Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 18) (KKB, Swaragini)


Hi frnds. This is Aastha back with next epi of salt & sweet love story. I’m sry am not able to reply ur cmnt bcos of telly update’s server maintenance.

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Episode starts with shocking face of Ragini.

Urvashi: This is Ragini ji….
Lady: Looking Very beautiful….
Lady: Ji tmrw is very good muhurth. Tmrw evening we will fix engagement. Is that ok for u?
Urv: Ofcourse ji.
Lady: Ok then I’ll made all preparation.
She leaves from there

Scene shifts to san’s home.

Parvathi dadi: Kavi where u went?
Kavi: Vo… My frnds told Ragini is getting married tmrw is her engagement.
Dadi: Servant’s daughter also getting married our daughter also same age na…
Sujatha: Exactly ….. Parineetha bhabi won’t u give ur daughter to my son? Y r u looking bhai… Sure bhai will accept. What abt u bhabi?
Pari: If ur bhai don’t have any problem then too have no prob.

All r happy except kishan n uttra. They didn’t get out of shock that rag is getting married after that his marriage also fixed. He is totally heart broken.

Scene shifts to abhigya.

Abhigya reached home. Hesitantly prag enters the home. He shows room for prag. She gets fresh n comes down. He is arranging lunch on dinning table.
Prag: what special today?
Abhi: ur fav tomato briyani with onion.
Prag: thnq.
Both eats together.
Prag: may I know ur qualification? Where is ur parents?
Abhi smiles: u r asking this basic question how many days…… I’m MBA university rank holder.
Prag wide opens her mouth: really?
Abhi: haan. That helped me to enter in ur clg as guest lecturer. And my parents are in Chennai. They are forcing me to marry. That’s y I came here.
Prag: ohh…

Abhi: how is dish?
Prag with wide opened eye: u cooked this?
Abhi: no I don’t know to cook. Maid only cooked it.
Prag: abhi…vo…
Abhi: how many times I’ll repeat? Be casual.
Prag takes breath: ok… I want to buy some materials.
Both goes to shop n buy all things.
Then in eve prag sits in front of all things n thinks how to design uniquely.

Next day

Ragini decorated like beautiful butterfly but one main thing is missing. Ya that’s her smile the real beauty.

In front of elders Ragini got engaged.

Sujatha: uttra ur frnd got engaged but u didn’t went there na….. now u go….. she will feel happy. Kishan u too can give company. Kishan is abt to leave from there but utt holds his hand n gestured be cool.
Utt: of course chichi…. I’ll go. Kishan will give company.
Suj: tk beta. U cant go there with empty hand bcos that’s not our status. What to give… she searches her cupboard then one box falls on her leg. Arrey new dress how it came here? Whatever give this to her.

Scene at rag’s home

Jothi( urvashi Ki pyari beti ): Maa what’s happening here? I went with my frnd just for two days. Everything changed here? Is she got married then who will work?
Urv: I know beta…. But we have to….. Parvathi dadi, sujatha & kavitha’s force….. That’s y I saw alliance for her.
Jo: What? But y they forcing u?
Urv: I think kishan likes Ragini that’s y…… Don’t wry… Normally bride will give dowry but here they r giving dowry for us.
Jo: What r u blabbering maa?
Urv: Haan groom is aged person n already married that’s y they r giving dowry for us.

These all conversation heard by priya n Naveen. But last one line (groom is aged person n already married that’s y they r giving dowry for us.) heard by Ragini.
She runs to her room n cries vigorously.
Naveen: priya I think di is not interested in marriage. Is she likes kishan then y she behaved rudely towards him?
Priya: bcos she is in helpless situation.
Nav: what r u saying?
Pri: vo….
Nav: plz don’t hide anything.

FB shown

Rag is playing with kids then kavitha comes there n makes all children leave from there.
Rag: now y u sent all kids?
Kavi:I want to talk to u
Rag with confusing look: mm tell me what?
Kavi: kishan is in love with u.

An unknown happiness spreads in rag’s heart. Lil smile comes on her face.

Kavi: look don’t be happy. I love kishan. N he is mine only. Dadi sujatha auty all accepted. So don’t come in mid me n kishan.
Kavi: I know what is in ur mind. Kishan love me then y give up him for u. I’m I ri8?
Rag nods yes.
Kavi tells something but priya cant hear that. After hearing that ragini’s face turns shocked.
Kavi: hope u’ll reject san. He is one the way to propose u. bye.
Rag stands there as heart broken.
FB ends.

A voice: that’s means kavi threatened ragini…..

Screen shifts to abhigya.

Prag draws design in papers then thinks abt colour match.
A voice: I think u planned designs for competition.
Prag: prof sir….. u?
Prof: abhi only called me for ur help.
Prag stares at abhi lovingly. Abhi smiles n leaves from there. They both discuss abt designs.

Again scene shifts to rags home.

Priya n naveen turns n gets shock to see sanky n uttra.
Pri n nav: vo….
Just then rag comes n sees utt n san.
Rag: u both here?
Utt: my frnd is going to get married…. I’ve to congratulate na that’s y I came.
San: of course don’t know we r able to attain ur marriage bcos I’m also get married na…. that’s y we came here with gift take it.
Rag takes the gift n opens it. She stares him longingly. (ya that gift is when all went to mall then rag desires a dress but moves on it bcos that is costly. The same pink n golden coloured leganha)

San: coffee or cool drinks for guest?
She goes inside then her chain hanged in nail. Chain break n fall down. That is big abshagun for her. She took chain n went to kitchen.
She cries vigorously. He loves me truly ……
San: priya that means she rejected me bcos of kavi’s threaten. It seems she too loves me na.
Pri: don’t know she wont share her feelings with anyone.
Nav: but we can find it. Her DIARY.
Utt: haan she shares each n everything in her diary but …how can we read it b4 she come?
San: ya I too thinking abt same.
Ragni comes there with coffee. After drinking they leaved.

Screen freezes with sad face of Ragini.

To be continued…….

By urs loving Aastha

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