only for the sake of u (ragsan) three shots (part-2b)

Really sorry for the late update guys , I was too busy wid my studies and then I got busy wid my other ff . I hope u understand

A man says ,I will not leave sanskar I will somehow get the contract papers from him and I know how I will get it and laughs in a evil way .
Sanskar unknowingly starts falling in love wid ragini .one day he comes early from office and sees ragini , he goes and hugs her tightly (tum sath ho plays ) he says u know , I got a profit of 15 crores today and I am so happy abt that ragini……just then he realises what he is doing . sanskar says I am sorry , I think I got too emotional . ragini says itsss ok sanskar . sanskar says u know , laksh is coming from America ,he has got some holidays , he did not even come to attend our marriage, ragini says yes I was surprised that he did not come to our marriage . sanskar says he was busy wid his studies at that time . saying this he leaves the place . ragini says will he not talk anything else , like a robot he talks what he thinks and goes off , he does not even wait for the other person’s reply , weird man
. After some days

Slowly sanskar starts falling for ragini , though he does not know that he has fallen for ragini , he has come to a state that he can do anything for ragini
Ragini is coming home in her car after her hectic day in the hospital . her car breakdowns . it was heavily raining . she goes out and checks the car . while checking she sees sanskar coming wid an umbrella . sanskar comes close to her and throws the umbrella . he dances wid her in the rain .
( bhigi bhigisadkon pe plays in bg) ragini feels very happy , she hugs sanskar and they stand there enjoying the rain romance . suddenly a car splashes water on ragini and goes . just then ragini realises , there was no sanskar there , it was all a dream . she thinks omg why am I imagining such terrible things. Am I falling in love wid khadoos sanskar .
Just then she sees sanskar coming and says no no ragini no, this is too much , why r u imagining such things . sanskar comes there and asks ragini why r u standing in the middle of the road it is raining . ragini pinches herself , she shouts ahh, it was not a dream . she says sanskar u here . sanskar says I saw u standing in the middle of the road , that is why I stopped my car and came to pick u up . u will get fever and catch cold if u stand here . ragini gets shocked

Ragini’s POV
What ? khadoos sanskar cares for me .am I imagining again ? no no,this isnot my dream . so what ? if a girl is standing in the middle of the road in rain , anybody will help her .
Sanskar says ragini come lets go to our home , I will call our mechanic to repair our car and bring it to our house . now lets go . ragini sits in the front seat . sanskar says ragini , I want to tell u something . ragini says what? Sanskar says u have never asked about my wife . u know sara , my wife , loved me so much , she was my life and everything to me , and when she died I felt like dying , I just lived for my princess and starts telling his past

Sanskar and sara (sanskar’s pregnant wife ) (sara’s role is played by cchavi pandey)are seen going in a car . sanskar says sara , I am so excited for our baby , sara says sanskar , wait for one more week , we will have a daughter or son wid us , who will disturb u so much , sanskar says omg then there will be three , three people to disturb me , one is u and other two r our twin children . sara laughs , she says u r too bad sanskar and smiles . sanskar laughs . a fast approaching lorry hits the car . sara cries in pain , she was terribly injured , wid great difficulty sanskar takes sara to hospital . sanskar faints .
Sanskar wakes up and tries to find where he was . he looks around , he was in hospital , he remembers what happened wid him .ap comes there . sanskar asks ma where is sara , how is she ? ap remains silent . sanskar shouts ma…I asked u where is my sara ? ap says sanskar sara is no more and cries . sanskar is shocked he cries , he asks ma what aboutour children . ap says voh ,doctor couldsave only one child . another child died . sanskar sits in shock . he asks ma where is our child ma? Ap brings the child , sanskar says yeh , yeh to bilkul sara ki tarah dikti hai(she looks like sara). He hugs the baby and says u r my sara , and cries .
Fb ends

Ragini cries seeing sanskar cry . she says sanskar don’t cry . sanskar says how can I ? I loved her a lot . ragini keeps her hand on his shoulder . sanskar felt a little better . sanskar says I felt a little better sharing my feeling with u . ragini says I have never seen u like this . sanskar says nobody has seen me like this , I am a very emotional person, but sara’s death made me arrogant . ragini says u know what ur problem is ? u don’t share ur feelings wid anybody , u share ur feelings wid somebody , either me or ma , or ap , if u share whatever u feel ur life will become beautiful . sanskar was just lost in her eyes .

Sankar’s POV
YES I am sure about this but how will I tell this , may be she does not have this feeling at all , what should I do?

Ragini’s POV
No , how can I be in love wid sanskar , I married him for the sake of sara . but ya I cant deny the fact that I am in love wid sanskar . should I tell him that I love him?

Precap: sara , gets kidnapped……

Thank u so much for taking ur time and reading my ff . please drop ur comments

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  1. Rafeee


    1. thank u

  2. Malika

    Choti outstanding nooo fantastic yr. Sanskar past was a little emotional. Yes ragini is absolutely correct . Aww ragini soo sad your dream is just a dream. Haha… But don’t worry soon it will be reality. Sanskar started loving ragini awesome . Can’t wait for next part. What!! The recap is scaring me Sara will be fine naa. And who is this villain. Who is the men who want to hurt my sanky. I will kill him. Control malika control. …..suspense plus very interesting. Update soon. Love you and your ff. You rock dear. And give me a hug for writing this beautiful part. Love ragsan. ???????

    1. aww di thank u so much . ur comment made my day . i am feeling very happpy seeing ur wonderful comment , will update the final part soon.

  3. Ragsan scenes are super…. Who is the person… Precap is too bad…waiting for next update eagerly…

    1. thank u , he is a business rival of sanskar . will update next epi soon

  4. Nice epi..

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  5. AMkideewani

    Superb dear❤️

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  6. Fairy

    Amazng story dr…..aww!!!ragsan starts feelng for eo.. m excieted to know how wl dey confess dere love!!!loved dis episode dr…n wt????sara is kidnapped..!!!oh god!!!hope ragsan wl save her….waitng eagerly for nxt part…..keep rockng n stay blesed dear 😉 😉 😉

    1. thank u sooo much di , will update the third shot soon

  7. Ragz_teju

    it is awesome…. loved it. .. Sanskar past was painful.. ragsan are in love great…. keep rocking dear

    1. thank u so much for reading and commenting di

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    Woooow superb dear???

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  10. awesome loved it

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    awesome…..its very very nice…

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  12. nice next part soon

    1. thank u , will update next part soon

  13. Jasminerahul

    who is d evil man in d beginning?hope its not laksh.Is Laksh having a past with ragini?sanskar hugging ragini unknowingly in happiness was so cute.RagSan rain dance n song was so romantic.but it was ragini’s dream.sanskar sharing abt his past with ragini was so sara ie chavvi was his wife.she died after a terrible accident n risky delivery.sad that only one twin is saved n she was named after her mom.will d other twin return as a twist?liked ragini asking sanskar 2 share his pain with them.both luv each other,but think that the other person does’nt have d same feelings.waiting 4 their confession n laksh;s entry

    1. no , di laksh is not a negative character here . he is a positive character . thank u so much for the wonderful detailed comment

  14. wonderful

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  16. Priya15

    Wow.. It’s brilliant… Aakhir ragsan ek Dusre ke liye feel Kar rahi hai..

    1. thank u so much akka

  17. Mind blowing

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  18. Akshata

    Great update!!!!! so finally ragsan are in love. ragini is dreaming now that was so cute. sanskar’s past is really painful he lost not only his wife but one child also. i think sara and sanskar’s accident was also plan by that mystery man who is behind sanskar’s property. waiting for their confession.

    1. yes the man is the reason for the accident and he will have another big secret wid him . u will know in the next part . thank u so much for the comment

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