Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 19) (KKB, Swaragini)

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Episode 18

At night
Epi starts with sujatha
Suj: sanky uttra ur frnd is excited?
Utt: as usual aunty. Good ni8.
San in his room. Recalls rag words. Who said I love u….. don’t think too much. San closes his eyes water drops escapes from his eyes.
He took his phone n opened gallery.

FB is shown.

San: priya that means she rejected me bcos of kavi’s threaten. It seems she too loves me na.
Pri: don’t know she wont share her feelings with anyone.
Nav: but we can find it. Her DIARY……
Utt: haan she shares each n everything in her diary but …how can we read it b4 she come?
San: ya I too thinking abt same.
San rushes to her room n searches the diary n takes pic of proposed date. Then comes to hall.
Ragni comes there with coffee. After drinking they leaved

FB ends.

Screen shifts to abhigya

Time is 9:30 pm

Abhi: pragya plz come n eat then u’ll do ur work.
Prag: 2 mins abhi.
Abhi stares pragya continuously.
Prag: did u ate?
Abhi nods no.
Prag: u r very stubborn. Finally u got what u want? Come lets eat.
After completing dinner prag continues her work.

Screen shifts to sanky.

He starts to read it.
Diary (rag): god… what mistake I done in my life. I never thought bad to other. Then y r u punishing me? is this my last birth’s curse. Cant I get true love in my life? What is my fault?
U snatched my mother from me u snatched my father too. From urvashi maasi I never got love. They feels I’m burden to them. In my life 1st time I felt that someone is for me. ya that is KISHAN. I know he loves me truly. He cares for me. he want to be with me for ever.
I thought u send him to give happiness in my life’s second part. But that to became as dream. He is not for me. I cant live without him. Bcos I too LOVES HIM.
I hurted the person whom i loved most. Bcos I don’t have any other option.
If I accepted him then that kavitha will do anything. She will go to any extreme to get her love. If she done anything to me then I don’t have any problem but if she done something with san utt or my family I cant tolerate. I cant forgive myself. For this better I can sacrifice my love. I can hide it.
Yes god I rejected him. U whatever done I believe u. hope everything we be fine. Plz god be with sanky. He is really broken. Make his life happy.

Sanky cant control his cry. I thought she didn’t loved me but she did all in fear that if anything happened to me. don’t wry Ragini God sent me in ur life to spread happiness. I wont
let this marriage happen.

Screen shifts to abhigya

Time is nearly 10:45 pm. She feels very sleep n falls down too. But works continuously. Abhi comes there with coffee.
Prag: thnq…
Abhi sees all designs n appreciates. She feels lil fresh n continues her designing. After sometime she slept on table. Abhi saw that she slept. He took her n made her sleep on bed. N carreses her hair n went to sleep.

Next day

Prag is tensed.
Abhi: what happened?
Prag: I want to design men dresses.
Abhi: ok.
Prag: but I want measurements.
Abhi: is this problem? If u don’t mind then u can take my measurements.
Prag: thank god. She takes tape n takes measurement of his chest, both were so close they shares a intense eye lock. Then both come to sense n does their works.

Days passed one side ragini’s wedding date comes near n other side pragya’s competition date comes near.

On competition day

Programmer: candidates have to exhibit their designs n as well as have to give ramp walk too.
Prag: what?
Abhi: u know na have to give ramp walk too.
Prag: I know… that’s y I arranged u as male model n my frnd as female model.
Abhi: haan now everything is fine na….
Prag: she suffered in chicken pox.
Abhi: what? Now what we will do.
Prag: I too thinking the same.
Then prof comes there. N asked what happened. They explained the situation.
Prof: so what u can do ramp walk. Actually u r more beautiful than ur model n u know how to do ramp walk better u do it.
Prag hesitates but she don’t have any other option. Abhigya walks on ramp together. I don’t want to describe that beauty. They just look like Radhakrishnan, Sitaram , Romeo Juliet, laila majnu……….
Finally judges announce that Pragya is the winner. Press media all took photographs. Pragya achieved her dream as best designer. Abhi too feels happy that he helped her to achieve her dream.

Screen shifts to ragini.

Urvashi, priya n ragini’s mother in law n rag all assembled in jewellery shop. All takes one jewel n puts on rag then says no no this not suitable for her. But rag lost in sanky’s thoughts.

FB shown

San: u r saying na this kishan dollar is not me. but one day u’ll realise that is me.
I wont leave u but if one day destiny separates us then this chain wont be with u. then u realise that dollar n me have deep connection.
Rag: very funny…. This chain is given by my mom. When she gave this then u didn’t with me ok so don’t talk like mad.
San: what ever u say u will realise it one day.

FB ends.

She remains how chain broken n how san talked he don’t have any objection in rag’s marriage.
Water drops comes from her eyes.
Saas maa: what happened?
Rag: nothing… just dust….

Screen shifts to abhi.

Prag is busy with press people. Abhi is in out of auditorium.
Two persons r talking
Person 1: hey that girl is alive…..
Person 2: what? What r u blabbering? Which girl is alive?
Person 1: that businessman Mahesh’s daughter
Abhi is shocked to hear this.

Screen freezes with shocking face of abhi

To be continued……..

Hope u all enjoyed this epi. If I bored u then I’m really sorry. by urs loving Aastha

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