Salam E Ishq (Sdch) One Shot

Helo guys eveytime I make u guys cry in all my shots. So I thought before going for a break just make u guys smile

Let’s start

One fine morning in sdch. It was a busy day. Veer asked sanchi to find out that Kabir loves ria or not. Sanchi told him no she can’t go to the khadoos at this time. Today is busy day and he if I disturb him he will scold me and by the way Kabir doesn’t love. Ria asked her how she knws. Sanchi told her she doesn’t knw but who knws he loves someone like me. Ria chokes and asked sanchi never tell this too anyone. U behenji and he Kabir Kappor.

Sanchi asked her not to think much I was just saying that maybe he has someone. He is handsome, hot charming any girl can fall for him. Except me. Me that khadoos never. Someone was looking at distance. All looks at him and gets scared. He cums and glared at sanchi. He told sanchi really wat u think Kabir Kappor will fall in luv with u as if.

Ria asked Kabir wat about me I’m not behenji like her. Kabir chokes as well as veer and sanchi. Very tried to control his laughter but can’t. He laughs badly. Kabir glared at him and told sanveer record room duty now.

Sanveer went to record room .veer asked sanchi that who knws which girl will love him. I knw ria loves him but she doesn’t deserve him. I wish Kabir sir may fall in luv with some girl like u. Sanchi gave a fake smile. Sanchi was about to slip when veer holds her. Veer was not leaving her someone was looking at them and burning.
He left angrily.

Other side ria was in Kabir cabin. They were discussing something when ria slipped. Kabir was sitting on the chair and ria was standing. She gets sprained in her legs. She tried to stand up but cannot. So Kabir lifts her and make her sit. Someone from behind was burning like hell. Few hrs later veer with Kabir and ria with sanchi.

Veer was lost in sanchi. Kabir saw that and shouts his name. He cums out his dreams.
Kabir asked him where he is lost. Veer slowly says sanchi. Kabir heard that. He slowly went near to veer puts his hand on his shoulder and said veer wat happened to u. Sanchi doesn’t deserve u. U deserve pragya. Veer chokes and laughs pragya and me never. Pragya was hearing all this and gets teary eyed .Kabir looks at her and signalled not to cry.

Otherside sanchi asked ria wat she saw in Kabir. He is khadoos. How can u live with him. She told ria sometimes Kabir drinks and when he gets angry he beats pexpletive . Ria asked how she knws .sanchi replied kusum aunty told me. U deserve someone better than him. Like garv. Ria smiles and said that loser and me never. Garv was listening to them. He went angrily. Sanchi follows him.

Garv -sanchi that’s it now enough is enough if she doesn’t love me it’s ok I can force her. Thank you Sanchi Atleast u tried to make her understand.

Pragya -no doctor Kabir it’s enough veer doesn’t love me. I dnt want to spoil is life. Thank you atleast u tried. Veer loves sanchi my best friend.

Kabir -but

Otherside sanchi -but

Garv and pragya went crying. Kanchi feels bad for them. They cum eachother face to face and glared at each other and went.

In store room a boy is angry with girl. Girl asked him to listen.I love you and only u. I dnt have other person place in my heart. She cries boy couldnt see her like this. He huggs her and kisses on her forehead. And holds his ears. Girl asked wat r u doing. Boy replied I’m sorry. I was bit angry. I took my frustration at u. Girl asked him not to say sorry. Boy said I love you girl replied I love you too. They went.

In the night all went to Isha engagement. Isha makes wear him ring.they all claps for them.Kabir was lost somewhere. He took his wallet and kissed a pic on his wallet. Veer saw that.He slowly cums and about see pic when kabir close it and put wallet in his pocket.

They play truth or dare except of Kabir. Sanchi dare was to make Kabir dances. Sanchi accepts it. She went to kabir and asked for a dance. Kabir disagreed went out and sanchi follows him after sometime Kabir cums inside.

They dance on Salam E Ishq song. All gets shocked to see kabir dancing. And big shock for them was how sanchi made him agreed . Party was over all went to their homes.

Myterious girl sits on a swing .Lights gets off. She gets shocked and she gets down from the swing. She searches her phone but couldn’t get it.She panics and From behind someone huggs her. She feels him and stops panic. Boy asked girl not to scared I’m here. He lights a lot of candles and girls happy. She huggs the boy. They broke the hugg and girl told him she is bored. Boy told her not to fear when I’m here. He switch on the music from his phone. They have a romantic dance. Girl again asked boy and told him that she is lucky to get him. Boy disagreed he told her he is lucky to get her. They both sit in swing and have a passionate kiss. They moves apart and aftersome they sleep in eachother embrace.

Many days passed veer gets suspicious with Kabir and his behavior.One day he decided to stole Kabir phone. He slowly went near his cabin and saw him doing something in laptop. He thinks should I go or not. He will give me record room duty. I can’t take risk. He was leaving when kabir saw him. Kabir called him out and veer runs as fast as he could. Kabir thinks wat happened to him .

Veer runs and bumped pragya. Both fell down and they have a eye lock. Kabir saw them and closed his eyes and went. After sometime ria coughs and spoiled praveer moment.

Day after sanchi feels restless. Ria brings a cake for all. Ria gave a piece of cake to sanchi. Sanchi was about to eat just then she gets call from Jaya. She puts cake aside and went to talk with her. After sometime she cums back and was going have bite of cake. She saw ria with Kabir. Kabir was going with ria when he collapsed. Sanchi gets shocked and throws cake.

Sanchi runs to him. She asks him to get up. She asked ria wat did she done with him. Ria says nthing. I just gave Kabir a piece of cake. Sanchi asked did you buyed or bake it. Ria said baked it. Sanchi asked wat ingredients she added. Ria told her ingredients and last she told she mixed dry fruits in it. Sanchi gets shocked and slapped her. She told her Kabir has allergic from dry friuits. One dry fruits can kill him. She cries and shouts Kabir wake up. Pliz wake up for ur sanchi. Pliz Kabir wake .I love u Kabir. Pliz listen to me.

All gets shocked to hear her. Veer slowly takes out Kabir wallet and gets shocked to see something. Ria asks sanchi do u love Kabir.

Veer told her sanchi not only loves him but she married him. .All gets shocked including prasha. Veer shows them kanchi marriage pics which was in Kabir wallet. All fb shows myterious couple was none other than kanchi.

They took Kabir to ward and Malhotra gives anti allergic injection. He cums out and told sanchi kabir is alright but now is unconcious. U can meet him after some hrs. Veer asked sanchi y did you guys lied

Prasha asked sanchi when did they married. Sanchi asked them forgive her. She couldn’t tell them.Sanchi told them they married 2 yrs back.

She asked prasha did they remember I went alone to goa for ritu marriage. I met Kabir there. We fell in love with eachother in first sight. We couldn’t live without eachother. We called our family and told them everything. Malhotra uncle kusum and jaya maa came to goa and they made us married. I’m sorry guys i wanted to tell u guys but Kabir forbidden me.

Malhotra told them Kabir forbidden sanchi becz he wanted to make sanchi doctor without his support. He wanted sanchi to stand up on her feet by herself. He wanted sanchi to be doctor as sanchi mishra not sanchi kabir kappor. He went.

Prasha huggs sanchi. Sanchi went to ria and said sorry to slap u. I was just couldn’t see kabir like that. Sanchi told ria that garv loves u truly and veer my pragya loves u. Ria and veer went to their partners and hugged them.

Kabir regain concious he saw all glaring at him. He understood everything. He said sorry to them. Veer told u won’t get forgiveness like this first answer my questions. Kabir agreed and veer asked if how sanchi made u dance. Kabir smiles.

In fb Kabir was going out when sanchi calls him out.. She asked him to dance with her. Kabir disagreed. Sanchi started to cry and Kabir agreed for her becz he couldn’t see her tears. End of fb. All clapps for sanchi.

Veer asked another question If you love sanchi then y do you give her record room duty. Kabir smiles and told him. Sanchi always do little mistake so she has to be punished. Veer said woww a khadoos will always stay as khadoos and he salute at kanchi and said tumare ishq ke liye Salam.

Scene sifted to their faces.

Thet End

I dnt know wat i wrote. Sorry for boring .
Bye take care
Have a break till 3 months
Love you

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  1. Swethaa

    very nice dear
    light hearted tha loved it
    im going for vacation for 4 days
    so im also not able to comment but if i read ff i definitely hit like button
    enjoy your break dear and take rest

  2. So so beautiful and amazing story yaar………I love it so si much ……… u ashu darling………..

  3. Riyarocks

    Ashu………. meri suspense queen…….yet again, tune ek suspense waala environment build karke, kitne cute way se suspense reveal kiya………awww……….so cute…….jabra fan toh pehle se thi teri…….ab tujhe, ek standing ovation de rahi hoon, teri innovative ideas & naye concepts ke liye……….moreover I loved this a bit more coz, isme koi villain, koi vamp nehi tha……….& haan, come back soon sweety…….tere bina, yahaan sab kuch suna suna lagega……..luv u Ashu………bye……tc………

  4. Wat!!!! Aashu…..u shocked me….3months break… v will live without ur ffs…..if possible then come back soon…luv u

  5. Niyaaa

    ????????????????????????????………. hey ashi m itna aahi ki kya bataun.. os ki starting me mujhe hasi ialiye aabse jyada aai ki koi khud apna partner decide nahi kar paa raha dusra usse batata h ki uske liye kaya sahi h.. mtlb sare k sare confusing bande bhare pade h.. kasam se itna hasi ki ankhon se aansun a gye khushi k??… nd ashi itni chotti chuttiyon(according to u) pe jane ki kya jarurat h plzzz bich bich m aati rahna tere bina rehne ki aadat nhi h hmein… Lovvv u sweety????? bye tc gud ni8

    1. Niyaaa

      Nd jaate jaate hmara salaam lete jaiye or jaldi aane ki kosish kijiyega.. bye????

  6. Really,,amazing os dear nd plz dn’t leaving ur fntstic writings will miiiiiiiss u a looooot..

  7. Amazing fabulous outstanding perfect and ya it was not at all emotional and it was funny type u write amazing and ur ffs are just outstanding i have not read each ff of ur but majority i have read and they are. Superb enjoy ur vacation

  8. Abhilasha

    Oh my god!!!! This is called combo of emotions!!! Mtlb from laughter to emotional……. Smile to cry……….hate jealousy love ….everything was in this!!! Ashu I need an appointment with ur dietiacian soon!!!! Plz send me address!!! Like really yr ….what an idea!!!! I loved it dher sara!!! Luv uh!!????

  9. RuCh23

    ???? now this really brought a inseparable smile to my face ??? you know that Ashu? Youvwrite awesome is!!! Love them all and love you so much ???

  10. Loved it very much

  11. Khamoshi

    Ashnita yaar.. i will miss u.. plz come back soon as possible.. FIJI ko hamari yaad dena ? coming back to ur OS… it was fantastic awsm marvelous aflatoon… bahot achha. Lots of love and kisses to u… all the best for ur exams

  12. Anee

    sorrry ashu..actually i read it last night but due to lake of time…Couldn’t comment before but….now i’m commenting on it…..really it was outstanding….means no words yaarrr…our kaanchi is married behaving like strange wd others when they got to know about thier relations thier faces seems like see….haha…toooo goood….loved it….and plzz comeback soonn we are waiting for you…tc and enjoy ur break.

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