Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 11) (KKB, Swaragini)


Hi ? frnds this is Aastha back with next epi of salt & sweet ? love story. Thnq so much for ur valuable cmnys. Thnq so much to silent readers too. i’ll try my best to give daily updates.

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Episode 10

Recap: Lak gives his assignment for swara. Dress ? selection in mall.

Todays epi starts with swa.

Swa: Who sent this box for me.
Man: Their name is in envelope mam. Thnq mam. He leaves from there.
Pra: Hey what is in it? Is this bomb?
Swa: Haan. We r a big celebrity. So they sent bomb to kill us.
Pra: Ok open it fast.
Swa: Mmm I’m opening. Be cool.
She opened.
Pra: Wow…..what a beautiful saree. So nyz. Its ur fav colour na.
Swa: Mm. Ya its my fav.
Pra: Who sent this? Wait I’ll check. Heart rob??? Who is this heart rob?
A broad smile ? came on her face. Show me.
Pra: Who is this?
Swa explained all. How they became frnds, how he saved her many times. She told everything.
Pra: U know to hide too. Cheater cock. Don’t talk to me.
Swa apologies with pout gace. Both had a cute hug.
Swa: Hey i forgot to tell. Tmrw we all going to zzz restaurant.
Pra: For y?
Swa: We r going that’s it. Ok. Now sleep.

Next day swaragini pragya uttra lak sahil all went to zzz restaurant

Pra saw a fabulous decoration in corner of restaurant. Wow ? superb ya. I think this decoration make by somebody for their someone special. But it is made as per my wish. Its so beautiful.
A voice of course its as per ur wish. Bcos its for u only. She turned n shocked to see abhi there.
Pra: What r u doing here?
He forwarded a bouquet ? towards her n wished her HAPPY ? BIRTHDAY ? my dear.
Pra: I forgot….today is my bday na…. Swa u too helping him.
A voice: She didn’t anything wrong. She helped in surprise ? for u.
Rag: Tum…???? What r u doing here? (ya he is our san only)
San: Y?? Pra won’t u allow me to participate in ur bday party……
Pra looks at swarag. : Ya…y not…. They all accept abhi then y I cant accept. (neengalam abhi kuda sendu enna kalaikuringala… Rag Ni innaki sethadi mavale…)
Pra: By the way how u know we r here?
San: Hey I’m utt’s bro only. Abhi called me n told abt surprise ? so I helped.
Rag: Do u know abhi b4???
Abhi: Haan 1st day we met each other. Ok ok ? lets cut the cake.

After lots of convince pra accepted to cut the cake ? which ordered by abhi. She cut the cake she abt to feed swa first but she forced to feed abhi. Finally abhi feeded by her salt & sweet angel ?
Abhi n all talking with each other. PRA seems lil tensed.
Abhi: What happened to her?
(ya tmrw only her bday she is in hostel their abhi is not allowed so they cerebrated previously)
Pra: Ya I got tickets. Buy frnds. Thnq for ur surprise ?.
Abhi: Y she seems so happy?
Lak: Actually she loves her parents a lot. But they always busy with their works. On her bday only they spends whole day with her.
Abhi: Oh…then I too want to meet my in laws. I too want to go.
Sahil: Hey she is going by flight. She I’ll be in chennai Tmrw morning. How could u reach so fast?
Abhi: I’ll go by flight…
Swa: That’s so costly…
Abhi: Hey I’m top business man Rajender’s son. Ok. Its not a matter to me.
Swalak ragsahil opened their mouth ? wide open.
Swa: Now a days am seeing people who dislikes publicity.
Lak smiles at her.

Next day

San roaming village with his cousins. Then he hears laughing sounds of children. He searches where this sound coming from. Finally he saw Ragini with children. She makes various pout face n making children luagh. Then she is abt to fall correctly san catches her. They both shares a cute n intense eye lock.
After few mins they comes to sense. She feels shy n abt to go then her shawl hanged in san’s bracelet. She comes closer n tries to free. San is in cloud ☁ nine. He lost himself in her.

Screen freezes in smiling face of kishan.

Precap: Abhi follows pragya n caught by prag’s dad.

Frnds r u satisfied with this epi???? How is it? Mukund do u liked this epi? If u find abhigya scenes r not special then don’t wry. Tmrw epi will be nyz. Plz support me frnds. By urs loving ? Aastha

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    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much tina. really i missed ur cmnt. ya its really hard to maintain 3 pairs…..i’m trying my best to give imp to all pairs. once again thnq so much for reading all epis bcos i know how tough to reading missed epis……that too 10 epis….love u loads

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    U told more ragsan scenes hmmmm

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