Sahil and SehaanーJeenay ki wajha (An unknown love , of ages) Promo


I am Sorry Guys… I was not updating since long… I will update this FF every Tuesday… as I am currently busy with 4FFs so I have been given each FD different days?So I will be posting this FF of mine on Tuesdays so it will be easy for you and me as well as☺Today I’m giving you guys a promo because I am not at home insteinstead at my grandmother’s place so it’s not easy to post over here I hope you guys can understand??So without wasting anymore time let’s see what I have in store for you all☺

In the upcoming episodes Tridha whose role will be played by Tanya Sharma will be increasing the problems of Sanam and Seher… but Seher will make up a story and make Aahil and Rehaan believe that they both are the actual event manger not the girl standing in front of you… from here all the problems will start as it was Tridha’s first project she will swear to avenge SehNam….She will leave the house but will soon return…. So her chapter is close for a few episodes

Now the problem for SehNam is that they don’t know anything about event managing and everything will go topsy turvy… Aahil who loves wild environment will find his house decorated with flowers… Rehaan will be tensed for SehNam as they might get scolded by Aahil but let’s see what will be Aahil’s reaction!!

From here SehNam’s mission of ruining Tanveer will start in the party something shocking will happen… Any guesses what??

So here the promo ends I hope you enjoyed it tell me via comments☺☺
Love you all???

Credit to: Zuha

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  1. I understand dear…but interesting promo!!?oh my sehnam’s arrangement of flowers!!! Aahil toh..?luvvyaa take care????

    1. Thanks dear for your lovely comment it really makes me feel good☺ And love you 2 ??

  2. Awsm promo…loved it….

  3. Zuha dear promo is very interesting woah flowers 😛 love u

  4. Just loved the promo tridha’s character will suit Tanya very well

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