Sahil and SehaanーJeenay ki wajha (An unknown love , of ages) Episode 1

Welcome back , Guys!! Once again Zuha here , not with my Asya FF , the new one , for Sahil and Sehaan??Anyway , I will be posting Asya one today itself that is my promise??As I have given you the introduction , so here is the Ep.1
Hope you all enjoy it , tell me through your precious comments??

Episode 1:

A small house is shown, a beautiful girl, wearing a white salwar kameez is seen reciting Holy Quran, she finishes reading and raises her palms for supplication , and says , “Ya Allah!! 20 yrs have passed and my parents’ murderers are not punished for their sins , today is a very painful day in our lives , Please don’t let me break down as I have to support my family.”

The girl says , Ameen!!! And her face is revealed , she is none other than our beautiful Sanam.

A girl is seen holding a rifle in a big ground , all are shouting , “SEHER , SEHER!!” She points towards a man upon him an apple is placed. She fires and it hits the apple. All clap.
Judge , “So this year the winner of Rifle shooting is none other than Seher Asad Ahmed Khan!!!!”

Yes the girl is our Seher.

She receives the gold medal , the mic is given to her ;
Seher:This award is dedicated to my late.parents, Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan. I know they are not between us , but they live in my heart , I know they are seeing me and will be feeling proud of there daughter. I don’t like to give nor like to hear long adresses on stage but today my biggest aim came true , and the whole credit goes to my Badi Ammi and my sister , they are my pillars of support , they are not here but still Thank you Guys!!

She leaves the stage.

At Sanam’s place……
The bell rings , Sanam opens it , it is Seher.
Seher hugs her tightly.
Seher:Sanam , Sanam , I am so happy , I won!!
Sanam:Congrats Sunehri!!
Seher:U know na Sanam I hate that name. Anyway , I am not in the mood to fight , where is Badi Ammi?
Sanam:In her room…
Seher:BADI AMMI!!!

Dilshad comes and says:From this noise I can easily tell that our monsoon has come.

Seher rushes to her and hugs her:Badi Ammi!!!
Dilshad:I know,you won!!
Seher:How do you know??
Dilshad:Because I know my daughters can never loose!! A mother knows everything.

The girls hug Dilshad!!

Seher:Badi Ammi you promised that you will tell us the biggest truth behind our parents’ death on their 20th death anniversary and today is the day.
Sanam:Please Badi Ammi , we want to know who was behind our parents’ death.

A FB is shown;
It is SehNam’s b’day , AsYa are very happy.
Asad:Mrs.Khan , My princesses will go on me.
Zoya:Be quiet , My daughters will go on me!!
Asad:Ohhhhh….But why?
Zoya:Because I am their mother!!
Asad:Like ways , I their father.
Zoya:But Paradise lies under mother’s feet.
Asad:So you mean to say , that Hell lies under father’s feet.
Zoya:I don’t know about others but maybe under my fire ball hubby.
Asad:Very funny!!
Zoya:I don’t care on whom they go on but they should grow up to be good humans as well as a good muslim.
Asad:Insha Allah.
Zoya:Do you want any 1 quality to be in any of our daughters?
Asad:Rifle shooting!!
Zoya:Rifle shooting??!!
Asad:Yes! I always wanted to know Rifle shooting but I was not able to , so I want one of my daughter to become a rifle shooter.
Zoya:Not bad huh!
Asad:What about you??
Zoya:Well issi baat pe aik sher arz hai , Irshaad!
Zoya:Toh arz kia hai,
Main hoon best , meri shayari best ,
Main chati hoon beti meri bane shayar world’s best!!

(I am best , my poetry is best!
I want my daughter to become a poet world’s best)

Asad:Wah , wah Zoya Wah!!
Zoya:How was it??
Asad:Shayari? Mind blowing , my mind seriously blew.
Zoya:Uffooo!!My wish.
Asad:I just wish she does not bring pain in her husband’s ears by her shayari. I know how it feels.

Zoya hits Asad slightly , they hug.

AsYa were in their rooms , when Tanveer enters and stabs them.

Asad:What did you do!!!!

They writhles in pain.

Tanveer:Today my madness won and your love lost!! Hahaha???
Zoya:Love is eternal , it never looses!
Asad:This is your loss , not ours!

Tanveer stabs them again.They breathe their last breath and die after confessing their love.
Dilshad runs and escapes with the girls.

FB ends.

All are teary-eyed.

Scene shifts to a big haveli.

A boy is seen getting ready , wearing white shirt , blue panta and a blue blazer , he shouts , “Rehaan!!”

A dashing boy comes who is none other than Rehaan.

Rehaan:Ji Aahil Bhai!

Yes , the other handsome hunk is Aahil.

Aahil:Are ammi’s bail papers ready?
Rehaan:Yes , bhai!!
Aahil:Good , I am so happy , finally Ammi will be back after 20 yrs! Nothing should be lacking in the arrangements!
Rehaan:OK bhai!
Aahil:Rehaan , except for , ”Ji Aahil Bhai!” , ”Yes Aahil Bhai!”, ”OK Aahil Bhai!” , ”No Aahil Bhai!!” can you say anything else.
Rehaan:Sorry Aahil Bhai!!
Aahil:Look again!!C’mon I am your bro. Man!! Anyway , I have to go , I have work!!

He leaves , Rehaan thinks , ”Aahil Bhai , I can not give answers to your questions , I also want you to hug you tightly and want to say how much I love my bro. but I can’t! I am sorry! Somethings are better the way they are!!

Scene again shifts to SehNam’s residence.

All are crying , the TV was on , the news of Tanveer’s release was on , Seher in rage switches off the TV , and throws the remote.

Seher:Tanveer you are dead!!
Sanam:I won’t spare you Tanveer!!

Scene shifts to Police station….
Tanveer comes out of PS and thinks ,”Today I am free , now look how I will rule over whole Bhopal. , just wait and watch what I will do”

Bilorani plays.

Episode ends……

Precap:Aahil decides to throw a party as Tanveer is back , Sanam enters their as event manager while Seher as DJ…Now the thing is how the 4 individuals end up together….

Hope you enjoyed. Tell me via comments?

Credit to: Zuha Fatima


  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Wow super my little sis!!! You’re indeed rocking this fam fiction!!!! I loved the first episode already!!! Hope they used this idea on the actual QH.

    Anyways good luck writing next epsiode.
    Lots of love

    • Sunehri

      Nusz dear did you read my 27th episode ??? If yes what’s your feedback dear 🙂 .. Please do leave a comment and there’s a surprise for you , zuha Sarah in my next episode 😉

      • Omg really thanks sum love you ??? so ummm when you are gonna upload the nxt ep and pls sun check my ep 20 bcz i have commented you asked for help right you can check !

    • Zuha Fatima

      Thanks Nuszz , I am happy that you enjoyed my FF!! THANKS FOR APPRECIATING MY IDEA!! UMMMMAAAHHH!!!

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