Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 15) (KKB, Swaragini)


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Chapter 14

Abhigya hears a huge noise. Turned n froze for a while.
Pragya: maa…..dad…….
Abhi: uncle……..aunty………….
Both ran towards car.
A lorry hit their car. Sarla n Mahesh died on spot. Not only they both a girl also died who stand near their car to cross the road. N the lorry driver also died…
Prag hold Mahesh n taps on his cheek. Dad wkae up dad. Plz don’t leave me alone… mom plz mom be with me…. she cries vigorously. Abhi don’t know how to console her.
Prag: dad…..mom….plz…plz…she cries more n more…
Abhi: pragya…
Prag: abhi see them they r not wake up… u can control everybody na by ur sweet n silly talkings…plz tell them to wake up.
Abhi: pragya..they…
Prag: they cant leave me na….how can they do like this?? She hugged him. He too hugged her n patted her head.

Police came to that place. Investigated to prag but prag is not co operating them n started to scold them.
Abhi: prag…you cool I’ll handle…ok.
Abhi explained what happened while prag cries continuously. Abhi did all formalities for funeral bury.

Abhi took her to Coimbatore. Then informed rabul abt their parents death. Purab started to break all things.
Abhi: what happened to him.
Bul: he lost his parents but not able to come mother land. He feels y he came to abroad.
Abhi: plz take care of him.
Bul: u too take care of pragya.
Abhi: don’t wry I promised to Mahesh uncle that I’ll take good care of prag at anycost I’ll complete that promise. Don’t wry.
Then purab n pragya talked for sometime.

Pur: u come here I’ll be with u.
Prag: no bhaiya… I’m ok here. Surely I’ll come after completing my studies. Don’t wry just three months only. Bye bhaiya….love u.
Pur: love u too.
Abhi dropped her in hostel n he went to home.
Abhi: from onwards I never follow her…. Never compel her to love me. it means I’m not in love with her. From now I’ll take her to her goal. I’ll make her achieve. From now I’m supporter, saviour, good friend but not lover to her. I’ll be back bone for her.
As his decision he pick upped n dropped her to hostel n sponsored for her all necessity.

Water drops escaped from mohan eyes. (fb stopped)
Moh: I’m really sry…. Now I understood y she cried n gone from restaurant.
Abhi: its ok. I thought don’t tell this in front of her. Because how she got happiness while hearing my silly things like that she will be emotional that’s y…..
Moh: is there any balance story?
Abhi: Ofcourse… but that all adventures lil romantic n lil emotional too.
Ok then tmrw I’ll hear balance story…. Bye

Screen shifted to swa’s home.

Diya: lak bhaiya…. U cant escape from me today….. u said “ I’ll tell balance story after ur exam” but I completed all exams.
Lak: till u completed ur final exam na?
Diya: bhaiya….
Lak: ur miss is came I cant tell now….
Swa: hey guys whats going btw u both…. R u hiding something…. From when u became frnds…..
Lak: u know na I cant hide nothing to u na…
Diya: haan miss.

Swa: both don’t talk. U both took how many selfies n posted in all social medias but u didn’t called me for a single selfie na don’t talk to me.
Lak: sry sweety…he cutely holds his ears n diya too.
Swa: oh omg…. Stop acting… easily u all melting my heart.
Lak in mind: because u r soft hearted that’s y melting so easily….. but this is ur weakness too.
Swa: what r u thinking ??
Lak: nothing… lets go..i’m hungry..
All eats happily. Then lak returns home at late ni8.

Lak: maa till now u didn’t slept?
Maa: I know u have unconditional love on her. U both sharing some special bond… but cant u wish on my bday too….
Lak: oops sry maa. My sweet mom na. happy bday. They both hugs n he goes to his room.
Lak cant slept… his mother words echoing in his mind. “I know u have unconditional love on her. U both sharing some special bond”……
Lak pov: yes mom we r sharing a special bond…… I’m drown in guilt. Because of me only now swa is in this situation. That’s y I’m trying my best to keep her happy.

A FB shown

That day swara is waiting for her hear rob. A boy comes there n puts hand on swa’s shoulder.
She turns n sees him.
Swa: u? here?
Boy: ya. U r waiting for ur heart rob na?
Swa: haan . how u know?.. that means u….
Boy: ya its me only.
She hugged him. U r always with me only but I’m failed to recognise u as HR. he too hugged her.

A boy standing a lil far away from them. He is vexed. He lost his life. Now he is standing there like lifeless body. Ya he is none other than laksh. Actually swara met sahil. He didn’t utter a word. He moved from there. Sahil noticed him. After two hours sahil returned to hostel. Then too lak didn’t utter a word.

Sahil: lak I know u loves her but am sry I too loves her. I cant give up.
Lak is in full angry he didn’t said anything.
Sah: plz….forgive me…he bends in front of him.
Lak: I accept ur love. U too good. I wont oppose u. but y didn’t u tell this b4? U know na I’m In love with her.
Sah: u misunderstood me. ya I love her. I know u too love her but I know that yesterday only accident I saw ur msg in ur ph. That’s y….. sry …..
Lak: unwillingly… its ok take good care of her.
Sah: sure dude.

Days passed swa started to cut the cls. Mor n eve sahil pick upped n dropped her.

One day in hostel. Lak wears casual lungi n dancing for lungi dance. (dappan kuthu attam aditu irukan)
He hears heavy laughing sound. He turned n hided himself behind cupboard.
Lak: swa u ? here ? how ?
Swa: actually I jumped over wall n came hear to see my heart rob.
Smile on his fades. Sahil: hey swa….. he hugs her.
Sah: what a surprise. I’m feeling bored in hostel this pragya is always studying so I came here to enjoy with u. ok 5 mins I’ll get ready.
Just then swa took a paper from floor n reads it.
Swa: wow… sahil.. is it written by u?
Sah: me? I didn’t write anything….
Swa: but credit goes to HR. u only na HR.
Sah: haan I only written it.
Swa: I like this kind of poems. While writing u thought abt me na.
Sah: ha haan.

Swa: I want all ur writings.
Sah: vo..actually…
Lak: don’t wry I’ll give u all. He took all poems from his cupboard.
Swa: lak that all written by him na? then y u taking this all from ur cupboard?
Lak: vo…vo…he is very talented na so he don’t have habit fore keeping it safe so I’m keeping this in my cupboard.
Swa: so sweet. She reads n smile comes automatically n her face.
Lak: do u like this? This all ur heart rob written for u.

She kissed on that sheets. Sahil gets jealous. Swa come lets go.

Swa: 1 min. u know he is heart rob?
Lak: vo actually I know he is in love don’t know that’s u only.
She smiled n went with sahil.

Lak ends their FB by opens his eyes.

Lak pov: I don’t know that is he loves u truly…. Will he back to india….. I’m in guilt that if I didn’t hide my identity u don’t want to wait him for this 1 year.

Screen freezes with sad face of laksh.

To be continued………..

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