sajna ve twinj ff part 9

Sajna ve twinj ff part 9
(Thank u guys for those who commented on previous episode love u guys)
Twinj room
Twinkle is resting on bed she is 6months pregnent now wid heavy belly n bcoz of kunj extra love n care she has become fat but looking more cute and beautiful wid different glow on her face kunj is sitting beside her holding her hand
K – oye my lovely golu plz drink dis juice

T – no kunj I don’t want n y u calling me golu ??
K – awww my golu don’t be angry u r looking like golu golu so calling u golu
T – u r telling me I’m fat na
K – yes obviously u r looking like big apple u know???? golu golu
T – kunj???? u made me like dis u made me pregnent n making fum of me go I’ll not talk wid u n I’ll not have anything from now
K – arey I’m sorry baby dekho khan pakad ke sorry okay plz talk to me
T – ??? but I don’t want juice now I want ice cream
K – no first juice den I’ll c if u finish juice completely den ice cream for u otherwise no ice cream

T – kunj complaining
K – twinkle have it ???
T – k??? n kunj made her to drink juice while having twinkle making funny faces n kunj is smiling looking at her finally she finished it
T – hmm now give me ice cream
K – wt ice cream ? Y ice cream??
T – u said me ull give me ice cream after finishing juice na den give
K – no I don’t remember anything like dat

T – ?????? bebe
K – abey chup don’t cry I’ll get it k n gave her ice cream
T – ???? butter scortch I love it n she eat it like baby n she finished it
T – now get me chocolate flavour ice cream
K – wt ? Again
T – ha that was for me now baby wants chocolate
K – no

T – ahha holding her stomach kunj got worried
K – baby wt happened is it paining shall I call doctor
T – no kunj baby kicked me

K – oh
T – u said no for ice cream na so it is kicking me kunj go n get now only
K – oh k den I’ll bring now only k n ran to get ice cream twinkle was laughing looking at kunj
T – arey babies dekho aapke papa kitne bhole hey but v got 2 ice cream na give me hi-fi n tapped her stomach
K – take dis n eat slowly k
T – innocently k n eat it ,kunj now pista other baby want it
K – ???? no

T – kunj baby ll kick me
K – let it be I listened to u when u r talking to my babies u r spoiling dem too???
T – oh u listened? our talks den y did u gave ice cream
K – vo vo u wanted na so
T – now I want pistha too get it
K – if u don’t shut ur mouth now not baby but I’ll kick u???

T – awww ????
K – now I want to talk to babies don’t disturb us k n kept his ear on her tummy baby kicked again may be it got to know papa came to talk to dem
K – arey twinkle dey kicked
T – ha kunj when ull be my near na dey ll kick like it.????
K – vo I c I love u babies n kissed on her tummy twinkle smiled
K – my cute babies I think mumma got jealous bcoz I kissed only u not ur mumma
T – awww no I’m not jealous I don’t want ur papa kiss baby

K – but papa wants to kiss babies mom n he went close to her face
T – kunj no

K – twinkle yes
T – someone ll c kunj door is open n covered her lips kunj removed her hand
K – no one ll come n kissed her cheeks n looked at her rosy lips twinkle shyed n parted her lips kunj sensually moved his finger on her lips n was going close to her to connect his hard lips on soft pinky lips n was abt to connect
Voice – bhayya bhayya hearing riya voice twinkle pushed kunj n kunj fell on floor
K – ahha meri kamar siyappa queen ??????

T – bechari look?? kunj r u k?
K – bed se girake puchti ho mey kaisha hun? ??? rukha abhi batatha hun tujhe
T – no no kunj ria coming here so I pushed u
R – arey bhayya wt u doing on floor
T – riya vo na kunj….
K – I’m doing yoga

T – wt?
R – yoga now
K – ha do u have any problem its good if v do yoga at dis time u know
R – oh??? but bhayya at afternoon who ll do yoga
K – I’m doing na??? now tell me y r u here???? bunked class??
R – arey no bhayya today is half day
K – y half day let me talk to ur clg hod how dey can send u dis much early
T – kunj today is satarday
R – han bhayya don’t u know dat clg ll be half day on satarday or u forgotten today is satarday
K – who told I don’t know I know everything kunj sarna knows everything got it now tell me y u came her can’t u come after 20 min

T – kunj?
R – vo I have work wid u so
K – wt is it? Tell me fast
Rita POV(bhayya is in so hurry I’ll take signature on my all reports n papers if he see my marks den he ll scold me)
Riya was thinking n kunj is busy in staring at twinkle lips twinkle giving him angry glare ,Rita saw kunj lost somewhere
R – bhayya sign on dis I’ll go

K – give n signed papers not looking at dem n twinkle saw marks on paper n looked at riya,riya signed her not to tell anything twinkle smiled looking at kunj n gave s*xy smile kunj completely lost in her signing on papers n stopped in middle

R – bhayya sign na
T – yeah darling sign n come to me baby ??????

K – yes my golu I’ll come to u ?? n I’ll not leave u both ?? twinkle n riya looked at each other faces kunj gave angry look to riya ,riya gulp in fear n twinkle too
K – wt d hell is dis riya? Again less marks on maths ? N ur performance is not good at all ??? angry tone

T – kunj leave na next time she ll do good hena riya?
R – haan BH…
K – shut up ?? n twinkle u should sleep now c ur time table its sleeping time so sleep
T – kunj but
K – I said sleep? twinkle slept like baby following parents instruction kunj covered her wid blanket twinkle was fast asleep he looked at riya angrily Riga gulp in fear kunj dragged her out of room n took her to study room n throwed her on couch

R – ahha bhayya
K – wt d hell is wrong wid u riya? From 1st rank ur coming to 5th rank n got less marks in maths
R – sorry bhayya???? crying
K – sorry I’ll not leave u this time don’t cry it ll not help u.
R – bhayya plz ???? don’t be angry on me I didn’t got much time to cover all syllabus so got less marks bhayya plz next time I’ll get 1st rank only

K – yes u didn’t got time to study but u got time to go for shopping n party wid mahi from some days I’m watching u riya ull spend much time with mahi n ull talk back to elders I saw yesterday u r talking very rude to maa I was in hurry so didn’t took ur class I just wanted to slap u dat time being wid mahi all d time u r behaving like her only doing party always coming late to home bunking classes n all

Mahi – kunj y u taking my name huh??
K – I didn’t told anything wrong n by d way y u came here huh?? dat means u were listening everything whatever happen in home
M – no y I’ll I’m not twinkle to do dat
K – y u r taking my twinkle name now just get out from here
M – k riya come wid me kunj gave angry glare to riya
R – n…no I…I’ll not..c..come

K – u go from here mahi she is my sister I know how to handle her u just get out?? mahi went from der n kunj observed something in her

Kunj POV(my twinkle is 6months pregnent n she have heavy stomach n this mahi I can’t get some day she ll be having heavy stomach like she ll give birth to baby like in week n someday no stomach at all n she walks easily n she goes to shopping n party every other day n my twinkle can’t walk fastly n shopping is far away she can’t walk in park also for more Dan 20 min she ll be weak always sometime I doubt abt mahi being pregnent leave it my twinkle should be saft dat wt I’ll pray to babaji daily n I should keep riya away from mahi)

K – so wt u telling ms.riya sarna ull not get time na riya was bowing her head down n crying
K – I’ll help u in dis k from now I’ll cut half of ur pocket money n no outings from now u should be in home after classes n no watching TV at home
R – bhayya sorry na

K – no sorry n I don’t want u to get 1st rank for me get it for yourself look at u ur performance is decreasing day by day n dat mahi ull always be wid her n she is spoiling u..
R – no bhayya mahi is good on…kunj slapped her hard across face making her cheek red
K – how dare u to talk me back I know how is everyone don’t come to teach me
R – ahha ????
K – go n get ur bag n books I’ll teach u maths
R – k ???
(Showing kunj anger bcoz I want to show something in further)

After sometime twinj room
K -???
T – sorry na plz I was just helping riya
K – dat only y she is doing wrong things n u supporting her waw twinkle good work
T – sorry holding her ears I’ll not do it from next time kunj plz
K – k n wt u telling baby to come to u ryt?????
T – vo..vo tho Aisha hey
K – so where v stopped first I should kiss on cheeks ryt? I didn’t completed
T – no on lips u forgotten kunj gajani when u were abt to kiss me I pushed u n fell on floor ryt???? hhahaha

K – oh so u pushed me from bed ryt n now I should punish u for dat be ready siyappa queen
Kunj went close to her n kissed her cheeks
K – did time u can’t escape I locked door
Twinkle locked her hands around his neck

T – who wants to escape my hottie??? n placed her soft lips on his rough one kunj was shocked at first n den he too reciprocate both kissed 10 min n broke kiss breathing heavily
T – kunj I want one more
K – wt????

T – hmm come na n pulled him n locked her lips wid him after sometime
K – u r becoming naughty day by day twinkle
T – y u broke d kiss huh I want
K – no is it chocolate twinkle wt if something happen to ur health no more kiss now
T – bebe????

K – shameless ll u complain bebe abt it u n ur mood swings twinkle sometime when I’ll come to u to make love at night ull not allow me n ull throw me on couch n when I’ll be at office ull get mood to make love n call me home n u…twinkle moving her hands on his face sensually n she removed his shirt n throwed aside n moved hands on chest sensually n pushed him on bed n came on top of him kissed his cheeks ,nose n kissed his chest n bites der making kunj moan her name n kunj turned on carefully he switched der position n locked her lips n removed her kurthi n kissed on every places n made her naked completely n he too got naked n came on twinkle n got shocked to hear snores n his wifey sleeping peacefully
K – twinkle thu mera sath aisha nahi kar sakthi uto na plz

T – no don’t disturb me
K – plz baby wake up I’m in mood now
T – bebe
K – arey meri maa so javo mood gaya n pulled blanked over dem n slept holding twinkle hand
At morning

Twinkle came wearing simple saari kunj helping her to walk she sat wid bebe n leela talking
B – arey waw twinkle puttar ur diamond locket n earrings r very good
L – ha puttar kab liya?
T – ???? kunj gifted me yesterday
B – isme kyu dharma rahi hey puttar
K – dat only bebe I gifted her babies for dat she didn’t shyed now getting shy to tell I gifted her diamond set.
L – wt???
T – kunj???
K – sorry

Anitha came der n got angry looking at twinj
A – haan haan karo gift saara salary isle her luta dho kabhi necklace kabhi bracelet showing ur money power to me huh? job mila hey isliye ithna attitude I have done ryt wid u by not keeping u in sarna office

K – wts ur problem Anitha aunty I spent my money its my wish wt I want I’ll buy for my wife I didn’t took ur money n I also don’t want to be in ur office n I’ll promise u in some days I’ll take over ur business sorry our sarna property completely wid all ryts
A – how dare u kunj??? u r showing dis attitude to me bcoz bebe written new property in ur kids name ryt who not even came on earth
K – wt? I wasn’t knowing abt it
T – bebe?

B – haan haan Anitha so u r angry on dem ryt its my property my wish I gifted it to coming babies of kunj n twinkle wts ur problem
K – bebe v don’t want anything
T – haan bebe kunj is ryt v have ur aashirvad n love wid us that’s enough for us n our babies v don’t want any property

A – wow was re waah kya drama karthe ho dono pathi pathni
B – chup Anitha n kunj n twinkle u can’t deny its my order n my wish to give property to kids u can’t talk in dis
A – wash uske bache potha pothi uske liye property aur meri bahu bhi pregnent hey uska baby ko kya

B – Anitha u have everything na den gift ur bahu n if mahi wants anything she ll ask n take it n she behaves like she is queen to dis house whatever she wants she ll do whenever she wants she buys jewellery n all she have everything but twinkle and kunj ll not ask anything n twinkle asks permission for everything she doesn’t demand for anything n its my decision to give gift to my potha or pothi who r u to ask its my property
Anitha saw cherry coming der

A – cherry beta idhar aavo na
Cherry – ho boliye mummy g
A – dekho na puttar bebe have written new property on kunj kids name
C – oh ye tho bahuth hee acha kiya bebe aapne
A – cherry??? it ll go to kunj is it k for u
C – haan g☺

A – kya haan g have u go n mad it should be on UV kid name na? Tell bebe to give property to my potha
C – arey good for nerthing mummy g I’m happy bcoz property going to our koon only kunj ka beta or beti hamare hey bhay tho gift dene mey kya galath hey
B – ☺☺☺ good cherry puttar
A – so u all mean my UV is nerthing to dis family I’ll complaint surjit ji
T – Anitha aunty plz don’t talk to bebe like dat

A – just shut up all is happening bcoz of u n ur so called babies n pushed her
All – twinkle ??????
Kunj held her in mean time n looked at Anitha angrily
Bebe slapped Anitha hard
B – thu meri nazaro se hatt javo Anitha went from der angrily giving angry glare to twinkle ,twinkle got scared
T – ahha kunj my stomach is paining ??? sobbing

K – don’t cry nerthing ll happen k
T – kunj…kunj wt if Anitha aunty do something wrong wid me n babies (scared)
K – no she can’t do anything I’m wid u na don’t worry
C – ye mummy g bhi na papa se mey hee inka complaint karunga, twinkle bhabhi aap teek ho
T – hmm
C – arey good for nerthing kunj call doctor here
K – ha abhi kartha hun …
Doctor checked twinkle
K – doc twinkle?

D – don’t worry Mr.sarna she is fine but aap logo ko unka bahuth kayaal rakhna padega ,unhe tension math dijiye
K – yes doctor I’ll take care of it.
C – I’ll drop doctor

K – bebe bcoz of Anitha my twinkle is in dis state
L – ha bebe iss Anitha meri kudi ki peecha nahi chodthi iska kuch karna padega
Usha came from mandir n cherry told her everything happened
U – how is twinkle kunj doctor kya bhole kunj told her everything
U – ha ha I’ll take her care iss Anitha naam ki musibath kab hamara peecha chodegi, babaji plz save my kids

A – mahi u should give birth to boy only den only v get property
M – haan g (POV jab bacha hoga tgab janam dungi naa but don’t worry mummy g I’ll not let twinkle babies to come on earth)
Twinj room
Kunj feeding food to twinkle by his hand n twinkle feeding kunj

K – twinkle u don’t worry I’ll be wid u always
T – haan kunj but when ull be in office I’ll be alone here na means all family members r wid me but
K – I can understand twinkle so I took leave from office
T – but kunj ur work?
K – don’t worry golu I have taken work from home
T – love u kunj n hugged him
K – love u too twinkle n love u babies???

T – ahha
K – wt happened sorry did I hugged u tight?
T – no baby kicked me
Kunj made twinkle lye on bed n kept his ear on her stomach

K – babies don’t give trouble to mumma promise me ull not kick her now from morning u guys kicking my wife she ll be hurt na babies she ll be tired so no more kicks today k
T – ☺☺☺
K – I said to my babies not to kick my siyappa queen k
T – hmm☺☺☺☺ ahha

K – wt did dey kicked u again
T – hmm
K – oye u guys have promised me na plz beta no more kick today k u guys should sleep now
T – kunj I want to dance
K – no??? u can’t walk properly u want to dance huh

T – k den u dance
K – wt
T – dance na otherwise babies ll kick me again
K – nachvalo mera innocent babies ka naam Lee ke
Twinkle on d music chikni chameli

K – dis song
T – karo na my chikna
Kunj danced on it having no option twinkle was enjoying n laughing kunj looks at her lovingly
Kunj POV (I’ll not let dis smile fade away from ur face twinkle I promise to be with u every time I’ll take ur care I’ll not leave u even for second now I should save u from mahi n aniths aunty)
T – k come ll sleep now
K – u sleep k I’ll come now

T – I know where u going
K – acha g where
T – tumne riya per gussa kiya hoga tho usko dhekne chal rahe ho n take punishment back kunj
K – sure I’ll talk to her but punishment is punishment its for her good k she ll learn lesson from it

T – hmm after some time kunj came back n twinj slept hugging each other

Precap – kunj got prank call n got stuck outside twinkle became serious n got admitted to hospital kunj trying to reach twinkle but its late kunj crying twinkle crying n one thing convinced dem

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