SAIYYAM- KRISHNA- YUVAAN love triange…..coming soon

Hey guys m mystery…..guys its not a ff…its my analyse on the upcoming triangle….

Krishna:- She is a nice girl…..she likes yuvaan…n wants to marry her….but fortunately…( yah for all KRIYAMITES its a fortune) she end up marring saiyyam…..she hated him….as he hurt her….insults her…..without any mistake…..but now when she start knowing him….she start caring for him…..n wants to give a chance to her marriage……

Saiyyam:- our hero…..he came here to take revenge…..n that’s y always hurt Krishna…..but somewhere he always cares for her…..I remember when he was drunk n lift Krishna in her arms…..n how he look at her throw window when she was crying in the kitchen… he saves her….that kerosene wala scene… he make tea for her…..n in the recent episodes…..first he saves her from baby…haha ha…..that was my favorite scene……he has feelings for her…but saiyyam is saiyyam……

Yuvaan:- idiot…..initially I like his character…. I don’t hate him as he choose baby….as it is his own will…but the way he leave Krishna was wrong…he should say it directly…..but now he start feeling for Krishna …who is now his bhabi……even baby Iwas saiyyam’s gf…but after her marriage he don’t even look at her…as he know who is his …n not……but this yuvaan is becoming villian….

But guys I m excited for the love triage somewhere because it will be good for kriyyam at last….antt bhala to San bhala…..I wanna see jealous saiyyam….then only he will know krishna’s worth in his life…..I knowhe love her…but he is also rude….always pull krishna’s leg……so I want this triangle….

But on the other side I thought if they bring a third person other than yuvaan…then it would be better…….but koi baat nhi…. Its about our kriyyam……many my friend on TU were saying that they will not watch it sue to love triangle track…guys i …myself don’t wanna see yuvaan staring Krishna…but guys at the same time we can see saiyyam’s love n jealousy…..if u remember saiyyam’s dialogue…:- TERI HIMAAT KESI HUI MERI BUWI KO HAATH LAGANE KI……

I KNOW IT WILL LEAD TO MISUNDERSTING …BUT GUYS IN SOME WAY IT WILL BE BENEFITIAL FOR KRIYYAM AT THE END……jealousy is best…..n I love to see the hero to be jealous……. N then saiyyam will say:- KRISHNA SIRF MERI HAI…..aww that will be brilliant…..

Guys I m upset that SP is not giving any repeat telecast….it should shift that crap mere angne me to this slot….huh……wese SSEL ki kya sbse kam GRP he star plus PR….???

U all supported SSEL ….some r yuvaani fans n Sam are KRIYYAM ‘s fans so don’t leave watching….

So its my point of view….share ur pOV ……bye…

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  1. I totally agree with you

  2. Aarti32

    U hv made me too excited..N I to luvd day dialogue, Teri himmat kaise hui meri biwi ko hath lagane ki..??

  3. Hey mystery I would also want to see saiyyam jealous so that he could understand her value….I told I didn’t like love triangle but…it will be cute if saiyyam becomes a jealous and he will surely try to make her his so..waiting…

    1. Mystery

      Yah….it gonna be so so good…..

  4. Swetha7

    sometimes we realize the value of a person and how much we love that person when we loose or about to loose that entry of a third person will work for i want krishna to be confirmed in her decision. i want to see how much krishna loves sayyam how much she is hurt when she looses him.amid the misunderstanding if she thinks yuvaan is better than sayyam even for second i will be disappointed.sayyam loves doubt about that.if krishna shows any soft corner to yuvaan sayyam will be taken aback.this love strangle thing must be use very carefully as krishna and sayyam jodi is the main attention of the story.

    1. Mystery

      Yah I will also get disappointed if Krishna even think about yuvaan once

  5. Hello mystery.

    I know, that some of you won’t agree with me. But…
    I think that it would be a good idea, because. At first yuvaan well realises his mistake for marrying baby. But I do like Baby character. She as new villain, bring so much more, then the boring Dadi and Rags.

    I also want Krishna to tell yuvaan, that there is never going to be an us. I want Krishna to say to yuvaan, that she is his adoptive sister, his little Brother wife and also yuvaan childhood friend.

    I want Krishna to tell yuvaan, to understand saiyyam, like Krishna has. Once yuvaan get to know his brother. That brotherly love well come for him.

    I don’t want to be all horrible like sambhav.

    This well help both Krishna and Yuvaan to move on.

    At the moment for both Krishna and yuvaan, is saying, have I married the right person.
    I also want Yuvaan to realise this that his feelings for Krishna, always was sister love. I want him to tell her this, is the reason that yuvaan married baby. Because he yuvaan never loved Krishna in that way. Maybe not everyone in the Birla House needs to know this. The writers can put this,misunderstanding, between both of them. Just Krishna and Yuvaan.
    Or just the three of them Krishna, yuvaan and saiyyam.
    Yuvaan can tell saiyyam not to throw his marriage away. Also tell his little Brother to tell his real feelings to his wife.
    Like I said this story line can work, if it between two or three.
    If I have to be honest, I would prefer just between Krishna and Yuvaan.

    There need to be closer for Krishna first and now yuvaan.

    1. Mystery

      Thanks yrr……hope for the best ….one thing is main n that’s KRIYYAM

  6. I don’t believe that Yuvaan loves Krishna. It is more of brotherly love for a sister.

    Yuvaan is confused right now, and it is because of baby.
    Like Krishna was, when she married saiyyam, she was asking herself, why didn’t Yuvaan stop this marriage. Is this because Yuvaan doesn’t love me.

    Sometimes life is complicated, when we face a problem, we have to analysis it. Confront it!
    It is up to the writers, but if they get it right. It would be something to enjoy watching. So let wait and see.
    Today episode was really good, I was enjoying watching this show.

    1. Mystery

      As per the spoilers …yuvaan will start loving Krishna…..that’s y m saying…if this is true then… will be fun to see the triangle…

  7. Honeypriya

    Dats completely true
    jealousy brings out true love

    1. Mystery

      Thanks yrr….n m also waiting for the updates….they were dancing on donning table….oh god…..lovely….u know what I like two pairs very much….kriyyam n sharad n bhavna….

  8. kriyam rocks

    I just saw you used the word KRIYAMITES and I feel like I’ve started a revolution now…LOL…the KRIYAMITE revolution…I agree with you though…can’t wait to see Sayyam’s jealousy and the intense eyes and dialogues we’ll be getting…

    1. Mystery


  9. Hey where is the updates. It was so funny. Bhavna and sharda should have danced to the humma song. That would have been more funny.

    To your questions mystery, I agree with all of you. There need to be realisation, there need to honestly, there need to be confrontation, and most of all closer.

  10. Mystery

    Thanks yrr….n m also waiting for the updates….they were dancing on donning table….oh god…..

  11. I want to see when sayyam start loving Krishna. It is confirmed that Krishna has feelings for sayyam.sayyam also has feelings for her but why will he always be rude with her. It is better if sayyam realises her feelings for Krishna.otherwise yuvaan will try to create misunderstandings between sayyam and Krishna.Hope that sayyam will realise his feelings.

    1. Mystery

      In today’s epi…he was so so so rude…..

  12. Misspoetess

    Would seriously love to read the episodes.
    Pls update asap.

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