Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 20) (KKB, Swaragini)

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Epi starts with the persons.

Person 1: that businessman Mahesh’s daughter is still alive.
Abhi is shocked to hear this.
Person 2: r u sure that is same girl?
Person 1: haan this is the same girl. I saw that girl with them when we murdered Mahesh n sarla.
Person 2: if boss came to know that girl is alive he will kill us.
Abhi is hell shock to hear this all.

Just then their boss calls them.
Boss: what the hell is happening? That girl is still alive.
Person 1: don’t wry boss I’ll kill her ri8 now.
Abhi: omg… now prag is in danger. This place is not safe. He rushes towards pragya.
Abhi: prag come with me.
Prag: y?
Abhi: I said come…. he dragged her and hired an auto n leaved from there. But while they leaving one goon saw them.
Both r following. They stopped their auto n abt touch prag abhi pushed them n ran from there with prag. They hide themselves behind wall.
Person1: if we didn’t kill her he will kill us. Search her.
Pragya shocked to hear this.
Abhi: pragya this place is not safe. U go some where.
Prag: where I’lll go…. Suddenly one goon abt to attck her but abhi hugs prag n turn toward goon n got hit. Then he beat them n escaped from there.

Scene at ragini

Ragini felt something wrong. Her heart says something going to be wrong. Her heart beats increases.
Jothi is in pub. She dances with one boy. They both dances very closely. Lust is visible in his but that lust is invisible for jothi. someone sees them together n calls ragini.
Rag: haan tell me
Person: I saw jothi with one boy.
Rag: what? Omg plz do something he is not good person. Plz save my sis plzz…..
he turns n finds they r missing. Shit…
rag: what happened?
Person: they r missed. I’ll call u after rescue her.
That boy takes her to one room n tries to misbehave with her. She tries her best to escape from him but all goes in vain. At last that person finds where is jothi n beats him heavily.
Jothi is in shock. Bcos his boy friend betrayed her. His saviour face is shown. He is none other than….laksh.
Lak: u believed him na. see…… he takes hidden camera from that room.
She cries bitterly.
Lak: there is no use of cry. Lets move. Hey mr. again I saw u with any girls then u’ll feel y still u have this live. Mind it.

Rag gets call n goes without informing to anyone.
He drops her outer place of village.
Jothi hugs ragini n cries.
Rag: don’t wry everything will be fine. Don’t tell this to anyone.
Rag: thanx lucky. If u ….
Lak: no formalities. I came there to see my frnd n accidently helped ur sis that’s it.
Lak: then ok I’ll go now. He leaves from there.
Jothi n rag abt to go n shocked to see someone.

Scene at railway station

Abhi: I took tickets for Bangalore. I’ll come with u till Bangalore after that I’ll go. Bcos I think they r dangerous. Don’t know y they r trying to kill u. only after drop u at ur frnds’s home then I can breath relax.
Prag was touched by his words abt to cry but controlled herself. On the other side fear too. She stood speechlessly.
Abhi: see train also came. They started their journey.

Scene at Chennai

Boss: what happened?
Goons: boss she escaped. A boy saved her.
Boss: I don’t want any silly explanations. I just want to see her dead body that’s it. Get lost. He breaks things. His face is shown. He is neil from kkb. (the comparator who obsessed of bulbul in SERIAL) search in all railway stations and bus stands.
PA of neil to goon: y he want to kill her?

Scene shifts to ragini

Jothi: maa.
Urv: whats happening here?
Jothi explained everything.
Urv hugs jothi: rag in very first told abt that boy. But I didn’t believed her. I scold her… but still if she…her frnd was not there then….?
Rag: maasi plz… forget the past. Everything will happen as per that kishan’s wish. That kishan knows all.
All went home. urvashi and jothi started to realise their mistakes.

Utt: bhaiya do u read her diary?
Utt: bhaiya… I’m asking to u?
San: vo… do u know na diary is personal.
Utt: really then what abt u?
San: hey mey uske maang mey sendoor laga na….. mey uska pathi parameshwar. There is no secret btw us.
Utt: gives a killer look. San acts as there nothing happened.

Scene at Chennai

PA of neil to goon: y he want to kill her?
Goon: vo he has sister named Tanya (she is from swaragini Tanya / kavya, girl frnd of lak in serial)
Tanya loved purab madly. But that purab was in love with middle class girl named bulbul.

FB shown

Tanya: purab plz… try to understand I really love u.
Purab: Tanya plz…. U try to understand me. I love bulbul only. And tmrw is my marriage. My parents too accepted our love. Hope u can understand.
Tanya heart brokenly goes to home.
Tanya lost her parents in childhood n lives with his brother neil. He loves her lot. He is a big businessman. He came to know abt it she is in love with purab.
Neil: Tanya u r in love but don’t thought to tell me abt this na ….. don’t talk to me.
He didn’t got any reply. She is in bed n her back side only visible to him.
He turned her and shocked to she her in that state.

Screen freezes with shocking face of neil.

To be continued…………..

Thnq so much frnds without u I can’t reach 20th epi. Once again thnq so much for ur continuous support. By urs loving Aastha.

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