Salim anarkali – Raglak os (forbidden love)

Falling for someone you know you shouldn’t
Trying to fight the feelings but just couldn’t
Falling deeper in each passing day
Hiding it in every possible way.

I’m a Tamil girl from a pakka traditional family. I love my family a lot.I am a introvert,I don’t speak much.I don’t have many friends too.My parents always guided me on what to do or what not to.They will give anything for me .But I’m always alone. Yes,they love me but busy with themselves.My mom hates love marriage with other caste. But she loves to watch love serials n soaps.Once,I got a doubt what if I ever fall in love??will maa accept?what if he’s not our caste??will maa hate me or she ll prefer my happiness over her prestige.Maa had raised up me as a good mannered kid.I was always praised for my Maas upbringing. What if she thought I wasted her teachings n charted her?
Can heart stop loving? Can it not fall for someone. Uffo all these are because of this book.She closed the novel she was reading.Ragini was looking at the roof n rolling over her bed.She thought let me ask maa once.She went near her maa n laid on her lap.They were speaking many things when I asked her that what will she do if I ever love somebody of other caste.She slapped me n said I’ll kill you n kill myself as I love you. Don’t speak like this ,I apologised n said that I was kidding.I went to my room.I saw my reflection in mirror.

It asked me does heart knows that person is of other caste don’t love him?? Does love sees caste. What love need is an heart.I cleared my thoughts n slept on my bed.

Every girl has a dream for her Prince charming,even I too had.his name is laksh Laksh khanna.I fell in love with him at first sight.I was afraid of heart to fall for him.Little did I know I already fell for him.He started speaking to me.He filled colours in my life. I just couldn’t stop loving me.Somehow somewhere deep down I fell hard for him.

One day, he proposed me.I was too happy.But sad that my mother wouldn’t accept it.I ran when he holded me ,he said he knows my problem n we would overcome it.Because of my blind love ,I put him in danger by accepting me.

We spent happy days.Day by day we started falling for each other very deeply..
It was fine day,but my even my last day of my life too.I was leaning on lalksh chest, he was slowly rubbing my head.He said don’t worry Ragini we will face it.

Even death comes I’ll follow you.Ragini put a palm on his mouth.She nodded no with tears she hugged him tight. She remembered Laksh proposal al,a small smile played on her lips. She asked laksh can u propose me just like that day.Laksh smiled not knowing real reason n kneeled down.He took a blade of grass n made it round.

He said
I know I love you
But I can’t tell you
I’ll bring stars for you
To keep them near you
I will give my heart
Where you will be its beat

I don’t know if I can keep you happy,but I’ll say one thing.Death or happiness let’s face it together as one soul ,one heart.

Ragini forwarded her hands n laksh put grass ring on her hand.It was simple yet love made it so costly than diamond ring.Love made everything. She hugged him n said I love you laksh.

Ragini went to her home.She saw her mother who was glaring her.Ragini knew she has to face this.She told everything to her mom.Her Mom said many words she didn’t mean actually.she said ragini to die instead being a burden n strangled her.Ragini was smiling with tears. Her mother left her n hit her hand why did I love you so much that I can’t bear my hand hurting you beti.Ragini said maa ,I’m going away.All problems will be solved.Ragini started coughing n vomiting blood. Her mother went near her n hugged her.They called Laksh. Laksh was having tears in his eyes,she smiled at him.He said saghi don’t leave me I’ll di…ragini kept her hand near his mouth n said no..Ragini mom said beti all I need is your happiness you can marry Laksh. I was blind in ur dadis belief .But today you are my life .She said maa my time has come.ur not at fault.

Few hrs before,
Ragini went to her dadi room.dadi fed her poisonous food.dadi said I’m sorry beti .ragino smiled knowing the taste of food.She smiled n said you won dadi.She left from there to meet her family.

Ragini remembered all her moments with laksh,she closed her eyes leaving her soul.when laksh soul left him.

Death or happiness we will face ot together..

Ragini was lying dead,with lakshs hand on her .He fulfilled his promise one heart, one soul.Their true love took them together.

This is story of their forbidden love…. She was his salim n he was her anarkali.

The book ragini closed is salim anarkali ka prem kahani(guys think salim anarkali story of jodha Akbar).

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