Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 14) (KKB, Swaragini)

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Episode 13

Epi starts with Mohan.

Mohan came to park to divert himself from pragya’s thought. But abhigya’s past only flashes in his mind.

FB shown
Pragya: Dad usually u both spends ur time on my bday only. But this one week….. I really enjoyed a lot. Love u.
Sarla: Then what abt me? U forgot me na…
Prag: Oh my pretty mom… She hugs her n goes with her.
Here abhi n Mahesh.
Mahesh: R u in love with pragya?
Abhi: Vo…uncle….. I’m loving her deeply. But….
Mah: What but?

abhi: I don’t know is she interested in me or not….
Mah: I can see her love towards u by her eyes but she is unaware abt it.
Abhi: Thats enough for me uncle…. I don’t want ur money fame…blabla… I just want her love only.
Mah: I know… I can see love n care for her in ur eyes. She loves us a lot but we r not spending more time with her. I trust u. U ll keep her happy forever. From onwards prag is ur responsibility. Hope u know now she is not interested in marriage but soon she will realise her love. Will wait for her???
Abhi: Uncle I can understand ur feelings. Don’t wry I’ll be with her forever. Its my promise.
They both hugs.
FB ends.

Mohan in mind… Her dad too accepted her love. Plz Mohan forgot her n bless her to live a happy life with him.
Mohan totally lost himself in deep thoughts then someone tapped on his shoulder. He turned n saw a beautiful give saying something he lost himself in her beauty.
The girl is none other than our Megha.

Meg: Hello…..exxxxxcuuuusse meeeee….
Meg: Excuse me do u know to drive a car ?
Mohan came to sense n asks what?
Meg: Do u know to drive the car ?
Moh nods yes. Then plz… Drive this car…
Moh: Gives a dead glare…am i ur driver?
Meg: Plz…. Patient is inside plz…..
He sees inside n asks the key then both goes to hospital .

Megha treats the patient Mohan waits until megha comes out.
Meg: U didn’t went???
Moh: Ur car key..
Meg: Thnq so much… If u didn’t accept I cant save one live.
Moh: Its ok… Can I ask u something?
Meg: What?
Moh: u have expensive car cant u offer a drive?
Meg gives a dead glare.
Meg: now I saved one’s life na… do u know who is he?
Moh: don’t know
Meg: he is my driver only. While crossing he didn’t notice the vehicle n met with an accident.
Moh: sry…
Meg its ok again thnq so much for ur help.

Screen shifts to rag’s home.

Rag: san yesterday u told na… thinking abt our past…
San: haan..what for that.
Rag: where u stopped our story?
San: y? rag gives a fake smile….
San: achha…. U want feed our bachos for that I want to tell story.
Rag: this is called wave length my dear.
San: if am telling story here then who will do my work in office?
Rag: ohh is office more imp than our bachos?
San: ok ok cool. I’ll tell

FB shown

San coming down. All r busy in packaging n many more works.
Suj: eat soon. On common day u will woke up earlier on imp day late… don’t know what kind of person u r….. just like ur dad.
San: mom plz I’m already irked so plz don’t start ur puran in morning. ( maa kalangathala un puraanatha aarambikatha)
Urvashi to dadi: malik all work done.
Dadi: go n get fresh n come soon. U too coming to temple. There also many works.
Urvashi nods yes.
Utt: oye….bro…y silent?
San: nothing.
Utt: tell me na….
San: temple is boring….. there is no one for my company..
Utt: gives killer look…. Am I not good company for u? n all cousins r coming there. What abt us?
San: not like that….
Utt: look bro parents r going to worship god we r going to enjoy so don’t wry.
Still san seems dull.
Utt: I told u na don’t ne dull ur angel Ragini also coming.
He didn’t listened after 1 sec realised what she told…really? Is she coming? We can see thousand wats bulb in his face. After 1 min how u know that I’m …..rag…..
Utt: I’m ur sis bro… come on… do u want spent some time with ur angel then u want my support…isf u want my support do this all works which maa gave to complete.
San: its all my fate…. What to do…
He is arranging all packages in mini bus. Then he turns suddenly n hitted. He is holding his head n abt to scold that person but stops bcos that’s his angel ragini. She too rubbing her head. She apologised.
San: no its my mistake only…
Rag: no its mine…
San: I’m saying na its mine…
Kavitha: whats happening here?
San: nothing
Kavi: rag… u have lot works na go n do that without wasting time in seeing my face. Go…
San is abt to leave then kavi stops him.
San: what?
Kavi: vo actually…I…. (she shy)
One of his cousin calls san. He escapes from there. San in mind: something strange in her behaviour.
Kavi’s pov: don’t know y I’m afraid to propose him. I’m in love with him. My parents too will accept but still something stops me to move close with him.
Sujatha: ragini….. bring sara n saran down. Kavitha n her husband n all came from village
(ya FB is interrupted by sujatha)
Rag went down. San in mind: this kavitha disturbs us not only in past while talking abt past too. He too goes down n talks with all.

2/3 days passed.

Mohan is in signal then he sees abhi. Then he gestures abhi to park the car in side.
Moh: abhi y r u trying to avoid to tell balance story?
Abhi: vo actually not like that… ya I’m avoiding…I’m not ready to tell bal story infront of pra. Bcos she will be emotional.
Moh: y ? what happened?

FB shown

One week abhigya enjoys with sarla n Mahesh.
Mahesh: r u interested in complete ur studies or…..
Prag: dad just one more day with u…. today only…. Afterwards I’ll go…
Sarla: ok beta no prob… they all goes ride in car.
Prag: after how many days we r going to ooty na….
Abhi: ooty is far away from here. Till now we didn’t cross city limit.
Prag makes pout face.
Prag finds a cute butterfly in her seat. Actually it was dead. She admires the beauty.
Abhi: hey give it to me….

Prag: no
Abhi: plz…
Prag: take this but be careful…
Abhi too eyes it lovingly. He kept her hand near window. Bcos of heavy air butterfly flew away.
Prag gave a dead glare.
Abhi: hey sry sry I’ll bring it back. He get down from car. Prag too run to chase. Finally abhi took that butterfly. They both heard a huge noise turned n shocked…. Abhigya’s face shown in black & white.

Screen freezes with shocked black n white face of abhigya

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