Salluzz dhamaka (os shot stories fan fiction) promos and prologue (brief post)


Hii everyone…how are u guyz…i already uploaded this promos bt to my bad luck,they didnt upload..anyways here is the short and crisp discription….

One shot stories:


A shadow is seen entering a room and takes some papers

Shadow:i reached..

Caller:thats good!get papers asap..we dont have much time

Swara is dragged by sanskar

Swara:cant u behVe properly mr maheswary

Sanskar:i was searching for u..i cant belive u in my house that toi servent!!

Swara:u mr..listen carefully..dont try to show off else i will disclose who u r

Sanskar:so u r thretNing me


Swara goes


Swara turns shocked


Its a different story;swara is a ghost..she comes back to take revenge from a man who killed her family which include husband children maa baba fil mil sil bil niece
Swara posses in the body of a orphan ragini

Rest deals with swara story how wilp ragini help her,meanwhile sanskar falls for ragini…..

3:saath janmon ke adhuri kahani,puri ho gaye iss janm me

Swasan was first born as janaki and myur in AD 996…before they could confess love,they passed away by drowning in the sea

Like this way 7 birth complete

They reached till mandap but get shot by bullet which takes their life

1996 October 26th

Temple bells are ringing,storms are concured kolkata city…

At a temple

Pandit:kaali maa….aaj,dho dil ek hone ke liye phir bhi ek hazaron varsh ke paas janm khiya he..saath janmn ke adhuri kahani puri karne liye aapki ashivard de liye

Another pandit:ehh bagwan…u make them separate for 7 births..and again giving them a 8th birth…kyun???their story of 1000 years,which repeats the history…iss janm me uske kahani puri ho gaye aavashyKTha he….

Crying sound of babies are heard
A boy and a girl

Lady:iss lakdi ke awwaz bahut achchi he,mein meri bachchi ke naan swara ne lagthi he..swara shekar gadodia

The name is heard and the boy smiles

Man:mera bachcha kitna sundar he aur iske sanskar bhi bahut achcha he..mein mera bachcha ka naam sanskar ne banegi…sanskar maheswary

2016 0ctiber 26th

Today they complete their 20th year..they are unknw to each other,they havnt seen each other….
Now lets see what destiny has played with them….the story of swara and sanskar…..

Sanskar was going to his destination

Sanskar:excuse me!will u say where is shekar gadodia house

A girl turns with a bright smile

He was memerised seeing her

Muskurane kii wajah plays in bg

Girl:go straight then left

Sanskar:thanks…ur name

Girl:it doesnt matter

Girl goes

Sanskar:u r my muskAn….and i will find u

Dp:ur marriage is fixed with swara gadodia…

Sanskar smiles…..
Sandkariti:dp uncle,that swara is just a middle class girl…i swear u will be embarrassed if u take out her somewhere

Sanskar:sanskriti…if she doesnt knw,then i will give her all luxury life…so dont worry


1:SwaRagini:dho dil,ek dhadkan

Swaragini are soul sisters….what will happen when bothfalls in love with laksh

Swaraglak friendship
Swalak dance
Raglak song

Ragini asking swara to confess her feelings to laksh on behalf of ragini

Swara ends up confessing her love to laksh…

Marriage fixed….

Swara breaks down thinking how she ditched ragini…..

Ragini comes to knw swara is marrying laksh….
Heart broken ragini…….

A joker entry….(talks rubbish,irritates ragini,behaves like a new mordern boy of this generation ….


SWARA KAVYA KAVITHA PATINEETA AND SAHIL ARE COUSINS,they share a verygood bond each other……

Ragini is swara sister,she is just 18

I will give a brief idea later……


Its. Obsession story…..

How swara will find a place to help herself saving from sanskar bt ends up in sanskar house…..

She have covered her face with veil…she doesn’t trust anyone regarding this matter…
Sanskar arrival at maheswary..swara hiding from him and last she tells her story to maheswarys…
Will they help swara or not….

Only because of swara,sanskar changed to a normal person from a spoiled man…..


Swara is a bengali girl,she always plays pranks on others bt is good at heart….
What will happen when swara plays a prank on sanskar who comes to her college inaguration

Her one single deeds changes the rest of life of both sanskar and herself….



Sanskar:u should not lift heavy objects

Swara:im kk sanskar jii….

Chitra hears this and gets tensed

Chitra:is swara pregnant??

He doubts get cleared when she get pregnancy testing machine

Chitra:i didnt accept this from u sanskar jii….i will defame swar with this…..

Priya comes home happily bt is shocked to see chitra cross questioning swara and sanskar

Swara to loss memmory forgets all about sanskar…bt stilp agree to marry him….


sanskR wins the challenge…he makes everyone proov that swara loves him

Uthar life in danger,sanskar is not at place…who will save her…
Raj to create troble for raglak


ragini:only u did this..because of u my whole future is spoiled….i wipl never forgive u

Swara:i didnt do anything

Ragini:i have gone to college and verified myself,it was only u mrs swara sanskar maheswary,who tear my admission paper

At sanlak

SanskR:just because of u my whole work is at sake

Laksh:i dont do anything

Sanskar:then how can ur signature be here…just go away from me

At godown

Kavitha:so our plan worked

Kavya:it was very difficult to act like that swara…..

What’s Next

They both turns Nd finds the boy…..

Im done with this….hope u all will like and njoy my all ff….

Love u all dears


Credit to: Salluzz

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  1. i want obssession stry of swasan…
    plz make swasan ff dat ghost waali stry…plz i dnt lyk rag——–san….
    u gonna write all dese os or u ask for selectng anyone frm dese????if its lyk dat den i would lyk obsession nd rebirth stry

  2. Please yar you start your new ff after you complete the old ones. As I just can’t wait to read the shades of swara. I just love that ff

  3. i loved it waiting for don

  4. Obsession story first…then rebirth and horror story

  5. obssession story..

  6. hii im parul new 2 here will u all be my frnd plzzz . salluzzz i dont know u r elder or yonger 2 me which doesnt matter at all matters what is ur creativity is mindblowing yaar. i love ur all os, ff just lovely just god se yahi pray krti hun ki thoda tumahare jaisa dimaag de dete to kya chala jata lol waise chodo i m very bakbak queen but seriously amazing stories i would like obsessed one.bye

  7. U r welcome dear….even i like her ff very much…..salluzz is just 21……i have chated with her in private msg…and seriously swara pregnant…i dont think so….and y is priya happy…waiting for horror story…all the best dear

  8. Parul…u r welcome dear……mee too obsession story….we need to put a name fir family naa…any idea regarding name…..???

  9. Hey diya…can u olz say where u chat with salluzz…even i would like to chat with her…..
    I want horror story….if its ragsan im very much happy….i love them…
    And bashers at first u all have praised ragsan pair when swara got laksh..and now changing colour…its not good…i dont have any objection regarding pair

  10. And no promo for hate ir love in revenge??we need that too

  11. Priya tripathi

    Where r u i m just waiting for ur ff n u give me promos i m very angry with u but ur shots is very very awesome plz uplode n plz don’t get me wrong as a friend i told u sorry for that

  12. Abirsha

    Everything are nice…. Pls update all soon

  13. Vyshu10

    intersting works…i liked d concepts of os 1,4 and ss 3,4 very much. Please upload girl with many shades ASAP…missing it so much

  14. Nita D

    Wow salluz…..eagerly waiting for those…… I gave a request to make…..plz write ur name in title when u post these so that i know that its by u….

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