Sajna ve twinj ff part 5

Sajna ve twinj ff part 5
At night
Ishan wasn’t having food twinkle made him to eat n he was angry wid his mom she didn’t took him outside
Ishan – no I’ll not sleep wid mumma I’m angry wid her
Nikki – sorry baby tomo ll definetly take u
Twinkle – ha ishan dekho mumma saying sorry no go n sleep now
Kunj – ha bhay kitna nakhare dikhayga thu..I’m seeing u from 2 hours u r not ready to leave my wife now u go n sleep wid ur mom n I’ll take my wife to my room to sleep k
Ishan – wt is dis chachu ull be always behind my chachi n ull daily take her room early at night I wonder wt u guys do der n yesterday night I cane to ur room I heard some noises do u people play games at night chachi I’ll also join u na
All became shocked listening to his talks n looked at kunj
K – wt ull join shut up n y u came to our room at dat time
Ishan – to sleep wid chachi but couldn’t come inside bcoz mumma took me wid her but today I’ll sleep sid chachi.
K – what???? no u sleep wid ur mom only
T – chup kunj…k ishan baby u sleep wid me only k come now n she took ishan to room n made him to lye middle of dem

Kunj POV(my twinkle taking good care of ishan n ven our baby ll come she ll take double care I just want to see dat moment soon, me n twinkle wid our baby a happy family, n now how can I sleep yar ishan is lying middle to us n I can’t sleep without cuddling twinkle)
K – ishan mom brought new chocolate for u she took it to ur room just now I saw it
I – wt really chachu ,den I’ll sleep wid mumma only good night chachu n chachi n ran away from der
Kunj locked d door n looked at twinkle
T – tum bhi na kunj u r also acting like small baby now days.
K – den wt to do yar u know na without cuddling u I can’t sleep
T – awww my lovely hubby???

Kunj gave her tablets
K – twinkle now change ur dress to night dress still u wearing dis heavy dress
T – kunj I’m not in mood to Change let me sleep like dis only na
K – no twinkle I can’t allow u to sleep like dat
T – kunj Im going to take bath now
K – wt now but y
T – its my wish sadu sarna
K – k den I’ll also join u n help u in taking bath n goes close to her

Twinkle pushes kunj on bed n says no I’ll not allow u to come with me,I want to take bath alone don’t disturb me
K – siyappa queen yesterday today morning u were inviting me to take bath wid u but et happened now n I promise baby I’ll not disturb u I’ll stand in side quietly n u take bath k baby
T – no baby u sit quietly here only I’ll come in some time ,n baby I have one offer to u from one week u r asking permission to drink na k but drink only 1 peg not more Dan dat otherwise u know wt I’ll do wid u
K – my lovely wify tq so much yar ???u go n take bath n come slowly k
T – wine mila tho wife ko bolega jaldi math aavo abb thak tho nahi chod rahe they but remember only one
Kunj handed her ,her clothes n bath robe n sent her inside bathroom

Kunj checked whole room but he didn’t got his wine bottle any where
Twinkle from inside bathroom
T – kunj my baby u didn’t got ur bottles yet ryt?
K – yes yar searching it only but no finding
T – ull not get also bcoz ur wine bottles r not der I throwed it yesterday only
K – wt huh???? y u throwed it outside n when u know its not here y u gave permission to drink it
T – do dat ull leave me alone to take bath my plan worked???? ha hahaha
K – siyappa queen kahi ki come outside I’ll c u n he looked at his ice cubes vch he brought now to put in drink he took it in hand told sorry yar simply I brought u here ull get wasted now n he thot something n told no I’ll not let u waste I’ll put u in better place now n smirked naughtyly
T – in sweet voice baby u didn’t gave my clothes give me na plz
K – no if u want come n take
Twinkle in bathrobe peeped outside d room didn’t found kunj she thot he is outside may be so she slowly went near wardrobe to get her clothes she was looking hot with wet hair and her legs n hands r wet ,water droplets r falling from her wet hairs kunj came der n back hugged her n turned her around got mesmerized looking at her natural beauty twinkle slightly pushed him n was above to escape but kunj held her wrist n pulled her towards him self
T – kunj chodo na??
K – no today I won’t leave u ,u cheated me baby ,n u throwed my wine bottles,u should pay for it now
T – kunj see na baby telling u to leave his mumma, n that throwing bottles not done by me kunj it’d baby who did I mean mood swing u know

Kunj held her waist n pulled her close to him
K – siyappa thu karthi hey aur naam lethi hey bechara baby ka huh? wait let me ask baby only n he kept ears on twinkle stomach n talked to baby like is it real baby see ur mom is taking ur name for all siyappa she have done is it fact or she lying tell me
K – vo a is a hey chotu baby wait I’ll c her now
T – wt happened
K – baby told me everything ,dat it is not part of any siyappas , even it told u not to do dis thing his/her pappa but u did
T – awww lier my baby didn’t told anything to u ,it ll talk only to me bcoz it is inside me
K – it ll talk to me bcoz of me it went inside ur stomach so
T – awww??
K – now its ur punishment time get ready Mrs.sarna n he looked at her rosy lips n connected his lips wid her both were kissing wid love n passion twinkle started to raffle his hair n kunj hand went to waist pulling her more towards him n inndat time he opened bath robe within no time bath robe have fallen on one side dey broke d kiss after abt 15 min breathing heavily twinkle is shocked to look at her state she was standing only in 2 piece kunj lokked at her from top to bottem teasing her n making her shy more
T – kunj leave me
K – not now ,der is no chance u to escape from me now ,be ready to pay now Mrs twinkle kunj sarna n lifted her in bridal style n place her on bed den he took ice cube tray n took one ice ccube in his mouth n placed it on her navel n started to rub it der twinkle started to moan his name making him to go more crazy on her he rubbed ice cube on her inner thighs dis time twinkle moaned his name loudly
T – kunj…. Stop ur sweet torture ahha kunj
K – no baby abhi tho start kiya hey der r so many ice cubes yet see n he continued his sweet torture again twinkle couldn’t take it further she switched position n came on top of him n removed his shirt she also did same wid him kunj was shocked seeing sherni twinkle he switched der position again n came on top of her
K – I cant wait to have u now
T – same here???

At morning
Twinkle was resting her head on kunj chest ,kunj sleep got disturbed due to sun rays he looked at his wife lovingly n kissed on her forehead
T – good morning kunj stretching her Aram’s
K – good morning wify I’ll be back in sometime k I’m going for jogging
T – k n kissed on his cheek
Twinkle was going to wash room she felt dizzy n stumbled bit kunj holder her
K – wt happened twinkle r u fine?I’ll not go any where k come n rest for sometime
T – oh kunj don’t worry its common in pregnancy n u go for jogging I’m okay n she assured him she is fine kunj goes to walking
Twinkle got freshen up n make kunj things ready n went to downstairs pallavi saw her coming
T – good morning pallavi how r u? Shall I take u to dentist?
P – I’m fine only y r u asking like dis n y should I go to dentist
T – bcoz u got tight slap from kunj na I thot u got tooth ache now n see ur cheeks have got marks too aww dey r so red pallavi see n touched it pallavi vinced in pain
P – twinkle just shut up in loud tone don’t show ur attitude to me got it see wt I’ll do now n abt dis slap ha kunj gave me its k at least in dat reason He touched me
T – chi pallavi ki bachi next time if u do anything to harm my baby or me kunj ll kick u out of dis home dat time tell at least kunj kicked me ????
P – u???
T – u don’t know who I’m , I’m kunj’s wife now give me side don’t waste my time n she moved away
M – subh subh apni bejathi achi karli tumne
P – shut up I can’t tolerate dis twinkle now n u told me dat ull tell me some plan et is it
M – yes plan is it is muted from dis twinkle baby ll also die by her hand only n kunj start to hate her n both smirked
Kunj was going to office n told twinkle he ll be late today so she has to go for her check up wid bebe or usha twinkle nooded her head pallavi listened it n smirked
Pallavi POV( now I’ll use my medical knowledge to take away ur happiness from u n smirked)

Precap – kunj is hell angry on twinkle n slapped her hard across d face twinkle is crying n telling him to trust her kunj shouting on her n throwed her out of home.
(Wt happened so dat kunj is angry on his twinkle ,n slapped her?? twinkle crying???? do really twinj got separated keep thinking n comment )

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  1. Heyy pls don’t make us think too much and post soooonnnn loved every bit of it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Superb episode dear…
    Loved it very much??
    Twinj romance was awsm….
    U just nailed it dear.
    But precap came as a shock to me??
    It was so scary..Why kunj slapped his twinkle…and throwed her out of the house too??
    I think it’s due to pallavi evil plan..I think twinkle suffered from miscarriage due to mahi’s and pallavi’s plotting…Hate both of them??????
    But atleast kunj should have trusted twinkle…..
    Plzzz don’t seperate our lovely twinj…And if they will be seperated then I know it will not last longer…
    Plzzz post soon..u ended in suspense…
    I am dying to read it’s next part…
    Plzzzz do post soon
    Love u loads..

  3. SidMin23

    Twinj romance was ?? but Precap is scare why kunj Slap her it means what ever Pallavi plan does it work hope not wait for twist and turn.

  4. Presha

    Loved it

  5. Awesome episode dear
    bechare twinj separate ho jayege …..plzzz aesa mat kr na
    post soon dear
    luv u

  6. Twinj2000

    That was so awesome ??❤️❤️❤️
    Hot twinj romance with cold ice???????
    What r they gonna do ?Precap is so scary ??
    Post soon

  7. sry sry yashu mne tera reply ab dekha yrrr

    hmm vo hi to jab koi hamare barre me sochta h to hume bhi sochna chahiye tune sahi bola exam to ek jayega dusra aayega ….
    hmmm vacancy to sahi h vese UP me iss barr lekin me hamesha delhi se fill krti thi lekin iss barr UP se karugi vacancy ko dekhte huve?????

    hahahaha bataugi kya kya baate ki bhai & bhabhi ne aur kya kya qns. puche???????

    hmm meri baat yaad rakhna tension nhi lene ka ok
    best ok luck dear
    me daily wish krti hu tere liye to god ek din to jaroor sunega????
    luv u dear???????????????

    1. thank for wishes! arey mai smjh gyi thi tune fill kr diya h up se!
      or yr teko pta h is bar po ke exams me ek benefit h ho skta h jyada cut off na jaye because po mains ki date Gate ke exam ke sath clash ho rhi h toh is bar kafi students ni fill kiya hoga po jo cat ki tyari kr rhe honge!
      ab dekhte h exam kesa h aata h ho skta h exam tough kr de ye log !
      let c
      luv bye

  8. Kiya1234

    Uffff Anusha I became fan of you yaad ????????????I really loved your all ff like damn loved and your naughtiness of Kunj that you showed I m loving it ????????I want some more twinj happy and love moments well episode superb as always ????????
    Plz post soon and don’t separate twinj I T:I don’t want to see twinj parenthood in your ffs

  9. *mtlab UP se fill kr diya h
    me bol rahi thi karugi ????

  10. I don’t think that twinj really got separated.
    Hope i’m right.
    BTW nice episode.
    post soon this time.

  11. wow yr romance was outstanding but precap is shocking
    plz post next soon we can’t wait
    luv u

  12. Amazing episode

  13. Ananya_DSK

    Wow! Just wow! Amazing! The precap looks scary though…

  14. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    Don’t separate twinj

  15. Nishuu

    Wow anu it was mind blowing
    Loved twinjs scenes?????
    Plzzzz post soon dear because I can’t wait to read

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