Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 10) (KKB, Swaragini)


Hi frnds this is AASTHA back with next epi of salt & sweet love story. Thnq for ur support. For few days I forgot to thank my silent readers so I’m dedicating this epi for them.


Thnq so much successfully I reached my 10th epi without u this is not possible. Once again thnq so much.

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Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 9) (KKB, Swaragini)

Epi starts with lak

Lak smiling him self: this girl is very excited to see me….but I wont let her see before she fell for me. sure she too love me. with cute smiling face he leaves from there.
Utt: had u complete ur work?
Swa: mmm..
They all had some chitchat later they went to their respective cls.

6:30 pm utt’s home.
San: what r u searching?
Utt: vo mam gave one day extra time for assignment. I want to complete a small part that’s y am searching my book.
San: search …search…search well….u cant keep it in proper place na…
Utt: hello bhai ….i know abt u ….n know how u keeping ur book…room…all. Ok
Utt: I cant waste time in talking with u…I’ll get book from ragini.
San: r u going to rag’s home? i too will come.
Utt: 4 y?
San: I’m coming that’s it. Ok

They went to rag’s home. he searched her but failed in found her.
Urvasi masi welcomed utt n san.
Urv: beta sit I’ll bring water.
San: u said she hate rag but she welcomed rag’s frnd politely….
Utt: hello….i’m not only rag’s frnd I’m her boss’s daughter…..she have to…if she want salary…
San: mmmm…where is ur frnd?
Utt: who?
San: how many frnds u have?
Just then a boy n girl comes towards uttra.
Utt: san this is rag’s sis PRIYA n this is rag’s bro Naveen.
Pri: akka what do u want? (akka vitula illa) sis not in home….
Utt: actually I want one book
Nav: I think u go n take it….akka will be late
Utt smiles at him. Utt n san goes to rag’s small room. She searches for book san acts like searching then he saw a diary. Hey whose diary is this?
Utt: its rag’s. he is abt to touch utt stops him. If u touch it she will kill u.

He backwards a step n sees a flute with full decoration. it seems like god kishan’s flute. He takes it starts to play. He plays very well. Rag heard this music who was abt to enter into house. She is just mesmerised by the tune. She comes n sees him with the flute. He is just look like Krishnan. After few mins he stopped n opened his eyes. Without uttering a word she went from there.
San: y she went?
Pri: vo actually this is her maa’s flute. she wont let anyone to play…no even wont allow to touch it. But today she didn’t told anything to u….. seems strange.
San: smiles inside. She wont let any1 to touch but she didn’t scold me. then I’m so special for her

Rag is not feeling sleepy. She turns that side n this side. She feels restless. Y I didn’t scold him? He mesmerised me by his tune….unknowing she smiles n recalls the tune n sleeps.

Next day in clg

Swa is hold her assignment in her hand n waiting for rag. Then a boy comes n tells that mam calling u.
She kept her bag n assignment nearby stone bench n went to mam.
Mam: how irresponsible u r? u r attendance inchage but not working properly. Yesterday u didn’t mark absentee on this register.
Swa: sry mam. She completes her work then greets mam n comes.
Here two boys r fighting for single juice accidently it splitted on swa’s assignment. Just then they went from there.
Swa comes n sees juice on her assignment. She is totally shattered. Just then all comes towards her n asked what happened? She explained. She almost abt to cry.
Rag: that rakshasi mam will kill if we didn’t submit. What to do?
Lak feels bad for swa. Hey don’t…….bell rings.
Utt: hey rakshasi (sidumunji)’s cls is 1st period….
Lak: don’t wry….
Sahil: ya he is crt….just be cool. We r there na no prob.

All goes to cls.

Mam: submit ur assignment. Swa is nerves.
Rag n utt stand n eyed swa sadly. N submitted assignment.
Mam: yar yar submit panlayo neengale elundiringa nan kandu pidichen ….avlo dan. (stand up urself…who didn’t submit. If I found u…..)
Few students stands……..hesitately swa stands…mam is checking
Mam: swa….y r u standing?
Swa: mam vo my….assingment…..
Mam: haan ur assignment is here na then y r u standing she shows assignment.
Swa cant understand confusingly she sits then two boys stand from her back. Ya its none other than laksh n sahil.
Swa looks them surprisingly. Hey u both…..lak smiles at her
Mam: laksh….u didn’t submitted….yesterday u roamed in street without complete assignment….now u laughing at girl? Just get out of cls. He goes out of cls sadly….
Unknown happiness comes into her heart. This heart rob is always saving me. is he near to me? or not? How he know abt my assignment. Mam is busy in checking assignments.
Swa logged in tu n started chatting.
Swa: hey my heart rob….really day by day u r robbing my heart. How u know I’m in prob? I can feel that u r near with me only…plz come in front of me….
Lak/HR: in mind: not bad in this soon she started to feel my presence. (ya he is near window. Inside swa)
Lak: patience. At ri8 time I’ll meet u.
Then they chatted for some time.

Evening after clg.

Swa: hey I’m superb happy today. I’m not in mood to go hostel.
Sahil: y u r happy? Lak went out of cls na…for that?
Lak: gives killer look.
Unknowingly swa feels sad. Sahil ethane dadava solliruken kovam varamari comedy pannadanu? (sahil how many times I’ll tell u? don’t make me angry by ur silly jokes.
Utt: ok ok leave it.
Pra: yaa I too want to go out. Rag n utt what abt u?
Rag n utt: no
Utt: hey I’m feeling head ache plz ya next time I’ll join u.
Rag: I too join u next time.
Swa n pra: this time u cant escape from us. U r coming rag that’s it….
Rag is not able to reject. She agreed.

Prag, swaragini, lak n sahil went to mall.

Utt reached home.

San: r u coming alone? Where is ur frnd?
Utt: she , prag n all went to xyz mall.
San: oh..ok. he leaved from there n called abhi.
Abhi: hi dude..what matter u called suddenly?
San: we want to go mall.
Abhi abt to ask y? but understand y he called.
Abhi: ok get ready I’ll pick up u n we can go there.
San: sure dude.
Praswarag having some chit chat. Then sahil n lak provided snacks. They all eating then abhi n san also reaches there. N finds them.

Pra: hey I want to purchase dress ya..
Swa: ok come.
All went to dress section.
Pra: which one I’ll select? I’m confused.
Abhi: I’m here na…I’ll help u.
Pra: ohh god….u wont leave me?
Abhi: I’m not able to live without breathing u.
Pra: irked.
Sahil abt to stop him lak hold his hand.
Lak: he is in love with her. So don’t insert ur nose in their personal.

Pra is confusingly searching dress. Swa glanced all dress. While rag is seeing a pink n golden coloured leganha. She is not able to take off her eye from that dress. But gets disappointed by its cost. N leaved from there. Kishan watched this from long. (he didn’t came in front of rag. He is lil afraid. Not dare like abhi)

Finally pra selected a dress. She points out a dress n told sale woman to take it. There is many dress so no 1 able to understand which dress she points out.then,…
Abhi: she is telling that dress which is in 2nd row. That pink colour saree.
Pra just amazed how he told crtly. But didn’t showed.
All went to their respective homes n hostels.
In hostel swa reading posts in fb. Some1 knocks door. Prag opens the door.
Pra: who r u? what do u want?
The person: I want to handover this to Miss swara.

Screen freezes with puzzled face of swara.

Precap: pragya’s surprise. Ragsan moments.

• Guys do u like this plot or am boring u all?
• Shall I continue this ? or want to end this?
• R u comfortable with trice update on week or u want daily updates?
• If u want daily updates I’ll give u but that wont be long….is that ok for u?
Frnds without fail ans for my qns….
Again thnq so much for ur concern too. For ur supports. By urs loving AASTHA.

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  1. superb I want daily updates

    1. Astha

      thnq so much j. dont wry i’ll give daily updates. but it ll be small than this.

  2. Rafeee

    superb da plz continue

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much for cmnting. i missed ur cmnt in previous epis. ramzan mufarak. where is my briyani.

      1. Rafeee

        sry da last tym comnt pana mudila he he un shareym nane saptn

    2. Astha

      aahaa en share um ninga saptinga….this not fair…..its ok. njoy ur day.

  3. Nice

    1. Astha

      thnq so much mary dear

  4. superbb..plz update daily …

    1. Astha

      thnq so much my cute girl. sure i’ll give u daily posts.

    1. Astha

      thnq so much akka.

  5. Pavani

    Its not boaring sanku darling we can wait u carry on wt ur work nd haa waiting for ragsan movements

    1. Astha

      thnq so much for liking it akka. many asking daily posts so i thought to give daily posts. thnq so much for thining abt my convinience. u have to na. u r my sis na.

  6. It’s not boring dear please continue and write updates according to your comfort whether they are daily or thrice a week. Just don’t stop and continue

    1. And congratulations for reaching episode 10 dear. Love you

    2. Astha

      thnq so much for liking my ff dear. thnq so much for thinking abt my comfort. sure dear i’ll continue it. again thnq so much for wish. love u loads.

  7. Akshata

    awesome, do continue.

    1. Astha

      thnq so much akshata dear. sure i’ll continue.

  8. Omg my abhi is rockin not same like dumb in serial.. al the pair & character was superb & giving equal importance also..

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much for liking abhi in my ff. really ur cmnt made my day. thnq so much for such a nyz complement. sure abhi wont be like in serial. i’m fedup of yesterday’s epi of kkb.

  9. Akka the plot is very interesting not boring and of course you have to continue. Akka idhu request illa oru thangachi akka ku kudukura sweet kattalai. Akka weekly neenga idhe mathiri long three updates kuduthale podhum. And about today’s episode it is genuinely perfect.

    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much sweet sweety sis.. thnq for liking it. ellarum daily updates kekuranga da. i’ll try. edhu comfort ah iruko adha panren…ok va. love u loads.

  10. nice
    love rags

    1. Astha

      thnq so much lisa dear

  11. i luv it my abhigya are so cute

    1. Astha

      thnq so much for liking it.

  12. Honey

    Hiii, its superb ,u know what I will say & its up to u ….again sry if I don’t comment in upcoming epi as I’m going Ncc camp & will come after ,20th July & but whenever I read I will give comment in ur ff dear…luv u?????

    1. Astha

      i think i’m going to miss ur cmnt….its ok dear tc. njoy ur camp. now how is ur health??? love u loads

  13. Really nice…pls continue…and try to update daily dear
    happy ramzan

    1. Astha

      thnq so much priyanka dear. sure i’ll give daily posts.

  14. Hey aasthu darlu its really nice hw can u say its boring its awesome and its ur wiah to gve updates anythng is ok fr us love u????

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooooo much saro doll. love u loads

  15. please give daily update and some special moment of abhigya please

    1. Astha

      thnq so much bro. i’ll give u daily posts.

  16. Krish

    Suprrrrrrrrrbbbbb epiiii diiii…………. nd sooooo soooooo soooooooooooo srrrrryyyyy akka na ooruku poita atha cmnt pana mudiyala unga prev epiii la srrrryyyyy……… i read it it was awesomeeeee……… nd fr ur qstn bornga cont panava nla neega eni keka kudathu apro na pesamata……. Sure u must cont nd its not at all borng……… nd fr updts its ur wish akka ungaluku yethu comfortble athu panunga…… nd epa unga hlth nalla eruku la takecare akka ……..egarlllyyyyy waitng fr te nxt updt……….loveeeeee uuuuuuuuu akka………..

    1. Astha

      no need to sry my pyari choti. ok inimey nan apdi oru qn kekala ok va my sweet choti…..love u loads. now only i posted next epi. u can see it tmrw.

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