sajna ve twinj ff part 16

Sajna ve twinj ff part 16
Leap of 3 years and 5 months
One beautiful morning a huge mansion is shown in london which is very luxurious and also modern
and the canera shifted to room where beautiful couple sleeping peacefully having content of smile on there face they are our twinj

There bedroom
Kunj holding twinkle waste snd twinkle placed her head on his chest hugging him twinkle cuddling with kunj more as she was feeling cold it disturbed kunj sleep feeling her tight hold on him he looked at her and smiled and said oh my baby feeling so cold haan he covered them with blanket and took her hands in his and kissed it and rubbed his thumb on her lips sensually
Kunj – twinkle get up i cant control myself give me morning kiss ??? twinkle no response he lookedat her neck started to kiss there so she gets up but know in process of kissing he bite her
Twinkle -ahha kunj let me sleep na in sleepy tone

Kunj – oye siyappa queen get up now you disturbed my sleep and saying me only that i disturbed you twinkle opened her eyes and looked at him making irritated face
Twinkle- kuch bhi huh when i disturb your sleep dont lie ok but your romance disturb my sleep sadu kahike night also i cant sleep correctly because of your romance and same in morning
Kunj – huh you know what in morning your cuddling session starts that to not light cuddle it’s very tight and see here your nail marks because of cuddle and countless time you kick me in sleep and hit me from your hands like anything in sleep you will do kung foo only its been 6 years of our marriage still not change i thought you will change in something but no i got adjusted your kung foo now huh brooslie

Twinkle – then what baba you have to get adjusted ok hello mr you are so lucky to get me as your wife ok show me any man who has wife like me iam combination of beauty with brains and I am so cute you know you are lucky to be with me and you only told after sleep what ill do let m tell you before sleep what you do with me that time how sweetly you talk to me na like baby your hand are so awesome and when you touch me i feel so special and this legs so soft want to kiss it baby baby aisha kehthe hona and i dont do any kung foo snd I am not brooslie but you kadusly huh and if you have that much problem i have solution you go and sleep on couch and ill sleep with my bf

Kunj – with whom huh ill not go anywhere and how dare you to say you give him my place ill not allow you to do that

Twinkle – because of you he is away from me see there he is my cutie come come and she only go near couch there is teddy she took it and hygged looking at kunj who making faces looking at her
Twinkle – kunj how dareyou to keep him in store room huh

Kunj- then what i should do huh what you did you forgot huh let me remind you you get it for your self snd started to sleep with him on my bed when i askedwhat you said you are in no mood to sleep with me so because of it i slept on couch for 2 days and in your free time you talk with it not with me if i ask you to give me kiss you do so many drama but you give him you love him more than me huh
Twinkle – oh my baby you are jealous hahaha kunj pulled her she sat on his lap in shock with teddy he throw that away twinkle locked her hands around his neck and kissed his cheek kunj smiled and showed other cheek she bite on it and laughed kunj rolled with her on bed and came on top of her snd smirk at her she was noding in no smiling kunj kissed ger forehead and bite her ear lobe and looked at her lips twinkle closed her eyes giving permission they were above to kiss some voice came from background

Tanvir – Mumma pappa cutely
Kanasu – hey mumma papa open door ordering tone
Kunj – baba ji???? and he got up from twinkle she was correcting her dress kunj goes to open door he opened door and smiled looking at his kids thinking cant you guys come after some minutes
Kanasu – you took so much time to open door papa may i know the reason
Tanvir – ha papa tell kunj ruffled his hair thinking what to say
Kunj – oh we were sleeping right na twinkle
Twinkle – yes yes come inside my babies they both rushed in pushing kunj
Ksnasu and tanvir – mumma both jumped on her and kissed her and wished her good morning
Kunj – oh only good morni g to mumma not to pappa nobody loves me maa drametically crying????
Tanvir ran to him and hugged his leg
Tanvir – good morning pappa dont cry ok kunj lifted him in arms and sat on bed and looked at his princes
Twinkle – you to wish pappa good morning
Kanasu – oh ho i dont have mood to wish him mumma say him to wish me first then ill think what to do
Kunj – acha come here he started tickle her she laughed loudly saying him to stop
Tanvir – good pappa dont stop

Kanasu- oye sadu ky bache chod muje and you chota sadu chup ill show you later hahaha ok good morning sadu
Kunj – good morning choti siyappa queen

Kunj – so tell me you both wake up early today
Twinkle- yes thats what I am thinking without teasing us you both dont get up
Kanasu sat on kunj lap and kissed his cheeks he too kissed her and tanvir did same to twinkle
Tanvir- mumma meri pyari mumma you are so sweet you are do pretty
Kanasu pov (haww look at him he learned buttering from me and performing more than me now ill start)

Kanasu pulling kunj cheek oh pappa thum kithne ache ho aur hot bhi twinj looked at each other face
Tanvir – you are cutie mumma you are so so beautiful
Kanasu – huhu wait let me show now how to butter someone

Kanasu – arey pappa you are so handsome you are hot munda of world mumma tho bahuth hey lucky hey tujko paane ke liye kunj raised his one eye brow looking at twinkle
Kunj – last line was awesome princes say it again some people have to realise this fact
Kanasu – haan haan mumma is so lucky to get man like you you are handsome,hot and which girl will get kadusful boy like you while twinkle laughed and tanvir slap his forehead thinking thats why ill say her not to overacting see now kadusful huh

Twinkle – this is fact dear no one will get sadu like this its uniqye piece
Kanasu bites her lower lip

Kunj – kadusful huh kanasu ki bachi ???
Kanasu- oh oh sorry sorry you are sweet pappa handsome,hot then

Kunj – tell us what you want haan both are buttering us
Twinkle – why you bttering us tell me what you people did
Kanasu – arey ye kaisha ghor kaliyug hey baby mumma pappa ko pyar kare tho bhi problem babies kare tho kya kare
Kunj – again her dialogues started tanvir baby tell me what is the matter
Tanvir – oh pappa we all will go somewhere na picnic please
Twinkle- arey pappa busy in project now kunj mode in yes

Kanasu getting up
Kanasu- inn logon kyu chahiye shaadi aur bache project sey hey shaadi karni thi na jab dekho busy busy oye sadu listen me carefully we are going out that’s it if you say anything then see what ill do you better take us nahi tho
Kunj – nahi tho what you will do ha
Kanasu- ill give bath to your laptop
Twinkle- kanasu

Tanvir – and ill put mumma makeup kit in swimming pool
Twinj – what no
Kunj – you both blackmailing us haan babies shouldn’t talk like this to there parents
Tanvir- sorry she said me to do like this
Kanasu- ue dekho darpok saara blame mujpe and ill say and you know sadu ill do what i say
Kunj- baap rey twinkle ye tho tujse bhi badi dramebaaz hey yar she is spoiling my tanvir too okay ill take you outside but after few days ok give me time ill take you promise
Twinkle- dont believe him babies
Kunj – twinkle you too supporting them haan

Twinkle- yes because i know you will be busy with your first wife and forget us we dont want to listen anything we are going somewhere tomorrow you finish your work today get it you better get it
Kunj – yes maam saluting her
Both kids jumped in happiness kissed there parents
Twinkle – kunj go and take bath and you both come with me ill make you ready for school she held there hands and took them to another washroom gave them bath then sge made them ready for school kunj to got freshen up all came downstairs

Twinkle- ill prepare breakfast quicky sit here ok
Kunj – ok twinkle fast ill get late for office and ill go and wake her up ok
Kanasu- buva woke up that time only
Tanvir- haan yes
Twinkle – kunj come here fast

Kunj and kids went to kitchen what happened?
Twinkle- see my cute sister in law she prepared breakfast today learn from her something you sadu
Kunj shocked and looked st his sister riya who is smiling and showing aloo paratha to him
Riya – kunj bhayya see i made your favourite aloo paratha you all people sit ill serve you all ok
Kunj – why all are trying to be sweet today riya served all eberyone looked at her face she signed them to have food
Kunj – start na twinkle
Twinkle – kids first kanasu tanvir eat

Kanasu and tanvir both looked each other face
Kanasu- merey pyare bhayi kavo
Tanvir- thu badi hey yar mujse tho pehle tera haq hey
Kanasu- haan you are right our sadu is head of family kavo na sadu tere behen ne pyar sey banayi hey eat fast you get late for office
Twinkle and tanvir – you are right riya specially made for you
Kunj- head of family only in this case you all remember it specially yr kanasu ki bachi everytime she tell she is owner here now see

Riya – what’s going on haan bhayyasay na you are doubting my food you dont love me
Kunj- ye ek bhaki thi slowly no no love you so much so first ill feed you and he took piece abd out in her mouth

Riya -hmm hmm
Kanasu- see tanvir we got saved dont know what all she put in it usko khakey agar meri fairy fairy skin aur pretty pretty face ko kuch ho gaya hotha tho
Tanvir – yes yes you are right aur kuch ho jatha tho school miss hotha tha na
Kanasu- school school always shut up

Tanvir- you shut up
Kunj – what happened riya drink water take it
Riya – awesome it is taste it she put it in his mouth too

Kunj – really yar tasty everyone put in there mouth
Twinkle- really it is awesome good riya
Kanasu- buva kiski hey
Tanvir – meri

Riya -acha give me your plates back what you people telling my food is not good haan one miss school and other one pretty face goes by eating my food haan
Tanvir and kanasu- hahahawe we were joking and started to eat cutely they were sitting on top of dinning table riya signing something to twinkle and twinkle telling you only ask i can’t
Kunj -what is going on haan what she is telling you twinkle

Twinkle – oh kunj she asking oh oh how is paratha shall we pack it for your office too while riya slapped her forehead
Kunj- i hate lie and riya tell me what you want ask directly to me dont think that ill say yes for whatever twinkle ask me i hope you understood do you want me to give you more pocket money or want something new car or anything tell me if i think its good for you then ill give you
Tanvir – pappa
Kunj- yes prince

Tanvir- pocket money for buva why she dont have pocket for her dress
Kanasu- ha you should give her purse money
Riya – arey no i dont want that bhayya oh today my friend kept party so i want to go so asking permission

Kunj- no late night party riya and last time you know na what happened you drink wine snd made big entertainment so this time i dont want to you to entertain everyone you did drink and drive last time and twinkle you supporting her cant you deny her

Twinkle- kunj let her enjoy na she promised me she will not drink and come home soon
Kunj – no she will not her friends make her to do everything and when anything happens all blame on her and last time to you know what i did with her
Riya- bhayya please na please
Kunj- who is that friend who is throwing party
Riya- oh shanky . Shankar his birthday party

Kunj – ok go and dont drive take driver with you and you should be here before 10 if you get late by even minute then ill not take you inside get it and he finished breakfast and held ksnasu and tanvir hands they did bye to all even servents cutely and kunj drop them to school and he went to office twinkle served riya and told servents to clean everything later both twinkle sbd riya talking in twinj room its been 3.5 yearssince they left amritsar riya join them later she came here to complete her studies as kunj order her to come here he dont wanted his sister to suffer there and also mahi already spoil her bit and he dont wanted that

so he took responsibility of her twinkle miss anritsar very much they didnt had been there this all years they gone india to attend some function like kunj friend marriage and other close relatives function but not to amritsar usha and manoher come to london only when kids get holidays otherwise they fight with kunj to take them india

so kunj call them only here he just dont want to go there and twinkle also not allowed take its name too infront of him and twinkle missed leela lot she is angry with her no doubt but still she is her mother she is missing her lot kunj dont want her to cry remembering hr so he will give her much love and care so she will not miss them he care for her so much and day by day his love for her increasing and respect too and kunj being away from family also he taking care of them so they cant feel any difficulties and he is in no mood to forgive anyone whenever he think of it he remember tanvir serious condition and twinkle serious condition and he try to forgive leela for twinkle but he cant as he remembered how she hide that mattwr from him she broke his trust he always kept her place eqyal to his mom and before when he is not in love eith twinkle too that timefor leela sake and for her happiness he can do anything like how leela felt when she got about yuvi and twinkle how she was angry on twinkle for so many days but there was a ego there she loved her enemy son so she angry on twinkle and didnt show mercy to her cries and begging to forgive her like that no above that he felt cheated the one who dont like most his baby with there and

morever its his baby he have right on it when twinkle crying for him and when he cryed for him thinking he is dead that time why she was silent she let them cry but didnt told truth thats her mistake a big blunder he thought and bebe she didnt took right decision by keeping them in home knowing what they did mahi wasn’t forgivable but just to keep family United she didnt punish her if this done by twinkle or kunj will they treat same he thought how easily some one raise hand or punishing them if they found they did mistake snd that too not true for others mistake they were getting punished he dont want any drama now atleast abd dont want scratch also on his kids they suffered lot by helping others but its enough they also need there time and ge wanted to give everything to twinkle what she deserved to be so he got seperated

Riya – bhabhi i love you so much you are perfect wife how you listen everything what bhayya says and you dont try to go against him he warned you not to meet and talk to your mother sbd you agreed …dont you miss your family?

Twinkle- how i dont miss her riya she is my mom my everything one time but what she did with us she didnt think about me leave it didshe think about kunj haan he believes her so much but what she did she too cheated us and not like perfect i still have to be perfect for him riya he is very rich from heart and what all he do for me only he knows what is right and wrong for me so i dont go against him and not only me he also left his family you only know na his family is his first priority he love them so much cant leave without them but for me he to left it and you know dear when we reached her i wasn’t knowing anything about here he took care of me like iam also baby and my babies not even year old that time abd tanvir health was also ok ok not fully recovered so he always wanted me only that time kunj left all his work and take care of us not leaving me to do any work he use to cook daily and doing every house chore snd also helping me in handling babies and after cooking snd cleaning he use to go for work he did hard work to gain this all in 2 years and this home i dreamt about it he planned exactly built it like how i wanted without telling him anything he understands everything about me.
Riya- how you both are like this perfect for each other give some tips

Twinkle- haha nothing like thst i understand him snd he understood me thats it snd i dont cross his line and he too same not cross my line so and thu batha couples ke baare bahuth puch rahi hey college chad key shadi karne ki irada hey kya?

Riya- arey nothing like that bhabhi kunj message beeped in twinkle mobile
I love you siyappa queen missing you so much and today you didnt gave me kiss so at night you have to pay for it be ready my queen riya read message running here and there winking at twinkle
Riya- be ready bhabhi ill make cradle ready for another munna or munni and please keep bhayya mood good ha so he can give me permission to enter home after 11 or 12 too
Twinkle- acha ill tell kunj to not to send you out then bahuth hey badmash ho gayi hena aur kya munna munni i have you 2 na i dont want further as of now i cant handle them only
Riya- but also if bhayya and your love is strong today it may come cant say anything twinkle ran behind her after sometime twinkle prepared lunch quickly as kunj comes to home daily to gave lunch as his office is near he comes to get afternoon kiss too

To be continued….

Precap – return to India or what? Will see what
(Sorry for boring episode dears forgive me next one ill write good share me your views snd suggestions thank you for comments,likes and also dislikes bye )

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