only for the sake of u (ragsan) three shots (part-3b) (final part)

Ragini is sitting and listening to music . she thinks , o god , how many days will I be in this hospital . sanskar comes there . he says ragini did u have ur lunch . ragini says sanskar , I don’t feel like eating and ya because of the operation my hand is paining very much.sanskar says u should have told me , I would have helped u . I have brought lunch wid me . wait and starts feeding her . ragini says there is no need of all this sanskar .but sanskar doesnot listen to her words . finally ragini smiles . sara comes there and says mein khilaungi . sanskar says aa jao . sara feeds ragini . ragini smiles seeing sanskar’s and sara’s affection towards her .

Yahan kya chal raha hai comes a voice . ragini turns back and sees the dr.neha standing there , ofcourse neha was her friend infact her best friend . neha says can u please go out mr.maheshwari , I have to check ragini . ragini says hi neha , I am alright . neha says ragini I am able to see how u r pampered by ur husband . ragini blushes . she says nothing like that yar.neha says I am ur best friend yar , don’t hide anything from me . stretch ur hand , let me check ur blood pressure , neha says tell ur love to him . why r u stopping urself . ragini says but…..neha says no buts no ,excuses . u r telling it to him. ragini says ok , I will try .

Sanskar gets a call . he says what r u sure inspector . sanskar comes in and says ragini . ragini gets interrupted who was talking to neha .
Sanskar says ragini , vikas met wid an accident, he was running from the police when a lorry hit him and he died , while he died he told the police that years ago he was the one who planned the accident of sara , happy that he died , he never understood sara , sara never loved him and he misunderstood her and planned to kill her ,that too when she was pregnant , I lost a child and my wife because of him , ragini says good things happen wid good people and bad things wid bad people .neha says ragini u r alright . be here today and tomorrow u can go home . sanskar says thank u doctor . neha says and han don’t forget the things that I told ok and smiles . ragini smiles and looks at neha .

The next day
Ragini comes home and sees the whole house decorated wid flowers . she asks who did all this . a voice says I did all this and the person comes out . he was laksh . ragini says ap , kab aye(when did u come).laksh says bhabi u , don’t call me ap please,call me laksh and I am really sorry that I was not able to attend ur marriage . ragini says its ok laksh , I know u were busy wid ur studies . laksh sees sara standing there . he says u forgot me ah and lifts her . sara hugs laksh . she kisses on his cheeks , laksh says ok ok , thank u for this kiss ,but the truth is u forgot me and tickles her . sara laughs and says chodo chachu (leave me chachu) .
Sanskar is in his room while laksh comes there . sanskar says laksh , how is ur studies going on . laksh says u r too boring bhaiya always talking about studies and business . see me , come to my college , u will know how many girls r behind me . sanskar says u go to college to do all this . laksh says leave that bhaiya . I have seen u seeing bhabi everytime . u both love each other a lot right . sanskar says I don’t know about her . laksh in a dramatic way says what , u don’t know whether she loves u ? what..? u have not proposed to her yet? Sanskar asks toh kya . laksh says to bahut kuch hai , don’t u know anything other than business , u r proposing to her bhabi .

The next day
Laksh says bhabi , sara is in the terrace and nobody is wid her , I am busy wid my work will u go to her please . ragini says really , I can never leave her alone , I will go . laksh goes and says the same thing to sanskar . sanskar says ok I will go , laksh it is seven at the night , who allowed sara to go to terrace , what will happen if she falls down or gets hurt .laksh says sorry bhaiya . u go now , fast .
Sanskar goes up first and sees the place beautifully decorated wid tables and chair and a board wid happy monthly anniversary , perfect place for a romantic dinner but where was sara ? just then sanskar realises it was laksh’s plan . ragini comes there and sees all this and says sanskar , this was ur plan to bring me to terrace , is it . sanskar is about to say no ,when ragini says its ok , I like it . I did not think u were like this . sanskar finds a vase full of roses on the table . he takes a rose , and sits on his knees , closes his eyes tightly and says ragini I love u a lot . I am sorry if u did not feel so , I like u a lot . my past played a bitter game wid me , but destiny gave me a beautiful , understanding life partnerlike u . I am really sorry if I hurt u . ragini gets stunned , she sayswhat ? u love me and gets nervous . she then laughs seeing sanskar still closing his eyes . she says sanskar , sanskar ,open ur eyes. sanskar slowly opens his eyes . he sees ragini smiling . ragini says actually , voh , voh , I love u a lot too , I was too and closes her eyes wid her hands . sanskar takes her hands from her eyes and hugs her . Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re plays in bg
Laksh comes running there . he says I am sorry for disturbing u both , I forgot one thing . sanskar asks what did u forget now . laksh says this and shows a music player . he says in such a romantic dinner there needs to be a song and a dance.
Laksh runs off setting the music player there. . chutiyan na chute muse plays ,ragini says yeh laksh bhi na and is about to when sanskar holds her . sanskar holds ragini close . they have a passionate dance . ragini and sanskar were very happy. sanskar kisses ragini on her cheeks . he says i feel u r the best thing that I have ever got in my life . ragini says I too think the same . I never thought I would get a life partner like u . ragini says let us have dinner and they have dinner . sanskar feeds ragini . ragini smiles . sanskar says happy anniversary . ragini looks doubtfully . sanskar says it has been one month , last month same day I married u only for the sake of my daughter , ragini smiles , that was the best thing I ever did in my life . sara is the reason for all this , she came like an angel in my life and changed my life completely .

Sanskar and ragini come down to their house after that . sanskar hugs laksh and says thank u so much laksh . because of u only I was able to tell my feelings to ragini . ragini says , ma , papaji , laksh , sanskar , sara princess all of u come here . sanskar asks what ragini ? ragini says today is our monthly anniversary and there needs to be selfie session right . all the family members say yes and they click selfies together . ap says sanskar ragini u both take photos together now . sanskar holds ragini close and takes the selfie . ragini smiles

Everybody go to sleep while sara comes to ragini and sits near her and says mumma sone chale . ragini gets teary eyed , she says u r princess ,only for the sake of u I married sanskar , u r my angel and u mean a lot in my life and kisses her , I love u a lott princess . sara says I love u too mumma and kisses ragini and they share a hug . sanskar comes there and says u both r very bad , u both left me . sara says papa ao . sanskar smiles and hugs ragini and sara and ragsan who married each other only for the sake of sara live happily ever after .

This part is a bit long sorry about that . Thank u so much for the comments u gave so far . sorry if I had bored u in someway . thanks a lot for reading this three shot of mine . keep smiling . stay blessed…….


  1. sinzo

    Fantastic episode …….sooo cute Sara….
    Ragsan scenes were juz awesome…..and lucky i juz love him….too awesome….

  2. Jasminerahul

    |Registered Member

    sanskar n sara feeding ragini was nice.vikas cu’nt troubl them anymore as he died in accident.relieved.thanku 4 clearing d past.vikas killed sara bcz she didnt luv cruel.very obsessed.if he had rly loved her he shud’ve allowed her 2 live happily with sanskar.laksh is so nice 2 play cupid 2 ragsan luv.loved their confession n romantic.nice monthly anniversary.rgini sara scene n sanskar hugging both was sweet.i luv this a lot n sad that its over.thru this ts i’ve started loving ragsan.

    plz continue ur ishra rivanya ff.plz.its a request.also post samar monica os

      • Malika

        |Registered Member

        Omg I hate you. How dare you made me speechless. How will I say my words. Awesome, superb, amazing , outstanding, wow. What to say……… And what!!!! It end. Aaaaaaah it was a very beautiful and cute shot. Please comes back again. …… Your writing skill is lovely . Must say you rock……. Love ragsan nd Sara from core. ….. Thank you soo much for giving me the link otherwise I could have miss this fantastic os. You made my day and you know what my friend also read this ff and they appreciate your work a lot. ….. I’m a following fan of yours yr. Stay bless and keep smiling . ….. You are an amazing writer. ……

  3. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Akka I hate u.. Apki itni himmat aap itne acche writer Ho aur Mujhe kabhi Ni bataya.. Hw cruel 😩😩. Ab aur mat chupana tell me if u ryt any odr ff.. Yaar aap bas superb Ho I’ve no words to say n that’s y I’m ngry on u.. Btw I didn’t lyk it I loved it n love you 😍

    • Varshini


      are vanshu gussa mat ho , agli bar se zaroor bataungi , tik hai . u told this one was nice , so u should give me my gift ok and the gift is taking care of ur health , take care of ur health nd thanks a lot for ur beautiful comment . love u a lott too . dont forget to give me my gift that is taking care of ur health

  4. Fairy

    |Registered Member

    Wowwwwww!!!!!wt an amazng endng dear…awww!!ragsan n sara r chooo cute!!laksh love u for arranging everythng so beautifully 😉 …atlast dey r together ..m sooook happpy..thnku sooo much for dis loveliestttt ss dear..plz doooo come back wid another story soon. Gonna miss u dr..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

  5. CAsush

    |Registered Member

    oh my good this was such a good ss….. i love all of your writings …… in this ragsan are such a cutie pie…… please write one more on them

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