They said it would never last (Swasan OS)

~They said it would never last ~

Hey guys, it’s Aashi again with a swasan os! Many of you had demanded a happy ending os, so here is it?
Hope you all will like it.


“Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.”

Every girl dreams of getting married to a person, who is honest,who respects her and her family. I had also dreamt of my Mr perfect, physical looks were secondly but he should be understanding, unlike my parents who used to fight and made me cry. I started to believe that love was a false fantasy, which existed in a fairy tale
But he was the who comes as a hope of light through my sea of darkness.
I married him and became Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari and this is my love story.

I was doing btech 3rd year from BiITS Goa, being a literature lover, I used to look upon the pages like anonymous writer, scribbled story, the melting words and few more, but he got my attention, the sole writer of the page “The felicitous word”. One and only Sanskaar Maheshwari. I checked his profile, he was 28 , his ideas, his thinking, the way he responded to everyone, his chivalric behaviour and everything made him my crush, I loved to read his veiw and express mine to his, though he never had any debate but we used to fight for it! He was an engineer working in Infosys at Bengaluru . He was 28 and I was only 21.
Days passed, my college got completed.
It was a time for my job, I looked for the best job I could get, and luckily I got into Infosys, Bengaluru.
Now we didn’t talked much as he was busy in his life and I was in mine!

I started working, and after an year I was shifted under his guidance. Luckily he recognized me!
First time we ever met!
He was much more handsome than the photos on Facebook.
The way he explained me things was so nice!

From virtual we became real life friends.
But who knows it was the beginning of my love journey!❤

Every girl used to check him, drool over him and I just stated back being envy of them! He wasn’t married yet and he didn’t had thoughts either!

My parents started looking for a husband, like seriously, whosoever I saw I rejected him, I never trusted on marriage and how can I, those childhood impression always run in my mind. I still remembered how my father was asking for seperation from my mother! Though nothing was like that anymore, but those cries, screams, pain still echoed me!

One day he found me crying, when I was asked I told my parents wanted me to marry someone.

He asked what was wrong in that, and then I blurted my heart out to someone. He understood my pain and agony which I had burried inside me! He talked to my parents. Luckily they understand it too!
Was it this simple?

I helped me to overcome my grievances, he started to hang out, my parents trusted him a lot, they never stopped me from hanging out with him! And then I was falling for him, day by day, more and more, harder and harder!
I could understand was this amicable or more than that relationship. Was I still a friend of him or much more than that?

One day we went for outing, we danced in a club, we drank to the fullest extent. We had lost our senses! There was some kind of party song playing on and what happened next was my dream! We kissed
We both participated in a kiss where we got lost! I started to fell a whole zoo in stomach
I flushed with red!
I started looking down biting my lips! I was blushing!
And I don’t know when we slept!
Next morning when I woke up , me , my friends, him all were sleeping on dance floor
I reached Home just to face the anger of my parents. They scolded me for night coming the whom night and few ladies taunted me with going out and partying with Sanskaar .
That was it for my mom dad , they decided to marry me with some random guy!
Sanskaar came him one day, just to make sure why I wasn’t coming to office. He was thrown out, they said a guy like him is not allowed. He said he wanted to meet me once, but they didn’t allowed.

That night he came by climbing up the pipe, when he entered I just ran him and said I don’t want to marry that guy.
He chinned up my face, wiped my tears
and asked are you sure?
I nod my head and he whispered I love you! Do you love me?
Tears started to brim in my eyes, I couldn’t believe he was proposing me and I managed to say a yes
He asked will I marry yes and what I can do was to give him a tight wala hug.

Next day he came to ask my hand in marriage
I was beyond happy ?
Instead of parents my neighbour said,” Have you seen your age difference, Bhaiya Bhabhi this would never last.

I don’t know how I came up with courage, I said how can it never last, we loved each
Other, we both understand each other sorrow and happiness.

My parents asked that is this really my will to marry him. I Said “YES”.

With the consultance of parents we got married!

Now we both our parents of our daughter Aashi? .

Pov ends

Aashi: Mumma I want to stay at nani’s house today. She made a puppy pleading face.
Swara( who could not deny) yes beta you can, but do not disturb your nani.
With her little fingers she did a pinky promise and went happily.

The door bell rang and sanskaar came,” he asked where princess ?”

“She went to maa house”

Sanskaar face started to gleam,” So finally there is no one in house”

“Yes,there’s no one”

And before Swara understand anything,
Sanskaar carried her to the bed and the light goes off!

So guys finally it’s my first happy ending os, hope you all liked it
Do shoot your comments ?

By love,

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  1. Simin

    Its really cute
    Very few are lucky to spend their entire life with the one whom they love

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much!!,yes only few are lucky to live along with the one whom they love

  2. Independent

    loved it

    1. Aashi

      Thank you!

  3. Tamil


  4. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear…

    1. Aashi

      Tysm! <3

  5. Mumpi

    its cute one

  6. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear…Loved it

    1. Aashi

      Thank you

  7. Kakali

    Aashii..!! waaaa .. one more OS ..that tooo happy ending walla.. wahh.. !! loved it sooo much dear.. ! it’s soo beautiful n the entire concept is different from ur previous works n as usual u rocked..!! very nice dear..!! Bring more OS .. !! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Aashi

      Haan yrr…happy ending wala…i mean I cannot believe actually i have written it! I live dark and sad ending story!
      Glad that you liked it!

  8. Wow loved it

  9. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

    1. Aashi

      Tysm dear

  10. Shreeyu

    Oh wow dear….this one is truly amazing loved it….. So now m again back to my work that is waiting for your next work…

    1. Aashi

      I’m really happy that you liked!! Actually you are the motivation for this OS!
      A tight hug to you!!
      Thank you so much ❤

  11. G.Chandu

    amazing…!! loved it…!!

    1. Aashi


  12. Malika

    waaaahhh thank you sooooo much for writing a happy ending on swasannn !! its outstanding now !! hahhahahah awwww ashiiii swasann daughter!! cutieee !! wooow swasan romance and their meeting !!! it was beyond words i really love it!! when sanskar secretly meet swara , wipe her tears, and many more all were fantastic one .. you know what i really like your works … truly telling you!! keeping smiling and stay blessed!! well come up to another amazing os !! like this one !!

    1. Aashi

      Thanks you so much darling!
      I am on seventh sky!! Your comment made my dear!! You all are my actual inspiration… Thank you for tht?

      1. Thanks aashi

      2. Malika

        and you are becoming my fav writer!! awwwwwww i love to read your work!! thank youuuuu and you are our expectation!! love youuuuu

      3. Aashi

        Love you too dear!❤

  13. Soujanya


    1. Aashi


  14. Just loved it ????..can I get the link of ur previous OS… If u can

    1. Aashi

      Thanks! You can get all my previous works in profile

    1. Aashi


  15. Raina

    i loved it…..its simple and sweet

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much!!?

  16. Sanswa

    Amazing dear…loved so much..?

  17. Srusti

    Amazing dear

    1. Aashi

      Thanks babe!

  18. Awesome dear . Keep writing like this

    1. Aashi

      Thank you!! Definitely I will write for you all?

  19. wowwwwwwww
    this was soooo beautiful, lovely and sweet
    keep writing di

    1. Aashi

      Thank you so much dear!!?

  20. Simi

    Awesome dear?
    Its a blessing to marry that person we love with our parents consent ??

    1. Aashi

      Tysm! <3

  21. Scooby

    Beautiful aashi..

    1. Aashi

      Thanks navi

  22. Loved dear!! It was wonderful☺

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  24. excellent .i loved it a lot

    1. Aashi

      Thank you!

  25. Arshaanya

    Loved it

  26. SWASAN

    loved it……

  27. Awesome.. Loved it.

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      Thank you!

  28. Good one

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      Thank you?

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  31. Adishu

    just one question aashi… how do u everyday come up with new ideas so fast…. how do u write so fast…. every day one different stories….

    1. Aashi

      Actually my initial shots were written last year!! So it was quite convenient for me to post them…and I have many concept so it’s just easy! The thing I need to do is to pen them down!

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