Our Salt & Sweet Love Story (Episode 1) (KKB, Swaragini)

Hi frnds after a long gap i’m back with my silly stories. hope u will like my story. abt pairs u will get to know in further epis. here i ends my bak abk…..


A girl is taking aarti in front of god’s idol. She is wearing a violet n white colour half n half saree. Her face yet not shown. A lady searching someone in all over house.


That lady listens that chanting with beautiful voice n towards that voice.


Lady: ladoo I’m searching u every whereu r here! (yes that is our bubbly Ragini)


Ladoo: maa first take this Prasad.

That lady takes the Prasad. See the time? 9:30…..still u didn’t ate anything is that good for ur health. First come to dining hall.
Sujatha feeds to ragini.
Rag: maa enough I cant eat anymore.
Suj: ya its enough for u but not for ur baby.
Rag makes pout face.
Suj: ok now am leaving u but sure 11 o’ clock u have to drink juice.
Rag: yes maa. I love u….they both hugs sujatha kisses on rag’s forehead

Screen shifts to ,
ABC Arts & Science college
3rd year designing class shown.

vikram (Student) : hey finally that arrogant professer pradeep leaved this clg but now who is our class incharge?
Neha (Student) : I’m sure that princy will appoint more strict class incharge for us.
ganesh (Student ) : ya I’m agree with her…
Just then students saw a girl coming towards their class. She looks stunning. She wore a pink n white colour half n half saree. She didn’t left her hair open. But still she looking awsm.
Students watching her without blinking their eyes even girl also. But b4 that girl princy entered the class.

Princy : u all r came to 3rd year but now also u all have no responsibilities. U r the worst cls in this clg both academics n cultural. Disgusting u all r. after seeing ur behaviour I decided to close the designing course frm nxt year.
The girl in very polite manner : sir plz….its enough. Don’t worry abt them any more I’ll take care of them.
Princy : I accept u r working here frm last year but u clearly don’t know abt them.
The girl : sir u r believing me na?
Princy : mmm yes.
The girl : then plz chill.

Princy : what ever I don’t know u or them? He goes frm there.
Students all r in disappoint.
The girl : hello guys n girls r u all r not happy with my arrival.
vikram : not at all mam.
ganesh : u r seeing na? this is 1st day but see them how they disappointing us.
Neha : they don’t want to encourage us but atleast can stop their discouraging na?
The girl : ok ok ok….now be cool. U all know abt me but I didn’t teach u b4. So now I’m giving formal intro on myself.
The girl : I’m Miss. Pragya Arora. I’m ur designing couch. Basically I’m frndly nature so I hope we can be frnds easily, can we?
Students in happy tone : yes mam.
prag: how ever u all will not allow me to teach today bcos today is the 1st day so give intro abt u n ur gangs.
Students gives intro abt them n their funny activities with their gangs.
Bell rangs.
Students mam we will miss u…
prag : soo sweet don’t worry I have another period today itself so we can talk more then.
Students greets her thnq.

Neha : hey now also I cant belive Pragya Arora is our mam.
vikram : I heard that she is frndly but I didn’t believe that our clg lecturers also be frndly …!!!
ganesh : ya she is really sweet. I don’t know y some courage came into me after seeing her.
Neha : I too.
A voice : I think ur nxt cls started 5 mins ago?
vikram : sir u? shockingly

screen sifts to,
st. mary’s girls hr. sec. school
12 std “A” section shown.

Girl 1: hey anu miss said she won’t come after delivery then who is our class teacher?
Girl 2: may be any new staff?
A girl enters school campus in cool pink cycle. Then comes to class. Now what is ur topic?
Girl 1: hey diya ….hi….nothing just abt cls miss.
Suddenly diya turns towards staffroom. A girl wearing yellow n white half n half saree. Her face not shown.
Diya: hey I think that beauty will be our cls miss. Bcos I never see her in our scl.
That girl turns ya she is none other than our sweet swara.

(note: staff room is just opposite to that cls. But there is 20feet gap btw cls n staff room. Headmistress room is just in 5 feet distance. Their cls has 2 doors. In their cls there is 2 window in mid of window there is blk board. Cycle stand is visible via window)

guys plz support me. sure i’ll give importance to all pairs soo plz be with me. u r my strength. guys now a days i’m little busy so i cant update daily. but i’ll update in week ends. if i’m able then i’ll post before than that. By urs loving Aastha.


  1. Honey


    |Registered Member

    Hey astha u took too much time for this ff ,anyway the episode is super love u dear………….???????

  2. Adhya

    Hi..Aastha..how r u my dear?..I miss u so much..and I’m so happy finally u came back with another rocking ff..keep going dear…

  3. krish

    diiiiiii just superrrrrrbbb i liked their entry ya u r rockng dii nd wat ab coffee with astha!!!!!! ooops srryy diii waitng fr te nxt epiiiiii……..

    • Aastha

      thnq sooooooo much my sweet bro. coffee with asta is just 3shot. that finished. this is ff. sure i’ll try to post it wednesday

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