?
Abhi: I too thinking the same…. N don’t know when train will go to next station.
A man: train wont go to next station.
Abhi: y?
The man; bcos this is last station.
Abhigya shockingly: what? They r arrived at kerala.

However they got bus to go tamilnadu. Both slept on one another’s shoulder.
In one hour bus reached his destination.
Prag: in this much soon we reached TN?
Abhi: driver so fast na….. superb ya.
Prag: but y still it seems like kerala….. that too so cool its seems like hillstation?
Abhi: wait I’ll ask.
Abhi: bro what is the name of this place.
Man: this is Moonar.
Abhigya shockingly what?
Prag gives dead glare to abhi.

Screen freezes with glaring look of pragya.

To be continued………….

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Thnq so much priyanka, disha, saro, j, ammy, reshu, rafee, lovely, sindu akka, crazy girl, akshata, lisa
Pooja: sry dear in next epi I’ll show some swalak scenes. Bcos I wrote this epi yesterday so now I cant change it. But tmrw sure I’ll give swalak scene.
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By urs loving Aastha.

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