sajna ve twinj ff part 13

Sajna ve twinj ff part 13

Days passing fast babies are nw 6 month old only for name sake mahi acting to be tanvir mother but she cant handle him twinkle only handling 2 babies at a time n she wasnt feelinv any difficulties because she loves them equally twinj treating babies equally kunj feeling strange as tanvir more attached to him than uv n mahi.n in this days some miracle happened like mahi also developing feeling for baby tanvir looking at baby innocence face but baby cant be with her for more time he wanted to be with twinj always this increasing her anger on twinkle thinking she is snatching baby from her now knowing that its her baby only.she was making many drama in home to keep twinkle away from baby n kunj started to doubt on mahi behaviour.
At morning twinj room
Kunj woke up first rubbing his eyes he couldnt get up dorectly because there is some tiny weight on him he looked at his little princes who is peacefully sleeping on her father chest its her favorite place to sleep whenever she dont want to sleep on bed or cradle twinkle make her to sleep on kunj n she feels happy to sleep there playing with him whole night n kunj looked at his side where love of his life sleeping holding him n baby too
K – arey sleeping beauties get up twinkle get up its morning
T – hmm sadu let me sleep na dont disturb me
K – twinkle its 6.00 clock u know na i have to go for morning walk go n get my morning coffee siyappa queen n plz place princes on bed i have to get up
T – sadu ek din walk karne nahi javu tho thum motey nahi hogey chodo tumhare stupid morning walk ke liye thim mere nindh kharab math karo chup chap leto agar princes ka nindh kharab ho key rone lagi tho dekho mey nahi chodungi tumhe
Kunj was continuosly speaking so that twinkle can wake up but his siyappa queen didnt wake up slept there only n held his hand tight so he cant go for walk
K – she slept again baba g ?? what u doing with me huh my wife only dont give me respect then how can my wife’s child can give me respect looking at his princes he took his mobile from other hand n checking mails forgot to keep it in silent mode he got customer care call n phone rang near kanasu ear it disturb her beauty sleep she made irritated face kunj cut the call but was late
Kanasu slowly opened her eyes rubbing it cutely n her face was red in anger because her pappa disturb her sleep she looked at kunj with angry pout like twinkle do n made cry face kunj like omg
K – omg nobbaby plz plz dont cry plz plz control ur cry if u cry now ur mamma hits pappa plz no no
Kanasu started to cry sitting on bed n waking up twinkle so she can tell twinkle
T – arey baby why u crying huh come to me n she woke up n made kanasu to sit on her lap
T – kya huva ? What happened ? Y u crying? Did anyone scold u tell me baby? Kunj signing baby to not to tell anything
Ka – oooo????? papa papa pointing finger to kunj n complainting twinkle looked at kunj n gave him angry look
K – v…v…vo kanasu d…dont cry baby v..v..vo sorry twinkle from tomorrow ill keep mobile in silent k n u guys sleep na its just 6.30 who ll wake up this early u both sleep k
T – u purposefully did it to disturb our sleep right
K –
T – tell me kanasu pappa ko punish kare
Baby nodes in yes twinkle placed baby on side of bed n took out pillow
K – twinkle no
Twinkle started to hit him by pillow n kunj was escaping in way he fell from bed n started to run from there n twinkle behind him with pillow
K – twinkle leave me im telling u stop it
T – no
Kanasu enjoying this scene she sat on bed like princes only resting on other pillow n enjoying like she is watching tom n jerry fight she saw kunj sitting on couch n twinkle hitting him from pillow she felt happy n started to laugh
Ka – hahaha papa mama ??
T – ??? hyee my baby laughing u r feeling good haan wait ill hit him more kunj widen eye
K – kanasu h r happy if mama hits me
Kanasu nodes in yes n claps in agreement twinkle smiles
T – dekha… n continued to hit him
K – abh ache sey dekhegi vo n held twinkle hand
T – awww leave me baby save me
Ka – ma n tried like she comes n save twinkle screaming on kunj
K – choti siyappa queen chup chap bett vaha thum dono maa beti ko tho mey n switched position took pillow from twinkle n throwed it other side n started to tickle twinkle
T – hahaha kunj chodo gudh gudhi ho raha hey
K – acha n he did more n kanasu was laughing again kunj looked at her
K – kanasu baby u r laughing ha wait ill come to u now
Kunj came near kanasu she tried crawl n go to other side but kunj held her n made her to lye on bed n tickled her she started to laugh loud n holding his hand from her little hand to stop him
K – now clap cutie pie he lifted her n kissed her cheeks n forhead n told her to kiss him but she nodes in no
K – k if u dont kiss me ill take it from ur mom is it k
Kanasu nodes in yes
T – aww no mom is in no mood to kiss kanasu’s pappa kunj shameless how u talk to baby huh
K – but pappa got mood hey na kissing baby again she smiled cutely at him
K – u sit on bed closing eyes k vll play game baby sat on bed closing her eyes kunj looked at twinkle she was above to run but he held her wrist n pulled her close to him
K – where u running siyappa queen
T – chodo mijey???
K – kyu chodu n he pushed her on couch n cane on top of her
T – kunj wt u doing get up baby ll see
K – my daughter istenes to my word she is not like my wife nakhare nahi dhikathi see there she closed her eyes n aso covered it with her tiny hands now wts ur problem twinke give me also time na i want u badly baby plz night baby won’t allow me to come near u n morning ull not allow u escape taking there name not fair siyappa queen
T – u r also baby kunj now u became dad behave like dad naughty kunj sarna abh uto aur javo morning walk
K – no chance ill be always naughty kunj for mrs.twinkle kunj sarna now dont waste time nb looked at her lips twinkle Coseled her eyes n gave shy smile kunj placed his rough lips on her soft lips n both kissing each other passionately showing love n care they broke kiss after 20 min breathing heavily kunj kissed her cheeks n looked at neck he bite her neck twinkle to moan his name
T – kunj chodo plz
K – no
T – teri beti dekh rahi hey dekho vaha besharam
K – wt i said her to close eyes na choti siyappa queen n got up from her n looked at his princes who still close her eyes
K – siyappa queen gritting his teeth twinkle winked at him n lifted baby in her she opened her eyes n smiled n kissed on twinkle cheeks
T – aww kissi diya muje thank u n she also kissed her
K – badi n choti siyappa queen u both r so mean kissing each other n not me n u choti siyappa queen when i asked kiss u didnt gave n u gave ur mom n she didnt ask too so bad kanasu papa is angry on u
T – kunj its baby she doesnt understand wt u telling
K – haa she dont understand r u kidding she is my princes n morever its choti siyappa queen understand everything hena baby baby node in yes n came to kunj n kissed him many times
K – i love u
Ka – vvv ooo uuu
K – thats not i love u say i love u
Ka – ohhhh ooo yuuuu
T – she ll tell u later give her to me meri doll nahayegi hena n she took her to washroom
K – fast twinkle abh dhono siyappa queen milke 4 ghante udhar hey math raho
T – shut up
K – this both ll take much time now until then ill check files n he checked some company files he got one file
K – that day uv gave this to me to cross check n give na i forgot to give him now ill go n give him this n i can talk with baby too dont know wt ll happen to me when ill be with him i feel so connected to him n he is so close to me n twinkle than his parents n this mahi wont alow twinkle to touch him now days dont know y this girl behave like this
Yuhi room
Uv playing with baby tanvir n making him laugh
M – uv go n fresh up
Uv – jaan let me play with prince
M – u can play afterwards na now give him to me
M – hi baby good morning baby didnt look at her
M – come to me ???she tried to take him from uv but no he didnt came
M – come come n she took him forcefully tanvir started to cry
Uv – arey dont cry dont cry its ur mom na baby y u crying do u want to play only with me
M – hmm uv let me play with my son u go n take bath
M – baby plz na dont cry see iblove u na plz be friend with me too u know ibstarted to love u .u dont worry ill not allow anyone to take u from ne k.n ill give u everything by looking at ur innocent face im changing n bcoz of u uv loves me so much n y u not speaking see twinkle daughter started to spell some words u also say mama say mama
Tanvir crying
M – shh drink milk he push bottle
M – thoda pee le plz
Uv came out hearing his cry
Uv – arey y crying give him to me u cant handle him
M – k then ill go n take bath
Uv playing with him
Uv – say papa
Uv – mey kaun huu baby bathavo?
Tan – oooovvvvvooovv (uv)
Uv – baby u trying to say uv but not papa huh but cute call me like that only but y dont u speak much words like kanasu haa vo bhi teek hey vo twinkle ke sath 24hrs rehthi hey tho uski tarah non stop bathey karthi hey
Tanvir looks at door n smiles n start to jump in happiness looking there uv turned to see who was it n saw kunj standing there
Uv – hey good morning kunj come inside
K – good morning n uv wat u saying abt my twinkle to baby huh u r teasing my baby n twinkle
Uv – arey no when i said like that i just said beti bhi maa tarah fast hey hena while baby looked at kunj n sat there shosing hands to kunj saying to lift him
Kunj lifted him tanvir hugged kunj n smiled at him gave very cute smile to him kunj kissed him looking at his smile he played with him for some time n gave uv that file n when work done he tried to place baby on bed but no he wasnt ready to sit there he tried to give him to uv but no he doesnt want to move he held kunj tightly n started crying n nodes head in no indicating font want to be there tanvir want to be with kunj
Uv – arey he is not coming only crying if i try to take him
K – hmm vll not make him cry he looks so weak now only didnt he eat anything
Uv – no he tried to take him again no use he didnt turn his face also cuddling kunj more uv said kunj to take him also with him kunj take him to his room where badi n choti siyappa queen was busy in watching serial choti siyappa queen also watch it dont know whether she understands or not
K – oye siyappa aueen i said u to get my coffe but u busy in watching tv
T – sadu if u want coffe go n have na n also bring for me also im busy now n tanvir u to come sit with us ham serial dekhenge aavo thum bhi dhekonge na baby while tanvir looked at kunj he signed in no n tanvir too nodes in no cutely kunj smirk at twinkle
K – yes tanvir is my side twinkle he is not girl to support u in watching serials n u idiot girl u r letting my little baby girl also to watch tv see how much she addicted to it oye choti siyappa queen looking at his princes who is watching only at tv then at no one
K – dont look at tv look at me im talking to u kanasu she didnt looked at him
K – choti siyappa queen bit louder kanasu looked at him n gave him look
Kan – p…p..paa..c..shhhh dup (chup) n again busy with tv lunj mouth open in o twinkle laugh on him even tanvir cute baby laugh he is laughing because twinkle laughing
K – tanvir no they r making fun of me n u laughing with them u sit here k ill look at them ye badi siyappa queen kuch jyadha hey udh rahi hey na
T – nahi kunj
K – kaha bhag rahi hey rukh he off d tv n ade babies to sit on bed in that time twinkle tried all possible way to go out of room but no kunj held her n pinned her to wall when he catched twinkle both babies clapped cutely
K – tera aaj kal bahuth huva na bahuth hey nakhre dikha rahi hey siyappa queen
T – arey kab kunj…very sweetly u r my lovely baby no leave me i have to get coffe for u na
K – acha now u remember but wait u told me u r busy n if i want coffe i have to go n get it n i have to get it for u too hena baby
T – arey vo..vo i was joking u r my lovey husband no leave my hands let me go while kunj node in no cane very close to her
T – wt u doing kunj see babies r looking at us move away from me
K – no i want kiss
T – no baba plz kunj bache dekh rahe hey kuch tho sharmavo
K – uthna sharamathey tho babies log yaha nahi hothey meri jaan
T – chi kunj leave me while he kissed her cheek
T – kunj….kunj plz not on lips plz ill do anything as u say plz acha
K – acha g
T – haan
K – k then say kunj sir im sorry
T – wt sir n u go ill not say
K – k then il kiss let babies watch n tease u
T – no no..k..kunj sirrrrr im sorry ??
K – not in angry tone babh wait ull get pleading tone now n pulled her by waist
T – kunj sir im sorry
K – now say i love u kunj n kiss on my cheeks
T – aww no
K – k then no option left kiss on ur lips?twinkle saw babies they were looking at them making there eyes big
T – oye u both close ur eyes tanvir n ksnasu close ur eyes beta then i can say this sadu
Both babies nodes in no n make there eye bigger again
K – so i can kiss on ur lips right u didnt fulfil my wish
T – wait wait …i…i love u kunj …..
K – kiss kaun karega tera baap
T – kunj…??
Twinkle kissed him on cheeks quickly
T – abh tho chodona muje
K – thoda izzath sey baby
T – making faces g kunj g please abh tho mujey chodiye na g
K – waw it sounds so cool n tell this nautanki princes to give me respect say
T – kanasu baby she looked at her mom
T – papa ko izzath do k give him respect k?
Kanasu nodes in no
K – what u dont give me respect? Twinkle ki bachi???? wt is this? Thumne meri beti ko ye sabh sikhaya ki vo mujko izzath nahi do
T – no na i didnt
K – yes u did now make her to say she ll give me respect
T – baby plz na ur good baby na node in yes plz u give respect to papa na
Kanasu again in no
Twinkle went near her make her to sit on her lap
T – baby plz na this time node in yes k n then in no
K – u cant do it right come here for kiss then
T – wait sadu she says now
T – kanasu baby if u dont give respect to my husband also its k but give repect to ur papa
Kanasu node in yes kunj gets happy
K – kiss miss..
T – ufff i can go now
K – ha listen in 10 min u should be back with coffe got it twinkle ran out quickly saying agaim baby if u dont give respect to my husband is k but hive respect to papa baby node in yes n no
K – ha ha its k if baby give respect to its papa that is me proudly then its k y shoud it give respect siyappa queen husband no baby dont give then he got meaning of it wait siyappa queen husband that is also me only means mujhe izzath nahi do kahke gayi siyappa queen gritting his teeth
Tan – oooo saying kunj to come kunj sat with them playing
They both jumped on him started to pull his cheek nose n hair
K – arey im not teddy leave me
Ka – pa…pa.papa
K – tanvir u too say me chachu
T – ha??
K – say chachu
Kan – papa
Tan – ppppp
Kunj felt good to hear papa from tanvir mouth
K – im not ur papa baby say chachu
Tan – na na pa…pa
K – yes uv is ur papa n im ur chachu
Tan – pa???started o cry
Kunj got shocked he picked up him n convdnced him
K – k no problem call me papa only but plz dont cry mera pyara bacha hena princes tell him while she to came n sat on kunj lap n started to hit her brother
K – abhey choti siyappa queen usko rona bandh karne ko kaha naaki maarne ke liye aur rulayegi ye ladki then she started to hit kunj n started to pull his hair n said tanvir also to join her in baby language he to joined kunj shocked babies rocked
K – dono pagal bache chodo even i can control my siyappa qyeen some time but this two devils leave me plz someone save me leave my hair ahha twinkle save me
T – kunj ye lo coffe arey where is he
K – twinkle
T – kunj ???? both babies sat on him n pulling his hair n slaping him from there tiny hands
K – siyappa queen tell them to stop na otherwise ill punish u for this
T – this is not fare if this babies do something u punish me y?
K – because i cant punish babies u know in 5 min make them silent otherwise no pani puri for u for 1month
T – aww babies stop na they continued there siyappa
Kan – ma…mama hahaha pa…pppa
T – stop it u both sit quite leave him now only both left kunj n sat silently like innocent babies
K – ufff look at them how innocently sitting now when ull not here5they start there nautankis
Twinkle gave hi coffe he was sipping coffe looking babies from narrow eyes his princes looked at him n showed him tongue
T – kunj tanvir here go n give him to uv na otherwise di ll be upset again
K – arey he wasnt ready twinkle started to cry so i take him n u know he ll not call as papa he tried to make him say many time but no but today he suddenly said me papa
T – what if di listens it then she ll tell i only did it purposefully
K – twinkle u dont take her tension n did u observe maa this time she ll be upset always na n i think she is in some stress she is not sharing with us
T – no kunj its not like that may be if anything there then definetly she tell me or u na
K – hmm but i felt like that leave it
Twinkle went near tanvir he jumped on her happily n started to talk continuously
T – bas bacha n say me who im to u
K – siyappa queen bolo siyappa
T – u shut up say twinkle chachi say chachi
Tan – hhhh mmmm…ma…ma
Kanasu – ye mama ma
Tan – mama ma..
Kunj n twinkle looked at each other then at baby tanvir he said again mama
K – arey twinkle y he calling me n u as mama n papa
T – dont know kunj but u know shat im feeling very good he said in very cute n innocent voice
Yuhi room
Mahi came from bath looked at uv who was busy in checking file she looked on bed n she didnt found tanvir there
M – uv where is baby?
Uv – haan jaan vo kunj ke pass
M – what ?
Uv – yes kunj came here to give file dont know what happened to tanvir he started to jump by looking at him then he cried to be with him only so i said him to take him
M – y u said like that uv he didnt eat anything too
Uv- arey dont take tension he is with twinkle she takes good care of him vaishe bhi if he comes to u starts crying he is attached to twinkle more her one touch makes him silent n tumhe bhi tho yahi chahiye tha na dekho abh tumhe baby ki zeemedaari bhi nahi hey .
Uv – n u know wt sometime i feel like tanvir is not our son his actions look like he is kunj and twinkle son
M – uv…he got call n goes outside
Twinkle kunj n bebe along with babies went to taneja mansion princes was with kunj tanvir with twinkle leela saw them n smiled but her eyes r wet she stopped her tears from falling
K – maa dekhiye aapki pothi ko aapko dhek ke jump karna start kardiya kanasu baby loves leela so much she took her in her arms she happily started to talk to her naani
All of them sitting in hall having pakoda n talking suddenly tanvir started to cry twinkle got to know he is hungry he kept milk bottle in his mouth he push it n tapped on her chest
Tan – vo..vo…
All got to know wt he meant
B – puttar usse dhud peela dey twinkle went to a side n started to feed baby after baby tummy fill he slept peacefully hugging his mumma twinkle came back n sat with them
K – he became silent?
T – yes he slept
B – iska muh tho dekho bilkul kunj jaisha dhiktha hey vahi naak vahi aankey while leela thinking something
L – pov haa tho bilkul baap pe gaye hey dono ke dono
K – leela ma wt u thinking now see my kanasu got bored with u i think u didnt talked to her na so she came to me
L – arey aisha k..kohi bath nahi hey puttar usse bath kar kar ke thak gayi mey uski bath katham hey nahi hothey
K – kiski beti he vo looking at twinkle
T – kyu sadu forgetting wt she is ur daughter to
K – haa meri beti hey per 24hrs tere sath reh reh ke teri chamchi ban gayi hey
T – sadu uuuu
K – siyappa queen tune mere beti ko sirf siyappa karna shikayi hey traing de rahi hey usko junior siyappa queen banne ke liye aur ye choti uss class mey topper banthi jaa rahi hey
T – bebe
K – wt bebe im telling the truth
B – bass karo thum dono chup
T – bebe he started
K – bebe she did everything even she spoiled my daughter u know meri beti muje izzath nahi dethi pucho isse he asked baby ll sge give him respect she nodes in no cutely everyone laughs
K – dekha bebe ye sabh iss twinkli ki wajha se
B – puttar apne papa ko kaho chup beto while kanasu nodes in yes
Kan – p……papa
K – haan bacha tell me?
Kan – dup dup (chup) n closed his mouth from her tiny hands
T – very good kanasu
B – twinkle puttar did u observe tanvir is not so active like kanasu both r of same age but also he cant do many thing as she does he is bit slow v have to show to doctor always he falls ill have to tell mahi n uv abt this
L – twinkle n kunj ll take him to doctor na bebe twinkle ll take his good care
K – but maa its there kid how v can decide this things
T – ha ma di dont like na
L – ill tell her
K – arey she wont allow him to be with twinkle for some minutes then how she can send baby with us
L – did she done anything after that day too
K – no maa from that day dont know wt happen she is allowing him to drink twinkles milk becauae u said her but also taunts nbscold twinkle like she is her servent i dont like it
T – chup kunj
L – mey bath karungi usse samajthi kya hey apne aapko
Leela went to fb
Leela knows that tanvir is twink child she slap mahi after her truth came out one day infront of her eye n she told her she ll tell everything to twinj n they have to know abt there kid its there right n mahi said if she tell anyone then she ll kill herself keeping knife in her hand having no option leela agreed to mahi because she dont want to loose mahi again but dying inside one day mahi qurel in home with twinkle just because she gave milk to tanvir she stop in middle n snatch baby from her mercilessly leela saw this n scold her infront of all nbsaid from now twinkle can give milk to baby tanvir mahi cant stop her from doing she told mahi if she does anything like thisthenbshe ll reveal truth so mahi listens leela n if twinj get to know this truth they ll be hurt n she know kunj ll not forgive her but also doing it for mahi
T – maa wt u thinking where u lost again
K – told u na maa tell me wts problem
L – nothing pittar after some time they left
Bebe n usha went to mandir to ask nice muhurath to keep pooja on name of twinj child
B – usha rani u brought kunj n twinkle panchang n everything na
U – yes bebe they gave it to guru g
Guru g – smiled looking at it aap ke ghar kushi mey hey na aur kunj n twinkle bhi arey unko tho lakshmi bhi mili aur khana (krishna) bhi ye bache tho bahuth hey lucky hey i made there jathak too both are very good both ll be lucky always n successful in life n bebe g i told u na kunj ka puttar hey aapko vanshuddarak hey aur vo kunj jaisha hey hey roop mey swabhav mey sab kuch n he ll be very intelligent n girl child is very lucky to family brings good name n fame apna parents ka naam roshan karegi n ladka key jathak ke anusaat usse thodi thakleef hey abh health mey jathak mey kuch gandanthar hey per kohi bath nahi twinkle ke sath rahega tho safe rahega ek pooja kijiye
B – ha pandith g per ye aap ne kua kaha haan kunj ko puttar hiva tho tha per vo mara huva tha jab paidha huva tabhi
G – what no no it cant happen i saw kunj jathak na there is nothing in his future like he ll loose his kid
U – but its truth guru g when baby born it was dead
G – i dont know but from 50yr im doing this work ill get to know everything
Usha n bebe looked each other face n left from there thinking abt his words
Next scene
Twinj in hospital with princes only tanvir is in home with mahi she didnt gave him
They have come for princes monthly check up n her injection time she started to cry like hell twinj convencing her she was angry because papa mama brought her here to take injection she hit both of them?? n twinkle taking her care
Kan – ma ma???????? ma ma ?????
T – mumma papa sorry na plz dont cry kya chahiye tuje ha doll dhu?
K – baby if u cry papa to cry see he started to cry fakely covering his face
T – see papa also crying say papa not to cry
Kan – n took his hand n looked at his face he smiled at her she too gave cute smile
K – twinkld u go n sit in car ill come k
T – but kunj where u going
K – no baba im not going anywhere ill get some medicine k u go n sit in car
T – k then
While kunj taking some medicines n coming back a nurse collides with him
K – oh sorry
Nurse saw his face n gets shock kunj gets confused looking at her scared expression she starts to run kunj also run behind her thinking she only did something to his baby so escaping
Kunj didnt found her got her id card he said someone to get her information
K – why she ran away like that something is fishy have to find out this n wt the hell wrong with mahi dont she care abt her kid i didnt saw her caring for baby she can bring baby for checkup but no have to talk to uv ibcant ignore that baby too im attached to him ye mahi kaishi maa hey vo rone start kiya tho daant thi hey vo bacha kya jantha hey its baby still how she can behave rude with it its such innocent kid all ll tell kanasu m tanvir both went on me ues she is my daughter but tanvir he also like me strange but i love both babies equally n same with my twinkle she is not like mahi she cares for 2 of them equally thats y i love my siyappa queen chalo chalthey hey nahi tho dono siyappa queen gussa karengey he smiled n went from there to twinkle then frove off to shopping

To be continued

(If kunj get to know leela also know this thing wt could be twinj reaction will kunj fogive her n y tanvir is not so active is there any problem ll reveal in next episode sorry for late update guys i dont get time so whenever im free ill write long episode n post plz comment n share ur views or can give suggestion ill post next ff n other ff too if u guys comment i can make time in my busy schedule thinking u all ll enjoy my writing if not i feel like its not worthy to read n ill stop writing. This 24th my b’day ill try to post soon other ff as b’day treat for u all love u all…if u think ff boring tell me ill stop writing no problem bye..)

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