Sahil and SehaanーJeenay ki wajha (An unknown love , of ages) Episode 2


Guys , I am back, many of you said that you are waiting for my Asya FF , so dear friends I have posted it twice but it is not appearing , now I will try posting it through my Lap top as I usually post it through mobile? Anyways, Guys thanks for your valuable comments , hoping that my FF is enjoyable and is enjoyed by all? If you feel that anywhere somethong is lacking , do tell me so I can enhance my writing skills and I will not at all mind?
Recap:Seher wons gold medal in rifle shooting , past related to Asya’s death , bitter relationship of Aahil and Rehaan , Tanveer released from Jail!!

Episode 2:
Scene 1:Aahil’s haveli
Rehaan enters with Tanveer , Aahil was talking on phone , when he turns to disconnect the call immediately and rushes to Tanveer.

Aahil:Ammi….and hugs her….
Tanveer:Aahil beta, I missed you and this haveli alot.

Tanveer thinks,”I indeed miss you beta because if you are not there , then how will I achieve this haveli and live a lavish life as I always wanted!” Bilorani plays….

Aahil:I also missed you alot Ammi.

Tanveer sheds fake tears while talking to Aahil and on seeing them Rehaan is irked and thinks,”Hats off to you Begum Sahiba!! How can you do so nice acting , becahre Aahil bhai he does not know your reality , the day he comes to know it he will break down , I feel ashamed to be your son??”

Aahil:Rehaan , why are you standing there , afterall she is also your ammi!
Rehaan:Aahil Bhai , I am happy over here!!
Aahil:As you wish!

Tanveer thinks, “I know Rehaan beta you are disappointed with yout Ammi , but don’t you worry I will mend up all the things.”

Aahil:Anyways , Rehaan I have decided to throw a party as Ammi has returned back , and you will manage everything , I hope you won’t disappoint me!
Rehaan:Ji Aahil Bhai!

Tanveer thinks,”Mere bete ko toh nokar bana ke rakha hai iss Aahil ne (This Aahil has made my son his slave) Aahil your time will be over soon! Once I get hold of the property then see what I will do!” Bilorani plays….

Tanveer:Aahil beta no need of it…
Aahil:Ammi , please let me do!
Tanveer:OK , if your happiness lies in it , so I won’t mind!
Aahil:Thank you Ammi!

Rehaan leaves from there , irked!

Scene shifts to SehNam’s place….
Seher comes running to Sanam.

Seher:I got it!
Sanam:Got what?
Seher:Haan , Idea , I got an idea how to enter Haveli.
Sanam:For whom are you waiting , tell me!
Seher:I have heard that Aahil Raza Ibrahim is throwing a party on Tanveer’s return….
Sanam:Who is this new character in the story , Aahil Raza Ibrahim??
Seher:Tanveer’s son..
Seher:Budhoo..Tanveer married Nawab Sahib , so he is the son of Nawab Sahib.
Sanam:Ohhhh….I see….
Seher:Now the whole responsibilty is on Rehaan Raza Ibrahim…
Sanam:Now who is this Rehaan?
Seher:Ufffff….Tanveer’s son…Now before you ask any more questions , Rehaan is Tanveer’s ill-legitimate son.
Sanam:How cheap is this Tanveer.
Seher:Leave it , look we will go there as event manager , You will manage the event and I , the music.
Sanam:Not bad huh…I am proud of you sissy.

They hug.

Scene 3:Rehaan’s room.
Tanveer enters Rehaan’s room , he is frustated to see her.

Rehaan:Do you have any work BGST?
Tanveer:Beta , why are you calling me BGST, I am Nawaban for the entire world but for you I am your only mother!
Rehaan:Acha! What about Aahil bhai?
Tanveer:When you know the answer so why are you wasting time in these stupid questions.
Rehaan:You are correct , I know the answer but I want to hear it from you.

No reply.

Rehaan:You know who turn the faces from reality , cowards and you are a coward!!!

Rehaan claps.??????

Rehaan:Wow!!! You can’t love anyone , also not me , you know why , because you are selfish , I feel horrible to be your son!!
Tanveer:Just shut up!! I am not saying anything it does not mean you can say anything! I am your mother!! UNDERSTAND!!!
Rehaan:That is my life’s biggest problem that you are my mother!!

The very moment Aahil enters , and she starts caressing him and shows concern.

Aahil:What’s going on?
Tanveer:Just came here to talk to my son.
Aahil:Anyways , Rehaan I came here to tell you that I have talked to an event manager she will be reaching here anytime. You better deal with her!
Rehaan:Ji Aahil Bhai!

Tanveer thinks, “Hukm toh aise chala raha hai jaise mere bete ko khareed lya ho.(He is giving orders to my son as he has bought him!)”

The bell rings , Rehaan forwards to leave , but Aahil stops him;

Aahil:I will see , you talk with Ammi.

He leaves , while Rehaan eyes Tanveer in disgust and leaves angrily.Tanveer also walks out in anger.

Aahil opens the door , its Sanam , as he opens , Sanam falls in his arms (Junoon tere ishq ka , plays) they share an awkward eye lock!!
They compose.

Aahil:Yes , what are you doing over here?
Sanam:Hello! I am called here to manage an event.
Aahil:So you are the one , may I know your name??
Sanam:It is…..

She gives a pause and thinks, “Maybe Tanveer knows my name and also I am not an event manager , if they’ll come to know my name it”ll be a huge problem it is better to not tell my name.”

Sanam:It is Jiana…You may call me Jia.
Aahil:Whatever!! Rehaan!!!

Rehaan comes hurriedly.

Rehaan:Ji Aahil Bhai!!
Aahil:Rehaan she will be managing the event I want you to supervise her.
Rehaan:OK Aahil Bhai.
Aahil:I am need to invite guests , you take care here.
Rehaan:As you wish Aahil Bhai.

Aahil leaves.

Rehaan:So…I am Rehaan Raza Ibrahim younger bro of Mr.Aahil Raza Ibrahim.
Sanam:Nice meeting you Sir , I am Jiana , in short Jia.
Rehaan gives a smile?
Rehaan:Bhai likes wild things so it is better to keep wild theme.
Sanam:OK sir!

She thinks, “Now what is wild theme , Seher kahan phasa dia , I thought you just have to set up flowers and all but….What shall I do now?”

Rehaan comes to the lawn where he sees Seher and misunderstands her as Sanam urf Jiana.

Rehaan thinks, “I left her inside but she is here..”

Rehaan says , “Excuse me!” He pats on her shoulder. She turns and falls over him , Tose naina jab se mile plays (Guys I have selected this for Sehaan , coz I love this song?)
They compose.

Rehaan:Jiana I left you inside just a minute ago , I can not understand what are you doing overhere.
Seher:Excuse me , I am not any Jiana Shiana , you are mistaken.

Just then Sanam comes out and sees all this , and hits her head with her hand and thinks,”This Seher will surely make me fall in a problem! Kya karun?)

Rehaan:Look Jiana I don’t have time for your stupid jokes , please go and work!
Seher:Aap ko samajh nahi aata , mera naam Jiana nahi hai (Don’t you understand , my name is not Jiana) I have a name which is S….
Sanam shouts:Sunehri!!

Sehaan turns to see Sanam urf Jiana thier.

Seher gives her ,What Is Going On?, look , Sanam says to her in action , Let It Be!

Rehaan:You 2 … I mean … your faces …
Sanam:Our faces are alike , we are sisters , twin sisters.
Sanam:I am Jiana and she is Sunehri!
Rehaan:OK! Jiana and Sunehri!

He leaves from there confused.

Seher:Now tell me , What is going on!
Sanam:I will tell you , just come inside!

Sanama narrates the whole story to Seher.

Seher:Genius! Afterall you are my sister!
Sanam:Just shut up! The problem is that we have been given wild theme for the party and we both are not event managers.
Seher:Don’t you worry!!Look both the brothers are present here , act as doing work.

The bell rings. Rehaan opens the door , a girl enters wearing a pink shirt , and white capri. Her name is Tridha , she will be playing vamp here.

Rehaan:Ji muhtarma , aap ki tareef! (Yes Madam , your introduction!)
Tridha:I am Tridha Chowdry , an event manager , I am called here by Mr.Aahil Raza Ibrahim.

SehNam gives an Oooopssss look to each other , While ReHil look towards them amazed.

Sanam thinks, ”Ab toh gaye bachoo!! (We are gone now!)”

Seher thinks, ”Ab iss musibat ka tor nikal Sunehri! Uffffoooo mean to say Seher(Now think for a solution Seher!)

Scene ends on the tensed faces of SehNam.

Precap:A big shock in the party…..

I hope you enjoyed! Guys , I have a poll for you guys , who you want as Tridha;
1)Tanya Sharma from SNS playing Meera.
2)Akansha Chamola from Swaragini playing Pari
3)Charu Mehra from YKAGH playing Avanti.

Keep smiling , keep reading and keep COMMENTING???
Zuha Fatima

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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