Sakhi Saiyaan (Prologue)

Bela is back!
For all those waiting for Cocktail, lemme tell ya, I think it is jinxed. Half of Shot 4 got deleted from my phone again. I am typing it out do expect it by Tuesday. Meanwhile, I give you a glimpse of another story I had been forming while I was on a break. Here is the first look of Sakhi Saiyaan….


“I WANT DIVORCE!” Lakshya Maheshwari screamed at his wife Ragini. She flinched at his tone and the contemptuous look on his face. He really hated her.

Lakshya had kidnapped Ragini and tortured her. Ragini closed her eyes in pain. Was this coming? Did she get too blind in her dream world full of his imaginary love that she forgot that her castle was made with sand? That he would hate her to such an extent that he would try to crush her under his car? And would then show no remorse and instead demand for a divorce?

Somehow, she knew that she deserved it. Swara was her own sister who she didn’t think of twice. So then why would this man in front of her, who never even cared for her, do? Ragini wiped off the tears from her face and from her husband’s outstretched hand, took the divorce papers. She took a pen and signed all the papers. Handing them back to him, she said, “I hope you are happy now Lakshya.”

Lakshya sneered in disgust. “I wish you had done this sooner. At least I wouldn’t have had to dirty my hands and my mother would not be in a hospital right now!” He told her. A line tear escaped from Ragini’s right eye. Maa got a heart attack after Lakshya was arrested. She was currently in the ICU.

Lakshya signed the papers and called up his lawyer. “Yes Mr. Das, the papers have been signed by both of us. Yes, she did them herself, without any force or treachery. I will come and give them to you, start the proceedings immediately!”


Lakshya heaved a sigh of relief as he drove through the sandy roads of Old Kolkata. At last that witch had signed! He was glad he was getting rid of her now. Granted, he could never get Swara back but then, at least Ragini would be out of his life. It would become peaceful again. Little did he know that in a few days, his entire life would turn upside down as old graves of the Maheshwari family would be dug. A secret that was kept hidden for the past two and a half decades would get revealed, destroying a certain Maheshwari and his pride.


The story is set during the track when Lakshya tried to kill Ragini but Swara saved her. Yet again, no maalkin track, my story would continue from the day he asked her for a divorce.

Do comment and tell me if you want me to continue?

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  1. Tigeress

    awesome, new concept…..interesting….loved it … next part soon ….and it is raglak na ?

    1. Bela

      Thanks Tigress……and yes, it is definitely Raglak??

  2. Awesome update please regulat

    1. Bela

      Thanks Aanchal, I will try my best?

    1. Bela

      Thanks Swasan???

  3. Mintu

    Awesome bela…!!! Nice plot…waiting for it nd ur cocktail shots..!!!!Post it soon dear..!!! I think ur xam r nearly..all d best….!!! Take care dear

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Mintu…….yes my exams are nearing ???

  4. My god bela…ur stories r always my favorites….this is so interesting….update soon dear

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Naz.???

  5. Eba

    Awesome Held
    Waiting for your next update eagerly πŸ™‚

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Eba???

  6. Shilpa-Saraj

    Wow… im really waiting dear…. hope to read further..

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Shilpa-Saraj ???

  7. Update next part soon I am soooo excited to read it and plz update cocktail too

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Ankita, I will update Cocktail first then this one??

  8. Akshitha

    It’s a different track…it’s raglak Na dear… Don’t seperate dem dearr??

    1. Bela

      Yes it is going to be different. And don’t worry, it is definitely Raglak. Thanks a lot Akshitha???

  9. Malika

    belaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome awesome !!!!!!!!!!! woooooooowwwwwwwwww really lovee itt. and it sound interesting alsoooooooo!!!!!!!!!! superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ..

    1. Bela

      Thank you so much Malika?????

  10. Berdilla

    Superb dear friend continue

    1. Bela

      Thanks Berdilla, I would???

  11. Awesome and mindblowing as always

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Megha???

  12. Your stories are always superb. Please continue.

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Mitra???

  13. Asw

    so Bela came with a another track of raglak ??? but u came this track of rishtha Purana tilte at the time ragini is so innocent & here maybe she is brave amazing keep going

    1. Asw

      What is ur meaning of ur tilte?

      1. Bela

        Sakhi means female friend while saiyaan means lover. So basically it can be translated to a lover who is also a friend?

    2. Bela

      Ragini will be brave, like she has always been. Thanks a lot Asw???

  14. Wow. I m fan of u r stories. I had read koi mujhe ko u mila h jaise banjare ko Ghar more then 10 time. Keep writing. Waiting fr another part

    1. Bela

      What? 10 times? You broke my record, I read it only 4 times! Now I would have to read it seven more times to break your record πŸ˜›
      Thanks a lot Mithu???

  15. Superrrrrr

    1. Bela

      Thanks Avika???

  16. Awesome

    1. Bela

      Thanks aleeza2 ???

  17. Ria

    Belaaaaaaaaaa, I would’ve missed this! ? Thank God you tend to write your name usually or else, what would I’ve been Fangirling on? ?

    Well, getting back to this, let me tell you shortly. I’m freaking excited. So, I’m waiting for Cocktail and Sakhi Saiyaan, both now. ?

    Love to Bela, the extreme vela! ??

    1. Bela

      I know. Fats once told me that Bela is Back sounds rather good, as it is almost alliterative. ??
      Thanks a lot Ria??

  18. Hey Bela sis the update was amazing……. Good to see u with another RAGLAK story n the story seems intresting…… Yup we r waiting fr Coctail……since it got deleted frm ur phone we did be waiting till tuesdae…..

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Soni???

  19. Asra

    Ohh bela come back with another ff….wow it’s interesting dear….ofcourse plz continue dear….eagerly waiting for ur update….tkcr dear…

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Asra, take care???

  20. AimRagLak

    ????Why no one understands Ragini’s Pain.Why???Whenever I go back to the old phases of this serial I again start hating Laksh.Like Really hate.Then I really wish that Ragini hated him right back with full force & Moved on in her life with a new guy after Kavya ditched him.Ugggh!

    1. Bela

      I sometimes wish for it too but Raglak are so amazing that I always come back to them.
      Thanks a lot AimRaglak???

      1. AimRagLak

        I Know right?That is why I always wanted RagLa even after everything.Never RagSan.And please you have to make her hate him right back ok? ?

  21. vry vry vry exited……plz cntinue asap n try to be regular plz…n ya waiting fr cocktail….u r one of my fvrt writer…

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot raglakholic???

  22. Awesome
    Amazing ????

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot abi???

  23. Awesome dear

    1. Bela

      Thanks Ammy???

  24. Interesting prologue dear and plz continue. Eagerly waiting for next episode, plz post next part soon with ur another Raglak story

    1. Bela

      Thanks Ammu, I will try and update soon???

    1. Bela

      Thanks Sindhura??

  25. Follybraverl

    Awesome Bela all the best dear looking forward for your ff

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Follybraverl???

  26. tëìtō kUn

    Nice Concept…..
    Post Next Part Soon….

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot tëìtō kUn ???

  27. superb bela dii..waiting eagerely for the next updates…

    1. Bela

      Thanks sultana ???

  28. sorry for the extra e…

  29. Rasha

    wow this amazing u r too amazing update the next to soon baby please…

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Rasha???
      I will try and update.

  30. Awesome

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot gayu???

  31. Dharani


    1. Bela

      Thanks Dharani???

  32. IQRA222

    awesome intro di
    do cntinue

    1. Bela

      Thanks iqu, I will update Cocktail first, then this one :-* :-*

  33. Bela, you’re back! Am I dreaming or is this for real? *pinch myself.

    Yayyyyy, you’re back, finally with a new story. Loved the prologue ? I need to tell my friend this, she’s gunna be so J (jealous) because I’ll get to read it and in fact I read it first because she’s out of country ???

    I’m so glad you’re back, looking forward for Sakhi Saiyaan. I wouldn’t have ever found out if one of my friend said to check TU out.

    Hope you remember me ??

    1. Bela

      Hehehehe Thanks a lot Halima :*
      Of course I remember you, don’t worry πŸ˜€

  34. Interesting and if u can plz write one ragsan ff dr

    1. Bela

      Thanks Vk πŸ˜€
      I am thinking of a Dil Ye Bekaraar Kyun Hai sequel. Up for it? πŸ˜‰

      1. That will be awesome ???

  35. Aasthu

    Belaaaa what are you?????? You are amazing dear…..I’m excited for this story…..plzzzz update soon…..

    1. Bela

      Aasthu…….I am a fat girl πŸ˜›
      Thanks a lot πŸ˜€

  36. its awesome…most say i am ur fan

    1. Bela

      Thanks wild rose πŸ˜€

  37. A.xx

    Amazing and always love ur stories dear xx

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot A.xx???

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