Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 16) (KKB, Swaragini)

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Epi starts with ragini.

She is cleaning the pooja mandhir. Then kumkum is abt to fall but she catches it.

Then a flash back starts

All sat on mini bus. Kavi told her wish to sujatha n dadi. They happily accepted it. Kavi is superb cool happy. San entered in bus.
Suj: beta all seats r full so sit near kavi ok.
Unwillingly he went near kavi. In opposite side one seat back rag n utt sitting.
Utt understood san’s mind.
Utt: kavi I want to talk to u something…..
Kavi: what?
Uttt: vo… hey my bro y r u sitting here btw like nandi. U come n sit here.
San sat near rag n utt went near kavi n asked silly things like how is ur clg? How is life?
San staring at her lovingly. Rag feels uncomfortable but don’t know what to do.
They all reached temple started all rituals. After completing of pooja all went to eat. But ragini takes the things from there.

Medical miracle our sanky worshipped god with full dedication. Ya his prayer is plz unite me n rag.
Pandit gave kumkum to san. Heard someone calling him so he turned suddenly then kumkum sliped from his hand. Ragini looked him shockingly. Slowly she put her hand on her mang. She is shocked to see kumkum on her mang. San don’t know what to say. In fracture of second rag went from there.

Then in late ni8 she cleaned all vessels. N abt to sleep then sanky came there.
San: hey meri pathni… today is our 1st ni8… how can u sleep alone?
Rag abt to go san holds her hand n started to tease her. Later he came closer then a loud voice shouted KISHAN………

All saw ragsan together. Ya our kavi suspected on them and brought everyone at ri8 time.
Dadi dragged him from her. Hey urvashi did u sent her to work or trap him?
Suj: maa this is habit of this middle cls. 1st they will behave like sweet but their real nature is salt only.
All talked bad abt rag as per their wish. She cried n ran away from there.

As usual FB interrupted.

Sujatha: beta…what r u thinking?
Rag: vo… nothing maa just what to cook for lunch.
Suj caresses her hair n leaves from there.

Screen shifts to beach.

Megha enjoys there with her frnds. Then ram n mohan too comes there.
One cute baby plays with her beautiful pink ball. Bcos of heavy wind ball fell on sea. Baby starts to cry. Megha feels sad for this. She goes to took that ball. She forwards to get it but it goes more deep.
There is caution “ deep place don’t go “
She started to drown. She shouted for help. Her frnds to shouted. Mohan heard this sound.
He saved her. He took her out. He tapped on her cheek.
Frnds: hey she is not awaking what to do now…..
Ram: hey dude press her belly.

Moh gets nervous. Hesitantly presses her belly. Slowly water comes out.
Swalak n diya comes there.
Swa: what happened?
Slowly megha opens her eyes.
Swa: megha r u alri8?
Diya: miss do u know her?
Lak: haan of course she is the one who is the dr. for rag. During her delivary.
Diya: oh… she is Dr. now which Dr. will treat her.
Megha: hello guys…. I’m alri8. Ok so plz…. By the way who saved me?
Frnds pointed lak
Meg: hey lak…. Thnq so much for saving me… but….
Mohan: I know what r u going to ask

Meg: really what is that?
Moh: u abt to ask abt it only na? he forwarded that ball.
Meg: hey amazing…. But how u know that I’ll ask abt it only?

Swa: bcos he is working with my intelligent frnd na?
Diya looks confusingly. Lak: he is prag’s colleague.
Diya: oh… then we all r known persons only. Y cant we go dream land which is in 5 kms.
Meg: ya that’s a good idea. Mohan…. Y don’t u join with us?
Ram: of course y not? Moh too accepts
All goes to dream land all plays in watery games, n many more.

Finally all stopped at one point. There is man with board. He says he can read others mind n predict their future by eye contact.
Diya: miss I want……
Swa: hey its not true….
Diya: plz…. Swa agrees.
He sees her eye n says one success is on the way for u. get prepared to enjoy.
Diya is superb cool happy. Megha di u too try na….
Meg hesitates but goes.
Fore teller: u r unmarried ri8?
Meg: mmm.
FT: soon u r going to marry one person who loves u lot. Who will take of u like his mother. His name will start in the letter of “M”
Meg: thnq. Mohan u too try na…
Moh: no I’m not interested. After seeing her pleasing face he accepts.
FT: u loved someone but u r not able to get her ri8?
Moh remains silent.

FT: I know u wont tell bcos u don’t want to ruin her life. But don’t think abt her any more. Bcos ur life partner is with u. u will realise ur love for her soon. Everything will happy anymore.
Moh smiles
Diya: lak bhaiya just try it once na….
He acts as he got call n moves from there.
Swa: now everything is over na… lets go.
FT: beti… ek minute…. U r going to be heart broken. R u going to know the biggest truth of ur life. Tears wont stop afterwards….. becareful…. Don’t trust all easily.
Swa: hello Mr. I already told u na. this is all just for money. Ok. Plz stop.
FT: its ok…. I saw many ppl just like u….. but my words r true. U will cry. That for sure. I’ll Pray to god for u to give less pain.

All disappointed by FT words.

Next day

Moh: hi abhi… Anything special? Seems all r busy with some work…
Abhi: soon u’ll get to know abt it. Lets go into story.

FB shown.

Every thing was normal. Prag at clg.
Prof: students already I told abt it again I’m remembering one competition going to be held. That is very useful. If u won this then u r a achiever. Bcos it’s a world level national level competition but its tough competition. Interested students can enroll their name.
Prag to cls mates: hey when he announced this?
Frnds: u were absent then…
Prag: oh ok. She gave her name n asked abt further details.
Prag came to hostel. She found swa with book n wondered. Actually swa is reading her HR’s poems not text book.

Prag was in deep thinking. Prof’s words echoed in her mind.
Prof: its good u gave ur name. but hard work is must. I know u r talented but… its topmost competition in india for fashion designing. U want to design men and women dresses as well as u want to design dresses in each cultures of india. For example: salwar, saree, midi,half saree, silk saree, gown, each n every thing. U have to submit theses thing b4 competition. On competition day which one they r saying u have to design that. Ok.

She sleeps but cant sleep. After many depress she slept

prag thinks deeply. What I do? I’m really confused. Will abhi accept it? Suddenly she felt some one’s hand in her shoulder. She turned n jerked to see abhi.
Prag: u? here? In hostel? How?
Abhi: u thought abt me only na?
Prag: vo….
Abhi forwards his step while prag backwards. He pinned her into wall. She closes her eyes. He slowly n deeply pecked on her lips.
Suddenly she wake up from sleep. She breaths heavily. Omg….. thank god…. Its just a dream… later she fall asleep.

Screen freezes with sleeping face of pragya.

To be continued……..

Frnds today I gave scenes to all. I don’t know I satisfied u all or not….. from tmrw onwards ff concentrate on ragsan n abhigya. After settlement of these pair I’ll show swalak n Meghan scenes. Hope u will support me. by urs loving Aastha

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