Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 2) (KKB, Swaragini)

Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with a next episode of sweet&salt love story. Thnq soooooo much for ur valuable cmnts. without u all this is not possible plz support me like this.


Recap: Entry of our heroins.

Episode starts with swara comes to cls.

Swa: Hi students I’m ur new cls teacher swara bose.
Diya: see I told na..she smiles.
Girl 1: don’t get hpy. Don’t know which subject she is going to handle.
Diya: miss which subject u r going to handle? With nervous…..
Swa: MATHS. Diya shattered after heard the answer. Bcos she hates maths at most.
Girl 1: smiles.
Diya: shut up…I can be frnd easily…moreover she is not too old. So she will give extra mark for me.
Swa: introduce urself students. All introducing themselves then all r talks with swa they enjoys the cls. Suddenly,
A voice: excuse me…this is chemistry cls….
Swa: yes mam come in. students I’ll meet u tmrw.

Scene sifts to ragini’s house

Ragini is cleaning the plates then suj comes there.
Suj: rag how many times I’ll tell u……u r conceive. That too 8 months. Don’t do this works.
Rag: maa I’m feeling very bore. Ur son too went out what can I do.
Suj: u don’t wry I wont leave him. Now u just read this ramayan book.
Rag: maa I read it fully 3 times …..
Suj: ok then……
Rag: maa can I watch sawragini serial?
Suj gives killer look. No way…. Track is not cool. One after another turning to negative…. Ok now watch it…hope soon it will come to good. But u can watch kkb only after expose of tanu. Got it.(lol)(don’t bash me)
Rag: yes maa

Screen sifts to clg.

A voice : I think ur cls started 5 mins ago?
vikram : sir u!!!
ganesh : sir u ! this time also u coming to our cls?
Sir : yes ofcourse plz come in side otherwise princy will scold me.
Neha : sure sir we r coming.
All students greets him.
Sir : ok now we r going to see…… vinega (vikram, neha,ganesh) courously sir…………
Sir : what happened?
vikram : sir today is 1st day…..
Sir : so…….
All students : no cls today sir only talking.
Sir : u 3 r really wanted case. U 3 diverted all students mood.
ganesh : no sir.
Neha : guys did we diverted u all frm study?
Students : nooooo……
vik : see sir.
Sir smiles. Ok now what I want to do.
Stu : give ur intro
Sir : u all already know na? ok I’ll tell. I’m Mohan sinha . Here I’m working frm 2,3 yrs. I’m not so strict. Is this enough?
(mohan- kunal karan kapoor. Our reporter mohan now turned to lecturer)
They all talks little more then bell rings.

Scene shifts to rag’s house

Ragini enjoying the beauty of nature via corridor. Suddenly she saw a beautiful rainbow colour butterfly she follows the butterfly. It flies through out house. In curiosity she didn’t notices the steps….she is abt to fall…..our hero, chocolate boy sanskar comes there at ri8 time and catches her. They shares a intense eye lock.
San: really u don’t have sense? How could be so careless? If anything happened then?
Rag: I chased butterfly………………
San: what? R u a kid?
Rag makes a pout face. Sujatha comes there n asks what happened? They explained.
Suj: how dare to scold my daughter? Mistake is urs not her’s. in this time girls likes to stay with husband but u r went office. I’m really shame on u to say u as my son. U know ur dad always be with me not like u. then she leaves.
Ragsan goes to their room.
San holds rag’s cheek…dear r u felt bore? She turns her face. Sry dear he kisses on her forehead. (enaduyire enaduyire from bema plays in bg) (allah wariyan song plays in bg)

Scene shifts to clg.
Now the last period. Students all r very tired.
prag : good evening. Ohhh all r tired. Ok no prob asusual we r going to talk na?
vinega : now what is the topic ?
prag : err..ur impact? U all getting scold by fmly n prof,pricy na. surely that will made impact on u so share that to me.
Students shares their bitter insults n their decision after that.
prag : mmm… many of u being naughty bcos u got scold without ur misdeed. So u decided to get scold after doing misdeed. Varey va… nice policy guys.
prag : I’m not joking. I can understand ur pains. But this is ur last in this clg. I cant say will continue ur further studies. Bcos u all r frm different races. After ur completion of UG u have to face the real world. There is more difficulties , insults than here. So u have to be strong to fight with world.
prag : I don’t know how many of u studying ur course with passion. U all r studying for money am I ri8?
Students nods yes.
prag : I know. If u want money then u’ve to expose ur talent. I know u all have different talents. Plz establish it. Designing is my passion. N now its my profession. Profession or passion I want to be success in all. Now My success depends on u.
vinega gives a weird expression.
prag : I know what is going on ur mind. We thought she is telling smtng new but in end she tells the old. Am I ri8?
vinega : ofcourse mam.
Last bell rang
Rag smiles : I’m not like others. I’m just saying u want to….jst want to live a hpy life then prove ur self here. That’s it. Now u can go.
Mohan hears this n attracted by her.
Mohan pov every1 scold them but she tries to complete them. Her good qualities attracts me towards her.
mohan standing near to prag’s cls.
prag : hi mohan what r u doing here?
moh : nothing. 1 coffee?

Screen sifts to scl

Swara is in staff room she is abt to go..its evening na..she gets a call.
Caller: hello dear where r u?
Swa: where I’ll be ? scl only yaar
Caller: shall I come to pick up u?
Swa: no ..u have office till 6 o’ clk na I’ll manage. More over I came out so don’t wry..
Caller: ur hair is full of chalk piece….1st day u taught this much so sad.( 1st day ve padam nadathi pullaingala konnutiya?)
Swa cleans her hair. Hey 1 min….how u know chalk is on my hair just then she sees a boy waving his hand who is on near by bike. (ya its none other than handsome laksh)
Swa: hey lak I told u na I can manage….
Lak: actually work is over I felt bore so I came to pick up u.
Swa: what? That means u don’t have care on me ok its fine…she hires a auto.
Lak: arey….what is this? U r locking me which way am coming. (enda valila polanum madakurale!)(govinda song from engeum eppodum plays in bg) (hindi frnds i dont know joke songs in hindi)
He follows the auto….hey hey…sry ma….plz……
Swa: don’t talk to me.
Lak: dear dear sry dear….he holds 1 ear by 1 hand cutely. Swa smiles.
She sits on bike lets go….

episode ends with smiling ride of swalak.
Frnds i hope i didnt disappointed u. if u like to give suggestions then sure without hesitation plz tell me i’ll rectify it. do support by urs loving Aastha.

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