Sajna ve twinj ff part 6

Sajna ve twinj ff part 6
(Hi guys thanks to all who commented on previous episode love u all sorry I couldn’t comment back n also sorry for not reading n commenting on some ff I was busy now I’ll surely read n comment n let’s start story now wid smile)
Kunj is very angry on twinkle he is holding some file n in another hand Mrs.Amritsar pamphlet he went downstairs angrily n shouted twinkle name
K – twinkle ??(in loud tone)
T – kunj wt happend? Y r u angry?
K – don’t u know y I’m angry? Huh?? after wt u did
T – wt I have done kunj
B – kunj puttar y r u shouting on twinkle wt happened?
K – tell dem twinkle wt u did wid my baby?
B – wt she did kunj she was weak so baby got aborted isme USS ki kya galthi
K – see how v all blindly believed ur fake story
T – wt r u telling kunj I’m not understanding anything
K – I’ll make u understand bebe she tell us lie she aborted baby bcoz she wanted to take part in Mrs.Amritsar competition
B – nahi puttar wt u r telling
T – shut up kunj do u know wt r u talking? No I haven’t done anything like dat
K – u shut up idiot
T – crying kunj no u have mistaken me I can’t do like dis kunj
K – just shut up n he slapped her hard
T – ahha vincing pain kunj n got another slap from him
K – get out from my home now
T – crying kunj
K – I said go( loud tone) n he dragged her out of the sarna mansion n throwed her out twinkle fell on ground crying
Here pallavi is v.happy watching it she came to kunj
P – kunj see her love is not true I love u plz marry me
Kunj looking at twinkle told yeah first I’ll divorce twinkle den I’ll marry u pallavi n pallavi hugged him ,twinkle was crying on road pallavi saw her n smirked
Pallavi – yes finally I did it yes yes n started jumping n next she fell down on flor in thud
P – ahha meri kamar den she looked at surrounding n said kunj den she came to reality whatever she saw is a dream n someone looking at her wid widening eyes dat is twinkle who came der hearing her shouting

Pallavi saw twinkle
T – r u fine pallavi? Doctor ko bulavu?
P – wt y doctor? N y r u here? U were in road ryt u were crying ?(she is not in her senses still in her dream world)
T – y I’ll be on road n y I’ll cry pallavi seriously something happen to u
P – no nothing happened to me, y r u saying me like dat?
T – den wt yar u were shouting like mad hearing ur shouts I thought something happen to u so I came here to saw but u were on bed shouting I did yes yes den u came to me n hugged me n said I love u ,marry me n u were hugging me so tight yar u were not leaving only so I pushed u sorry but wt should I do if u hug me dat tight wt ll happen to my baby holding her stomach
P – baby is still inside ur stomach??
T – yes it is inside only n it ll be der for next 8 months yar don’t u know dat? I have doubt dat u learnt medical correctly or not..wt u want to say tell me correctly
P – but it went na?? Mrs.Amritsar compitstation n participation n ??
T – are u mad how my baby ll compete in Mrs.Amritsar compitation n it didn’t went anywhere it is wid me here se showing her stomach n I think u should rest now pallavi sleep for some time okay I think ur mental stability is not good that’s why u behaving like dat
P – wt I’m perfectly alright n u plz go out from my room now
T – k I’ll go who wants to stay wid u she went outside

Twinkle POV( I thot pallavi kept eye on my kunj but she kept eye on me also chi chi how she hugged me n asking me to marry her I should tell it to kunj may be she had gone mad after getting tight slap from kunj ha dis wt happened kunj slapped her very hard na so it affected her brain may be bechari khud hi doctor hey uske liye bhi ek doctor appoint karna padega abb)
Kunj came n back hugged her
T – pallavi leave I can’t marry u
Kunj got confused n turned twinkle
T – oh kunj u
K – den who can hug u like dis huh?
T – pallavi kunj
K – what pallavi oh may be she asked forgiveness from u ryt?so she hugged u may be its nice but y r u tensed for dat
T – no kunj not like dat,she said me I love u n asked me to marry her
K – wt ???????
T – don’t laugh kunj n u know wt she told next
K – controlling his laugh wt???
T – she said dat our baby went to compete in Mrs.Amritsar competation ?? u only tell me how it can go its inside my stomach ns???
K – laughing loud ?????? thumhe bhi confusion hey kya
T – kunj ?? no I’m confident dat baby is in my stomach only doctor showed me in scanning also n u know wt kunj I think pallavi is not mentally stable so she is doing dis all thing u slapped her na so she bacame mad I think
K – leave it baby don’t think abt her now
T – hmm k ,den u sit here I’ll bring something for u to eat

Kunj pulls her close to him
K – be wid me only now I don’t want to eat anything now I juut want to eat u darling
T – aww kunj yesterday night only u eat me
K – acha g k n tell me now wt doctor told abt u n baby
T – v both r fine kunj
K – good darling n show me reports .she showed him scanning reports n everything
T – kunj I have said u to bring chocolates ryt where it is?
K – oh my god twinki I forgot yar
T – bebe??? shouting
K – y r u crying n shooting like dis ha n wt bebe for everything
T -???? shut up u idiot can’t u bring chocolate to ur pregment wife
K – wt I’m idiot ???
T – yes u r,y u didn’t brought my chocolates den go now only n bring otherwise I’ll complaint mummy g n bebe
K – meri maa chup ho jaa
T – den bring chocolates
K – I know u siyappa queen I brought chocolate box for u take dis giving her chocolate box
T – awww ???? thank u so much kunj u r so sweet n kissed his cheeks
Twinkle started to eat chocolates like baby kunj went to washroom to get freshen up after sometime he came out n shocked to see twinkle she is eating chocolate like baby eats n chocolate smeared all over her lips
K – twinkle what is dis?
T – dis is chocolate kunj
K – I know dat my sweetheart look at ur face ,can’t u eat chocolate correctly
Twinkle to look at her face in mirror
T – oh I’ll go wash room n wash my face k
Kunj pulled her n said her to give him his share of chocolate
T – see der r many chocolates na take it
K – but my share is wid u I want dat only
T – where kunj

Kunj showed her lips see here is my share I want it now only
T – shying kunj thum bi na leave me???? n tried to escape from der kunj held her n pinned her to d wall n sucked her lip area n captured her lips in sweet kiss after 10 min dey broke kiss
K – wow chocolate is really v tasty na I want to have it again he took piece of chocolate n kept in twinkle mouth n he bites chocolate from other side n he pulled her by waist pulling her more close to him n cuddled wid her
T – kunj chodo
T – stop cuddling now leave me plz
K – no I won’t

Suddenly twinkle vomited on kunj
K – wt d??
T – I told u to stop na so its not my mistake now go n take bath u smell bad chi yack go from here
K – I’ll c u afterwords siyappa queen romance karna nahi tho bolna tha na vomit ki
T – started to cry ?????
K – baby y u crying sorry k jitna vomit karna hey karo okay no problem but plz stop crying twinkle started to cry more
K – stop now don’t cry
T – oye who r u to tell me not to cry huh I don’t have freedom to cry also now ,wait I’ll tell bebe
K – oh may be its mood swings okay baby cry k I’ll not stop u cry as much as u want
T – wt kind of husband r u huh??? y u telling me to cry I dont want to cry wait kunj I’ll complain bebe n went out of room
K – ye kya hey yar kaisa mood swing hey iss ki if I say don’t cry den also she ll complian bebe n if I say cry den also she ll complain bebe,bebe naam ki trump card use ksrke mujhe darathi hey siyappa queen

Next scene mahi slapped pallavi
P – ahha how dare u to slap me??
M – mad instead of executing plan u were sleeping n dreaming abt our plan.bevakoof kahi ki bcoz of u plan flopped I told u to follow her but u were sleeping idiot
P – k next time ll do
M – abb Jo karna hey mey karungi first she have to take part in Mrs.Amritsar compitation den I’ll do something
P – but ll she take part in it
M – yes if i say her she ll take part in it.she took pamphlet n went to twinj room

Twinj room
Twinkle was sitting in room watching TV
M – hey twinkle
T – smiling di come
M – watching serial ha
T – ha just for time pass kunj not allowing me to do any work so simply watching TV di n do u want anything di? ?
M – ha twinkle look at dis pamphlet
T – Mrs.Amritsar copmpitations pamphlets
M – ha today ll go n register k
T – no di I dont want to take part in it
M – but y twinkle
T – not interested n also kunj ll not give me permission so
M – y he can’t give permission see twinkle he is controlling u n ordering u not take part in it
T ,- no di not like dat all for my good he is saying my health ll not be good sometimes na so
M – come on twinkle see take dis form n fill it I’ll submit today k
T – no di mahi gave her form forcefully n tell her to fill kunj came n saw dis
K – kya chal raha hey haha?

Twinkle hided form behind nothing kunj just v were talking
K – I can see dat give me dat form twinkle gave him kunj gave it back to mahi
K – she said na she don’t want to take part y u forcing her huh?? may be ur another plan ryt
T – no kunj di just interrupted by kunj
K – u just shut up now I heard everything n mahi go out from my room ryt now
M – I’ll talk to u afterwords twinkle bye

To be continued

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  3. Awesome episode

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    Oh thank gosh that precap was a dream ??
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