Sahil and SehaanーJeenay ki wajha (An unknown love , of ages) Episode 4 (part1)


So Guys I am back with Episode 4 (part 1) of the FF “Sahil and Sehaan – Jeenay ki wajha (An unknown love , of ages)
I hope you guys are doing well!!
Let’s have a short recap before starting the episode;
Recap: Sanam tensed for Seher’s next step…..
Episode 4:

*****Sanam’s POV*****
I was tensed as I was sure something was going in her mind and her next step maybe dangerous…I noticed her moving ahead, I tried to stop her but in vain…
*****End of POV*****

*****Seher’s POV*****
I moved but I know how was I feeling, my hands were trembling, my eyes turn red, sweat was following my body, my heart beat increased…I moved towards Tridha and stand in front of her…
*****End of POV*****

*****Sanam’s POV*****
She stood in front of Tridha, my tension increased as I noticed her shaking hands moving upwards, as she was about to slap….
*****End of POV*****

Seher raised her hand and slapped Tridha tight….

Seher:How dare you, allege us by saying, you were called not us!
Tridha:Excuse me moi madam(FRENCH meaning, excuse me Madam) How dare you to slap me!
Seher:Firstly tell me who are you?
Tridha: This should be my question, who are you? BTW if you have not listened it, I am Tridha Chowdry, event manager, called here by Mr.Aahil Raza Ibrahim to manage this party!!
Seher:Hey, I am Sunehri, and she is Jiana, my sister, and we are here to manage this party!
Tridha: What proof do you have?
Seher:You may call our company to check!!

*****Sanam’s POV*****
Has she lost it MAN!! Which company?!?! Josh mein hosh kho bethi hai yeh ladki (She has lost her senses) And if Aahil Sir or Rehaan, or this nai musibat (new problem) ask the company then what? This insane girl will drive me insane!!!!!!
I was more tensed when Rehaan sir asked to call the company. Seher took hold of her mobile and dialed the number, OMG!!! OH GOD PLEASE HELP THIS INSANE GIRL!!!
Seher called someone and said to that caller: Hello! Madam, I am the event manager which was sent to Haveli, please can you confirm it!!

I was confused, I pinched her, and said, “Who the hell, have you call!”
And she gave me the reply, BADI AMMI!!

*****End of POV*****
Sanam(whispering):Badi Ammi??
Seher:yes!! Now just wait and watch!!

Rehaan(on the call): Hello, I am Rehaan Raza Ibrahim, actually there is a confusion, can you please tell us did you send Ms.Sunehri and her sister Ms.Jiana?
Dilshad:Yes, our company has send them as said by Mr.Aahil Raza Ibrahim!
Rehaan:Thank you so much Madam!
Dilshad:My pleasure!
And disconnects the call!

Rehaan: Sunehri and Jiana will be organizing this event, and you miss , I think so you have face some misconception you may leave!
Seher:And what proof you have, do you have your ID card or your visiting card with you?
Tridha:Yes, I have it in my bag!!

She doesnot found her bag, and says, “Oh shoot!! I forgot my bag in the cab!”

Seher:Huh! A new story! Miss we have loads of work , will you please leave!
Tridha: But….

The guards come and they throw her out…

Tridha look at the Haveli vengefull and says, “I have never bear that much of insult and now you 2 are gone!! It was my 1st project and you 2 ruined everything, now just wait and watch, what I will do now!!

The screen freezes on Tridha’s face!!

Pracap: A big shock at the party…….

Credit to: Zuha Fatima (SuNusZuRah)

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