SaIna TS: A Night With My Kidnapper- PART 7

Part 7-


Deep Forest

King Sameer is shown running inside the hut and looks deeply at Princess Naina, who is shown losing her consciousness…Princess Naina tries to get up but is unable, due to her weak state…Soon, Princess Naina faints, while King Sameer takes her in his arms and goes towards the fire created to keep them warm…

King Sameer takes round of this fire with Princess Naina in his arms…

Sameer(In his mind): I know Princess, if you had been CONSCIOUS you would have never allowed this to take place…But there is only this way to SAVE you…MY PRINCESS…I know I should have taken your permission before doing this MARRIAGE, but if I would have then I know you would have never agreed to it, in the first place…I know it’s wrong, but to SAVE MY PRINCESS I can do anything…When the witch Vishakha told me SOMEONE has already entered my life, I knew then and there that it’s MY PRINCESS only…I always wanted to MARRY that person whom I LOVED, and not the person whom I NEVER LOVED…I know Princess, you are very angry with me right now, and you should as I tried to KILL YOU, and for this nor your FAMILY nor your PEOPLE will ever forgive me…King Baldev will hate me even more now…But I LOVE YOU PRINCESS and living LIFE without you, I can’t even think about that…For you Princess, I can take anyone’s wrath too, but right now your SAFETY is more important than anything else…Whatever everyone says, I know I am NOT doing any wrong…

King Sameer had completed 5 pheres, when Princess Naina suddenly opens her eyes slightly, due to the growing heat of the fire, as they were so near to it…King Sameer gets very happy to see Princess Naina open her eyes…Princess Naina tries to understand the situation…

Naina: What is all this?…Why have you picked me up like this King?…Why are we so close to the fire?…Keep me down…Now!!!!!…
Sameer: I am MARRYING you Princess…Only 2 pheres are remaining…After that, this MARRIAGE will be successful…Tomorrow, when you go back to your parents Princess, SOMEONE should be there by you to answer your parents questions…After we get married, no one will have any problems Princess…


BG: “Princess Naina was still trying to figure out, what was happening!!!…Princess Naina couldn’t believe, that she was in the middle of her own MARRIAGE rituals…Princess Naina knew King Sameer would not let her go, but deep down her heart, she knew that everything that was happening was right…Due to the weak state, Princess Naina wanted to believe her HEART…”


Swati is shown looking at King Sameer and Princess Naina…She gets happy as well as little JEALOUS too…

Swati(In her mind): Today I am very happy to see Nain ALIVE and SAFE…Though I wanted Nain to HATE that King Sameer, so that my way gets easy…But I was wrong and now I am happy that I took a right DECISION…No one can LOVE Nain like King Sameer…I am very happy for you Nain…

Swati goes from there…



Naina: I don’t know whether what your doing now, I will accept it tomorrow or not…Maybe after coming to my senses completely tomorrow, I will not abide by this MARRIAGE but my heart says not to stop what’s happening today…So, King complete the MARRIAGE, don’t stop…If you LOVE me like this for your entire life, I am ready to be your QUEEN!!!…

Saying this, Princess Naina gets UNCONSCIOUS again…King Sameer couldn’t believe what he heard…

Sameer(In his mind): I am happy with the fact that for now Princess accepted me…

King Sameer gets excited and quickly completes the last 2 pheres…King Sameer pierced his thumb to pour some of his blood in Princess Naina’s maang to mark her HIS forever…King Sameer kisses Princess Naina on her forehead and gently placed her on the bed…


King Sameer looks at HIS Princess very LOVINGLY!!!…King Sameer takes off his clothes and gets on the bed, over HIS Princess…Princess Naina breathes HEAVILY…King Sameer kisses on her eyes and then on her nose tip…Princess Naina moans in pleasure as she could feel his every touch…King Sameer then moves towards her LIPS…Princess Naina equally kisses him back passionately…King Sameer gets excited…


King Sameer moves down and caresses her legs and thighs and kisses her there…Princess Naina responds his kisses and touch by lifting her CHEST up and down…King Sameer sees this and gets even more excited…


BG: “Though Princess Naina is not in a state to say or do anything but still King Sameer’s every touch was affecting her very deeply and this only gave rise to King Sameer’s HUNGER more…”


King Sameer removes Princess Naina’s clothes…Princess Naina can be seen in her inners now…King Sameer moves upwards and kisses on her navel, giving her pleasure…King Sameer unhooks her blouse and removes it’s one side and kisses on her shoulders there, and then moves towards her neck and gives her a deep bite there…Princess Naina holds onto his back as she lets out a moan…King Sameer removes her other side of the blouse and covers them with her chunri…King Sameer holds her mound and with his nose tip rubs there sensually…..Princess Naina’s grip on his back gets tight as she thrusts her fingers in his back….King Sameer moans in pleasure this time……King Sameer moves down and kisses on her private parts….Princess Naina moans in pleasure as she tightly holds onto his hairs…..


King Sameer and Princess Naina’s legs are shown entwined…..King Sameer rubs on her bare back as she responds equally to his LOVE…..


Both parted ways breathing heavily…..King Sameer looks at HIS Princess…..

Sameer(In his mind): I know Princess, today EVERYTHING GOT CHANGED, but our LOVE FOR EACH OTHER WILL NEVER CHANGE…..Deep down my heart I am sure of you remembering every bit of our LOVE, which we shared today…..And as I promised I will never leave you and make you my QUEEN in true sense…..MY Princess…..


King Sameer kisses on her forehead and then moves towards her LIPS….Soon, they gets into a passionate liplock…..King Sameer takes her in his embrace and sleeps holding her tightly…..


BG: “Today, King Sameer and Princess Naina became ONE…..This HOLY UNION is witnessed by the MOON, as they are shown from the TOP…..”



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