Sahil and SehaanーJeenay ki wajha (An unknown love , of ages) Episode 3…suspense

I said that I will be uploading Tuesday but I was free so I thought of posting it now! Thnx for your love and support always and today’s episode is quite short and may have some lackings because I am not at my place so I am sorry?

Recap:SehNam entering Haveli…. Tridha’s entry……

All were confused on the circumstances…. SehNam were tensed as for ReHil they had no clue….

*****Sanam’s POV*****
Ya Allah! What’s going on… You know why are we here to avenge those people whose hands are coloured with our parents’ murder… Please help us and bring us out of this problem… Today if you will help us my faith on you will increase…. Please God help us because you are the one who help your people… Please Ammi Abbu help us… we are here for your revenge please help us….


*****Seher’s POV*****
I am Sorry Tridha I know this is your work and you are the one who was called but I can’t risk our mission… I know Allah what I will be doing is wrong…. please forgive me!


*****Sanam’s POV*****
I noticed Seher moving ahead I tried to stop her but in vain…. I know she is quite immature at times and her anger is also ver horrifying… I was frightened of her next step of which I was not aware I just pray to God that please help us in our mission… She stepped towards Aahil sir… increasing my tension and said……


Here the episode ends…. I know it is incomplete as the title indicates… chapter suspense… so I am leaving it on this note the next part will be the revelation of Seher’s next step so hold your horses….

Keep smiling☺

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  1. Sanam Sania (Sarah's and nusz ff lover)

    shrtest… epi you wrote

    1. Ohhhh…. I am Sorry dear ?

  2. Sanam Sania (Sarah's and nusz zuha..ff lover)

    but gud pst asya and huyasaan…

    1. Yeah I will be posting on Monday☺Inshaàllah

    1. Thanks Sarah….

  3. Awesome

    1. Thnx Orvana….

  4. Sonali jhadav

    Awesome one zuha

    1. Thanx Sonali Jhadav…

  5. Awsm epi…update next soon

    1. Thanx Kriya…. ASAP☺

  6. Superbb zuha!?take care luvvuu

    1. Thanks Sanju… you also TC…. love u 2!

  7. I know I’m very late to comment but what to do ?? Kid in house 😛 have to play all day and after that school starts 😛 the pov are super … love u loads

    Sunehri mehta ♡ ( sunuzurah besties forever )

    1. Thanks dear… I can understand and no worries… Thanks dear… indeed SuNusZuRah are best friends 4rever…. ?

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