Saga of love (Episode 6)


Hi guys as I said second epi …pls read and enjoy…let’s start…
Sorry I forgot to give PRECAP in last epi..
Adarsh got ready to leave office as he had an very important meeting todaywith government
officials regarding establishing free medical
camps allbover he got ready fast ..he placed a peck on sharoon..and left ….and was at table for breakfast around 7 am suhashini came and asked whether he will meet an girl
today…he did not say anything and started his car to reach office. ..he reached about 8 am…the meeting started by 9 am ….the meeting
went long and ended by 2pm and he took his
lunch fast and was ready for next session of meeting.. the meeting started adarsh argumented for establishing free medical
camps all over India …at top of his voice…the
meeting went so hot..and the meeting ended by 5 on ..the meeting was unsuccessful as the officials said establishing medical camps costs

high ..hence the matter will be taken to president ..and the result will be decided
and went..adarsh went to his office and checked the mails while he got a call from home minister of an important meeting that will be
held now and his presence should be there. .he
said and disconnected…he was in the meeting and he got a call from sooraj and he asked permission to take the call..the minister said ya
you can robinhood all who were in the meeting

laughed. ..hearing his name..he went out and tooked the call ..sooraj informed him about swadeentha the girl has come to see u ..and she is waiting…will I be asle to meet hear…or else I will ask her to leave? ADARSH interuppted while he spoke and said that his meeting would be over by an another half hour hence ask her to wait I will come…he said without an gap..seeing his enthusiasm sooraj said thatok Romeo cool I will ask her wait…adarsh called his name in fake anger…and disconnected the call and went into meeting…the meeting went so long that he forgotten about swadeentha. …..swadeentha waited patiently till 11:30 pm and left placing a boque and his coat which he used to cover her…and a thank u note and her phone number….adarsh reached his office by 11:45 pm and remembers about swadeentha and runs inside to see her …there he saw sooraj sleeping in his table and asked him up and asked about swadeentha he replied in sleep that you are late Romeo she left now only..and he started to sleep.. adarsh went in his room was surprised to

see the things she left …he smiled and took his phone and called her …swadeentha at the same time thought about her moments with adarsh ..when he lifted her…he placed her in his laps…her thoughts were interuppted by a call …she took the’s adarsh he said ….and continued I am sorry I got held up in the meeting..hence I could Not meet u…swadeentha replied saying that no problem sir it’s ok ..he again said that he is sorry he made her wait so long…she replied with a giggle it fine no problem..
He smiled and asked her about her health ..she replied that she is fine just little scratches and a minute fracture in right hand..he said ok take care ..swadeentha replied Thank u for everything sit he said no mention …and disscinnected the call…as suhashini was near the door….

adarsh and sharoon waked up late…and every Sunday adarsh has to take sharoon out somewhere it was a deal between them …today he asked him to take him to a icecreamparlour…
Adardh agreed and took him to mininmelts…they are 4 cups of ice cream each two? while the same time asad took swadeentha out after a long time to a supermarket which is near the ice cream parlour…they parked the vehicle. .while asad saw his school friend shuklak and started chatting with him.. while swadeentha spotted adarsh and took her step forward to meet him while she saw a small boy playing with him…and she stoppef…while a girl asked permission to sit on the chair beside him as there are no chairs and pinched sharoon face as he was cute ..this made swadeentha think sharoon as adarsh s son and th girl as his wife…and he came out with his wife and son and she should not disturb them…hence she stoppef there without entering ice cream parlour….

Hope you guys enjoyed it.
.pls in need of comments I have took more than 1 hour to type it…..

Credit to: sudharshna udhayakumar

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  1. Loved it. Pls join the 2 together

  2. Soujanya kundu

    Nice one..

  3. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Sure Kristy just wait for 2 or 3 eod their scenes will start. ..

  4. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Thank u soujanya…where are u from? I have a friend in Chennai in ur name

  5. Nice episode

  6. Craze about skr


  7. Craze about skr

    Akka I’m nippy ND I’m in matric….. My exams r easy ND I have done it well……. ND ninga eleventh aa?

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