Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 17) (KKB, Swaragini)

Hi frnds. Surprise…..….. ya I made u all wait for so long na…. that’s y today one more epi. Lets enjoy this.

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Episode starts with swara.

Swara: hey pragya whats going on here? Mohan , vinega….. all r here?
Abhi: welcome laksh swara n naughty diya.
Prag: welcome guys. Swa y r u asking that…. They all want to hear our love story….
Swa: that’s really sweet….. we too want to hear.
A voice: I’m also a part of that story….. how can u say that without me?

Prag: hey ragsan…. Sara, saran… hey..megha..u too..
Megha: y? don’t u add me in ur gang?
Mohan: y not? They accepted me then y not u?
Prag: where u met her?
Meg: I’ll tell what happened? I felt bore so I thought to go out. In mid way my car got punctured. Then they gave lift to me n promised that they will entertain me.
Vinega: nice Dr. mam. Lets join with us.
Lets start the story

FB shown.

Prag pov: abhi is changed. Now a days he didn’t force me to love him. He is helping me in each n everything. I didn’t treated him as normal. I irked him always. Now how can I ask help? Will he mistook me? suddenly she felt someone’s hand in her shoulder. She turned n shocked to see abhi. She remind her dream in that abhi kisses her. She shouts don’t kiss me. plz..plz… she runs n locks room door.
Abhi is puzzled. Y she is behaving weird? Just then swa passes there abhi stops her.
Swa: what abhi? How watch men allowed u in?
Abhi: that’s all trick… actually y this prag behaves weird?
Swa: really? Wait I’ll call her.
Swa knocked the door n told its me swara….open the door. She opened
Swa: y u closed the door?
Prag: vo…abhi…..
Swa: haan abhi came here to give this application for ur competition.
Prag hits her head by her hand. With guilt face…. Where is he?
Swa: he have gone
Prag runs fast… abhi is abt to go just then prag comes in front of his bike. She breaths heavily.
Abhi: hey..y this much fast?
Prag: vo… I’m sry… actually in yesterday’s dream u kissed me so….
Abhi: really…..with naughty smile.
Prag feels embarrassed. She rubs her head.
Abhi: don’t take it serious. Ok bye.
Prag: 1 min….

Screen shifts to village.

Rag comes out of temple. Suddenly one strong hand pulled her.
Rag: kishan…..u? what r u doing?
San: I want to talk to u.
Rag: I’m not interested. She abt to leave.
Again saky pulled her. now she is very close to her. They shares a intense eye lock. Rag’s heart beats heavily.
Rag: plz… leave me.
San: no… I wont leave u…. cant u understand or u acting like u don’t know anything.
Rag remains silent.
San: ok u don’t want to tell anything. I love u……. I love u Ragini. I cant live without u. u r my life. I really love u. u don’t want to tell anything. I know that u also loves me.
Rag frees her hand from him. In raised voice, what u r thinking abt urself? Ha? In ur body also the same rich blood flows na….. u also like ur family only.(adhey panakara vitu ratham dana un udambulaum oodudu) U all never thought abt poor or servants feelings. Who said that I too loves u? look again u talked like this u’ll see my another face.
Sanky was stunned by her words. Rag leaved from there. Naveen also heard their conversation.

Screen shifts to abhigya

Abhi: tell…
Prag: vo…actually……vo….
Abhi: pragya its me only. U can talk straight ok.
Prag gathers her strength. Actually I’m participating in fashion designing competition.
Abhi: ya I know that. That’s y I gave u application form.
Prag: I’ve less days so I want to work day & ni8.
Abhi: ok…
Prag: so….vo… if I here then I cant work in ni8. It will be disturbance for swa. So can I come to ur home?
Abhi: for this u hesitated this much? I have no problem. I’m always waiting for u ….thats ur in law……he bitted his tongue. Vo ….that too just like ur home. don’t wry.
Prag: thank u….
Abhi: y this formalities? Ok by the way when u r coming?
Prag: I have some works so tmrw I’ll come.
Abhi: after getting ready call me I’ll pick up u. ok.

Prag nods yes n leaves from there.
Abhi is full excited. He calls san. His phone rings.

Uttra: san…sanky….she shakes him.
San: wwww what happened?
Utt: actually I want to ask this question….. what happened to u? ur phone is rining but u r not picking it……
San: nothing am alri8.
Utt: bhaiya plz don’t try to lie me. u cant that. She compels him.
He told what happened and how rag talked rudely.
Utt: I cant believe it. Bhaiya I think u r dreamed something. Rag cant talk like this to any one. She cant….
Priya: really…… didi talked rudely to him.
Nav: haan…. Its true, I saw that. Don’t know y di talked like this?
Priya: I too don’t know.

Next day

One lady comes to rag’s home.
Lady: here urvashi….ragini….
nav: ya this house only. Their r in bakside. I’ll call them. Priya handle them… she nods.
Urvashi: welcome welcome. Happy that u came straightly.
Lady: of course I cant wait anymore…. Where is my bahu Ragini…..
Just then rag comes there n shocked to hear that bahu ragini.

Screen freezes with shocking face of ragini.

To be continued……….

By urs loving Aastha

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