sajna ve twinj ff part 8

Sanjna ve twinj ff part 8
Kunj didn’t slept whole night n didn’t eat anything leela forced him to have something but he didn’t eat anything
K – maa twinkle
L – she ll be fine puttar don’t worry she said wid heavy heart
K – if something happen to her den I’ll die
L – shh puttar font talk like dat u believe in babaji na nothing ll happen to our twinkle
Doctor comes outside
K – doctor twinkle?
D – its miracle Mr.sarna both mom n babies r fine ur prayings worked 3 jaan bacgaye
Kunj hugged doctor in happiness n thanked him for saving his life
K – doctor 2 life’s ryt u said 3
D – oh don’t u know dat twinkle is pregnant wid twin babies
K – what twins n he became happy ?????
L & k – can v meet twinkle
D – after sometime she is sleeping now bcoz of medicine effect vll shift her to general ward den u can meet her
K – k doctor ☺☺☺
Kunj hugged leela in happiness
L – congradulations puttar
K – tq maa

L – now u go home n get fresh up n den come back until den I’ll be wid twinkle
K – no maa I won’t go anywhere aap jayiye ghar n sent her to home
Twinkle shifted to general ward she was sleeping kunj entered room n saw her sleeping peacefully he goes close to her n sits beside her on bed
K – twinkle tq so much for giving me dis double dhamaka n kissed her forehead n stomach
K – hey babies hi ur papa here papa n mumma loves u so much n taking cutely wid babies keeping his ear on twinkle stomach twinkle slowly opened her eyes n said kunj slowly n tried to get up
K – no need to get up twinkle take rest.
T – hmm kunj our baby is fine na?
K – yes siyappa queen not only baby our babies r fine
T – babies????
K – yes my dear doctor said me u r pregnant wid twin baby
T – wt? Kunj really ???☺☺☺☺
K – yes sweetheart ,u gave me double dhamaka offer of diwali yar tq so much nb kissed her forehead n cheeks
T – ☺????
K – n twinkle how u fell down
T – vo kunj der was oil on flor I slipped from der n couldn’t hold anything also n i closed my eyes in fear n ven opened eyes I’m here
K – oil how can oil cone der
T – don’t know kunj
K – I’ll find out who did it n I won’t leave dem in anger twinkle held his hand n kissed to make him calm
T – kunj take me to home
K – ll ask doctor abt it ,n u should drink some juice now
T – juice no juice
K – I’m not going to listen u better u drink it
Kunj gave her glass full of juice twinkle drank it making cute faces n antics vch making kunj to smile on her
K – n siyappa queen from today u should follow some rules vch I’ll give to u
T – wt is it now???
K – u should rest always n no jumping dancing ,even if u want glass of water ill give u u r not allowed to get up from bed n…
T – abhi hey???

K – yes n said some other rules twinkle was listening him like innocent kid noding her head in yes.
T – but d rules r very big
K – u should follow it without fail got it
T – k????
Kunj took twinkle to home
Everyone asked abt her health n twinkle sent to her room to take rest
Kunj lifted twinkle in bridal style n took her to der room
T – kunj whats d need to lift me every time I can walk I’m not baby from hospital u doing dis only.
K – daily I’ll do dis only now c after some months I can’t lift u like dis ull become fat so I lift u now only
T – awww ???? I’ll become fat den ull not lift me so Mean kunj
K – den what ull become like baby elephent c
T – awww??? n checked herself in mirror
T – really I’ll become dat fat kunj den ull love me or no
K – I’ll c yar who ll love elephent
T – ?????
K – yar I’m joking I’ll live only u always no change in dat.
Kunj came close to her n made her to sit on his lap n started to cuddle wid her pulling her more into him.
T – kunj??????? chodo plz c wt our babies ll think abt us
K – dey ll notvsay anything twinkle bcoz dey know dey r in ur tummy now bcoz v did all dis things
T – awww??? besharam
Kunj phone beeped
T – kunj ur phone n took it from table n gave it to him still dey r in same position
K – omg who is disturbing now n received call its from his office
K – ha hello sir tell me
C – congratulation kunj sarna u have got promotion n ur salary is tribled
K – waw days great news sir thank u so much. N cut d call n lifted twinkle up n twirled her
T – kunj..kunj ???☺☺☺ wt happened n put me down plz I’m feeling dizzy
K – oh sorry n made her to stand n he told d same thing to twinkle
T – wow kunj n kissed his cheek
K – twinkle salary tribled means I’ll get 3 lacks for month now
T – ha kunj??☺☺☺ .
Kunj kissed her stomach n said
Twinkle u n babies r really lucky for me ask me any gift I’ll give u
T – love me forever dats d only gift I want kunj
Kunj hugged her n took her down to tell happy news to whole family
All were happy unhappy was mahi n Anitha
B – kunj puttar c ur babies r really lucky for u
U – ha bebe is ryt
K – n der is one more thing I wanted to tell u guys so I assembled u here
B – kya huva puttar?
K – bebe someone poured oil on twinkles way so she slipped who can do it?n glared at mahi
M – I didn’t do anything?
K – did I said u anything mahi
M – no but always doubt on me na so I said like dat n u were glaring at me
A – my bahu can’t do like dis even she is pregnant n y she ll harm twinkle
K – I didn’t said anything to u mahi simply u started to give reasons to defend urself
T – kunj leave it na now I’m fine
K – shut up ,n maa take twinkle to room
T – no I’ll not go I’ll be here only wid all
K – den keep quite n sit der v r discussing something here na don’t disturb me n don’t interrupt in between if u do next time I’ll send u to room got it.???
T – k ????? murmured sadu sarna n sat der like innocent kid.
Riya – may be any servents bhayya
U – how servents ll go to twinkle room wid oil.
K – no it can’t be servents, n now only I’m telling if anyone accidentally or mistakenly done it accept it now only otherwise afterwards ven I’ll find dem den tho dey r gone.
Twinkle – tom n Jerry
All looked at her in shocked expression
K – wt d hell??? tom n jerry did it ,wt happened to u twinkle ??? I’m I joking here
T – arey no kunj dis ishan asked me vch cartoon ll watch Micky or tom n jerry so I said tom n jerry its good na.
I – ha chachu
Kunj slapped his forehead n glared at twinkle
T – n kunj dis tom is same like u n I’m jerry always I do siyappas n u r d one who get punished
I – hahaha chachi ???? u r ryt chachu looks bit like tom only
K – twinkle get up n go to our room now only
T – but kunj
K – no buts n iffs wait I’ll only take u der n lifted her in bridal style
T – kunj sorry na last chance I’ll not speak anything plz
K – no n took her to room n placed her on bed ordered her to sleep twinkle slept like innocent kid
Kunj mission started again
K – so tell me who did it?
No one answered
Mahi POV(dis kunj ll find out somehow now I should escape now wt to do n lookedvat pallavi ,dis pallavi is useless now she can’t do any work properly n she ll be problem to me may be in future she thot n smirked)
Mahi in Rita ear
M – riya I feel pallavi did it look at her face she is scared may be she did it accidentally only n looking at kunj anger she is quite .
R – oh yes
M – n she was in kitchen from morning may be she took oil from der
R – u r ryt bhabhi wait I’ll ask her
R – pallavi di u r d one lighting up diyas everywhere na
P – yes
R – n u went wid oil ryt
P – obviously yes
R – hence proved u did it
P – no?????
K – pallavi ????????
P – no I didn’t do it believe me plz
K – plz can u come near me pallavi☺☺ I want to give u some gift
Pallavi went to him smiling
P – wt is dat
Kunj slapped her hard two times she fell on ground
P – ?????? kunj
K – just shut up bcoz of ur stupid mistake my wife’s life was in danger he made her to stand n slapped again
K – get out ryt now
P – ????? kunj believe me I planned but I didn’t do it
K – wt u planned means thum usko luksaan pahuchne hi waali thi
P – but today I didn’t do
K – stop it.just shut ur mouth
B – chi how can u do it pallavi

U – tumhe beti maanthi thi mey per thu meri bahu aur mere potha/pothi ko maarne chali thi
K – I’ll give u 30 min time pack ur luggage n get out from here.
Pallavi stood der only crying
K – suna nahi in loud tone if u don’t go now den afterwards mey tumhe dhakke maar ke phekunga bahar
Pallavi goes from sarna mansion taking her luggage she promises herself dat she ll destroy twinkle for sure (sorry guys mahi ka sach bhi bahar aayega thoda waqt ke bash n I really don’t like pallavi character in real TEI uski kunj ki kaan barne si wajh se he misunderstood twinkle n tortured her so in my every ff pallavi is vilian)
K – pallavi jaise aur bhi log hey ghar mey if I get any proof against dem den I’ll not leave dem looking at mahi
All went to der respective room
Kunj goes to his room n finds twinkle sleeping peacefully holding kunj photo
K – so ma’am was talking to my photo n takes photo from her hand without disturbing her sleep n makes her to sleep correctly n he too sleeps wid her covering them self by blanket n hugs twinkle n kusses on her forehead
K – I’ll not let anything happen to u twinkle I’ll always be wid u I know only pallavi is not behind all dis but she was trying to harm u so I throwed her out of home I think mahi also wants to harm u if I get any proof den I’ll throw her also out u don’t worry ur kunj ll always be wid u n my babies I don’t let anyone to harm dem. N he too sleeps wid her.
( sorry for boring episode guys n due to festival works I was busy so couldn’t write other ff’s but for sure ven I’ll get time I’ll write it n post it love u all)

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