Sajna ve twinj ff part 7

Sajna ve twinj ff part 7

K – huh??? dis mahi na I hate her
T – kunj wt mahi di did now
K – really twinkle wt she did ? She was forcing u take part in competition n u r saying wt she did? I think she is thinking of some plan to harm u
T – arey just she wanted me to compete dats it kunj
K – chup egdum chup u don’t know anything abt her ,stop taking her side n dare u to take part in it.

T – okay pati deva I’ll not take part in r u happy
K – huh???
T – gussa kyu plz smile na plz
K – ull make me angry den tell me to smile huh???
Twinkle started to tickle him kunj started to laugh n hokded her hands followed by cute eye lock suddenly twinkle felt pain in stomach she holded her stomach
T – ahhaaa
Kunj became tenses
K – twinkle wt happened come sit here n made her to sit on couch
K – teary eyed r u k?

Twinkle cupped kunj face
T – sadu I’m k don’t be tensed its common in pregnancy na may be baby crying so
K – y its crying
T – bcoz its papa is crying dats y☺☺
K – kuch bhi come let’s go to doctor
T – arey I’m k now kunj ,I’ll rest for sometime den it ll be k
K – k u sit here n rest for sometime I’ll get juice n fruits for u
T – no fruits plz kunj
K – I’m not listening u just sit here I’ll be back soon
Kunj came back wid tray of fruits twinkle making faces looking at it
K – start eating now open ur mouth

T – I can’t eat dat much kunj
K – u have to eat it no other choice n made her to eat n he was working in lap top
Twinkle saw him busy in lap top so thot to escape from der ,she kept tray without making any noise n got up n moving outside d room
K – oye siyappa queen stop take u turn n come back here
T – sadu I eat it k now my tummy is full
K – looking at tray u have eaten 1 fruit hardly dat to not full n saying u eat all if instead of fruit I gave u pani puri n all u would have asked more
T – good idea bring pani puri kunj
K – shut up now come here ,twinkle didn’t moved from her place n stood der making puppy face
Kunj came to her n sat on bed wid her n gave her fruits again
K – now just shut ur mouth n eat it

T – ????? took piece of fruit in her hand n sat like dat only
K – twinkle eat it for wt u r waiting n wt u thinking
T – u only said me to shut my mouth m eat it na so thinking how to eat by shutting my mouth ?????
K – u r speaking too much dis days wait I’ll show u n cane on top of her
T – kunj wt u doing get up from me
K – no ways so wt baby u r teasing me huh n kissed her neck n bites der
T – ahha kunj
K – k now I’ll show u how to eat n kept fruit in his mouth n attached it to twinkle mouth n kissed her passionately
T – kunj I can eat by myself get up from me
K – so ll u tease me again baby
T – no baba

Ishan came n stood der n looking at dem widening eyes
I – oye chachu y r u sleeping on my chachi
Twinj hear d voice n quickly twinkle pushes kunj
K – vo vo ishan something went in her eyes so was removing it
T – ha ha ishan
I – oh I c tho aishe kalna hey kisike eyes much gira tho
K – leave it y u came here
I – oh I forgotten c , ha I remembered chachi c wt I brought for u ,u asked me dis na yesterday n handed cover vch has chigali n pickles n some chips
T – arey waw u r so sweet ishan I love u
I – I love u too chachi

K – oye give it to Me
T – no I’ll not give it is only for me n hided behind her
K – twinkle show me wt is dat n snatched it from her
I – chachu don’t fight if u want I’ll bring for u too
K – chup be n wt d hell is dis road side food pickle n chigali n some cheap chips ishan I warned u dat day only don’t eat dis but u r eating it n above dat brought it here n giving my wife too
T – cho na kunj
K – chup bachi jaise math kar its unhygienic twinkle u should not eat it n throwed it in dustbin
T – kitna halkat aadmi hey bey thu?????
Kunj checks behind anyone der
T – I’m saying u only kunj halkat kahika

K – wt ??????????? mey halkat aadmi twinkle wt u telling
T – ha thu hi hey halkat aadmi n chalak lombdi how dare u to throw my food in dustbin
Ishan starts to laugh looking at kunj face kunj gives him angry glare
K – chup ishan bhag haha set
T – y he should go from here idiot u r d one who has to go from here now
Kunj holds twinkle hand
K – twinkle baby look I’m ur hubby na give me respect darling
Twinkle jerks hand n pushes him out of room
K – twinkle wait y r u angry on me
T – tera halkat kaam sey tho angry hi higi na thu kya socha thu tumko shumma dungi
K – baby???? plz not here if u want u can scold me in room like u always do not here plz c everyone ll come n look at us

T – tho let dem c u r my ligally wedded hubby kunj so ven u doing romance u don’t care v r in public na now I’ll tell bebe how halkat u r bebe screaming
K – abey chup n closes her mouth but twinkle bites his hand
K – ouch kutti kahiki
T – wt u told me I’m dog n starts to cry ???????
K – sorry baby don’t cry arey bebe aske marengi muje chup ho jaa siyappa queen
T – ?????
I – bebe bebe c chachu making chachi cry cry

K – ishan chup
Bebe n usha comes der
Twinkle runs to dem n starts complaining
Usha n bebe gives angry look to kunj ,kunj gulfs in fear
U – kunj y ull make her cry
B – arey kotte ki puttar mere nu ka Santa tune
K – no bebe no I didn’t do anything
T – mummy g he throwed my food in dustbin

K – days not food its chigali n pickle maa its unhygienic for her health
U – wt u throwed dat I sent it to twinkle I brought it from near ishan school how dare u to throw it kunj
K – wt???? n looksvat ishan he nodes in yes
Bebe twists kunj ear
K – ahha bebe

B – unhygienic unhygienic ki puttar aa thu
K – bebe sorry leave my ears plz
Bebe leaves his ear
B – go n bring it now only
T – n I want ice cream too
K – no ice cream

T – bebe?
B – kunj????
K – I’ll bring everything k
T – ?☺☺☺☺ mey bi chalthi hun Teri sath
K – no I’ll not take u
T – be interrupted by kunj
K – k come
Twinj goes out
T – open door of car kunj does n she sits like queen n ordering him everything
Kunj POV ( siyappa queen I’ll c u later mood swing mood swings kah key mujhe apna naukar baba ke rakha hey but cute dikhti hey in mood swings)

T – kunj take left den right n straight n
K – oye road map chup I know address I’m taking u na den chup don’t disturb me
T – I’m saying GPS location kunj n stop here
K – here ha it is middle of road stupid girl
T – awww I’m not stupid u r stupid

K – yes I’m now be quite
T – sadu sarna y u r so sadu n sadu stop der I want to eat gola ice cream
K – no road side gola
T – 5star mey no gola kunj plz gola dilavo na

Kunj gives her gola n bites other thing wt all she wants n was driving car suddenly twinkle starts to move her hand sensually on his lap n chest
K – twinkle wt u doing
T – I’m doing romance baby n starts remove his shirt button
K – chodo yaar road pe hey I’ll allow u to do in our room okay
T – no I want u here only come na baby

K – twinkle ???? leave me plz twinkle made him shirtless der only
Kunj stopped car in side twinkle started to kiss him
T – here I’m not comfortable let’s go to home baby now I’m not in mood
K – but mujhe mood dilayi tune I won’t leave u now n he drove to der farm house vch is nearer to dem n lifted twinkle in bridal style n took to room
K – so my baby became naughty today n started to kiss her twinkle also stsrted to kiss him everywhere n dey made love returned to sarna mansion after some time
B – aagayi twinkle
U – twinkle puttar come here

T – g mummy g
Usha gave her diamond necklace
T – wow its so good is it for me
U – ha for u ,wear it tomorrow k v kept some pooja
T – pooja

B – ha puttar pregnant women should do it n wear ur shadi ki chunri n dress up like bride n tell kunj also d same k
K – bebe how can I have to get ready like bride u mean I have to wear ghabra n all no bebe I can’t do it
T – arey bebe mean to say u should wear shadi wala costume not my dress
B – ha puttar sahi kaha tune kunj pagal ho gaya hey chalo usha raani kaam dekthe hey
Mahi looks at dem n becomes angry
Mahi POV(diamond necklace for twinkle huh??? dis people I’ll show dem twinkle ll no more be pregnant tomorrow morning I’ll kill her n baby abb tho has subah ka intezaar hey kal pooja nahi twinkle ki death day hoga)

At morning
All were doing some or other work for pooja
K – twinkle get u should get ready now
Twinkle gets up n goes to wash room after sometime she comes out
Kunj was ready in his attire looking hot n he kept all twinkle ornaments n dress ready
K – come twinkle today I’ll make u ready n makes her wear dress n all jewellery
K – u r looking v cute darling ek baar aur shaadi karne ka man kar raha hey
T – stop flirting sadu I’ll wear chunar n come downstairs u go k
K – k come fast k

Mahi hided behind d wall hears der conversation n smirks
M – twinkle n ur baby fastly comes down now kunj just wait n watch n she sees kunj going downstairs n she pours oil on flor till stairs n she also goes down wid smirk
Twinkle comes out of room n going down she slips der n tries to hold anything but couldn’t n she slips from stairs,twinkle couldn’t hold anything on stairs n falls down rolling n rolling kunj hears her voice n comes becomes shocked to see her like dat n holds her but she becomes unconscious
Kunj becomes numb looking at her n tries to wake her up
K – twinkle wake up twinkle ,but she is not responding anything kunj becomes panic starts crying
All r shocked n crying looking d situation
Cherry – kunj come vll take her to hospital

B – kunj puttar calm down beta much bhi nahi hoga usko
K – bebe she ll listen to u na tell her to get up n speak to me twinkle get up na plz
Mahi – arey twinkle kaise gir gayi vll take her to hospital come
Kunj lifts her n runs to car n sits behind wid twinkle cherry drives d car to hospital while going kunj trying to wake twinkle up but no use he was just crying n cursing himself for leaving her alone in room
Doctor takes twinkle to ICU
Everyone is praying for twinkle n her baby

Kunj is numb to react anything before some minutes she was wid him but now she is fighting for her life
Doctor comes outside
K – doctor my twinkle she is fine na
D – v can’t tell anything now wait for some minutes ll let u know
K – plz save my wife I’ll give u money don’t worry abt it plz doctor save her n my baby
D – v r trying Mr.sarna be calm n pray for god
Kunj looks at twinkle from door she is surrounded by several doctor

To be continued….

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