Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 13) (KKB, Swaragini)


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Epi starts with ragini
Ragini checks his temperature. Omg this much fever..what I do now?? She left from there.
San got up from his bed then onion slips. Omg…he kepts it again under arm n goes to bed as ragini returns there with water n cloth. She wet the cloth n kept it on san’s fore head. She does kitchen works as well as she takes care of sanky.
Every half an hour she checks his temperature n makes cloth more wet. Then after noon she brings food. She made him sit n told eat.
( Our sanky will eat it? Ya ur ri8)

He acted as he lost all strength n made spoon slip.
Rag: wait wait don’t stress urself. I’ll feed u. she feeded very tasty food. San enjoys a lot. Then he have to act na so he slept.
Now its ni8
Ragini again check his temperature but its same as morning. No improvement. San felt a drop on his hand. He opened n saw ragini crying. He melted.
San: hey don’t cry I’m alri8.
She cried more.
San getup from bed. Onion sliped again n in force he splited a vessel in which he kept hot water to increase temperature.
Rag opened her mouth wide open.
Rag: u blo*dy cheat…..she beats him playfully.
San: enough enough its paining ya.
Rag: U deserves it
San: ok leave it. Y u cried?… if anything happened to me y u feels the pain?
Rag: vo..voh..
San: mm tell me

Rag: vo..i..i’m….
A voice: kishan….kishan…
San: plz leave me ya.
That voice is kavitha’s.
Kavitha: san get up… its already late. We all have to go temple na?
He got n saw kavi. San: u? u didn’t went to temple?
Kavi: r u ok? She checked his temperature. What happened to u? today afternoon only we r going to temple then now how I’ll go?
San realised that it his dream.
San: u go I’ll come.
San: in dream also these ppl r not allowing her to propose. Cant she come 1min late? God what is this? What have u written in my fate?
With Frustrated face he went to fresh up.

Scene shifted to Chennai.

Prag sarla n Mahesh all went to bazaar to shopping. Then abhi follows prag. When she turns to his side then hides himself behind something.
Mah: beta do u know him?
Prag: who dad?
Mah: a boy following u from yesterday
Prag: really? How I forgot to notice him. Where is he dad?
Mah: see on ur ri8 side.
She got shocked to see abhi.

Mah: do u know him?
Prag stammers: vo…vo dad….
Prag: vo..he ….he is following me from clg reopen.
Mah: don’t wry I’ll handle him.
Suddenly prag: plz dad don’t harm him.
Mah: He looks at her. Am not like ordinary dad. Be cool.

Abhi finds Mahesh is missing just then he feels someone holding his collar from back. He turns n finds Mahesh.
Mah: what r u doing?
Abhi: vo…
Abhi’s mind voice: don’t get panic its ur father in law only.
Abhi: vo uncle I’m ur….
Prag: dad is my frnd only leave him.
Mah: u told he is following…..?
Prag: vo dad. I fought with him that’s y I told like that. Nothing else.
Mahesh understood prag’s heart beating for abhi….

Mah: oh frnd….then u distance…lets join with us.
Abhi: wow…sure uncle.
Sarla: come beta ..they all chatted for some time.

Screen shifts to restaurant

Swara curiously waiting for his heart rob. A boy comes there n puts hand on swa’s shoulder.
She turns n sees him.
Swa: u? here?
Boy: ya. U r waiting for ur heart rob na?
Swa: haan . how u know?.. that means u….
Boy: ya its me only.
She hugged him. U r always with me only but I’m failed to recognise u as HR. he too hugged her.
Diya: wow that means u both met finally (FB is interrupted by diya)
Lak: u can listen balance story tmrw. Now go n sleep.
Diya: no u take vast time I cant wait any more.
Lak: ur swa miss came she I’ll kill me. there very few scenes only to complete FB so now u go I’ll tell tmrw after ur exam ok?
Diya: ok.
Lak: I cant tell further story to u. if u came to know that sure u ll tell that to swa. I wont let that to happen.

Scene shifts to mehra mansion.

Abhi: pragya this mohan , vikram, neha, ganesh all how much interested to listen ur story.
Prag: ya of course. That’s y they all coming in evenings after clg. Its ok guys. Now it got late so lets have dinner tmrw evening we will tell u balance story.

Scene shifts to rag’s home

Rag: what r u thinking deeply.
San: nothing just our past life.
Rag: u can recall ur salt & sweet story tmrw now go n sleep.
San: without u how can I sleep ?
Rag: 1 min I’ll come after closing all doors.
San kisses on sara n saran’s fore head.

Screen freezes with cute n sweet small sleeping face of sara n saran.

To be continued…….

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