Saga of love (Episode 5)


Hi guys it’s me sudharshna with an another epi ….sorry to late update. ..let’s get into the story…

Car reached a local hospital…..adarsh carried
her inside and later her in the strecher. ..and shouted for doc…doctor asked the nurse to move the patient to OT ward ….adarsh shirt was full of blood…he waited outside …the doctor came..and said that she need blood she has lost more…adarsh
asked which blood group doc..said AB+ adarsh said that he is also AB+ and asked him to take his blood…did asked him to pay in adjacent bed
to swadeentha. ..he saw her the nurse was
dressing her wounds. ..adarsh felt like his heart is being shaken…the nurse placed a sreen between them?he immediately turned..the doc
came and took his blood…swdeentha was
swifted to a room…adarsh waited out..doc asked him to come with him to sign some papers…he went with him…he signed with the
green pen..the doc asked him whether he is
government official. ..he just smiled and went to the room …he sat in the chair next to swadeentha an took his was 12:30..he
called his home and said that he is staying in
his friends house and will come Tom morning….and called his PA sooraj and informed him to arrive in the hospital by 5
am…..then adarsh went near the window while
then a nurse came and gave swadeentha purse which she had in her pocket. ..he accepted it and said thanks…nurse went he opened the purse and saw a photo of swadeentha and her
brother. ..and he got a identity card of her company BBC tv and at last he found her personal is card where her parents phone no
was there he took his to call but he thought it is
late will call tom morning ….he thought to take a small nap and sat in the chair..he went into thoughts the question came into his mind why
did swadeentha came running like that and
dashed into the car…while that…his eyes were drooping. ..he slept. ..time was 2:00 am suddenly swadeentha got up and shouted pls pls leave me …with a jerk adarsh got up …he went near her she immediately hugged ?him…for a moment he was shocked …he kept his on her head …next moment her body lost control and she was on his hands…he again
layed her in the bed and covered with the bed
sheet…and sat near her she again got his hands…while sleeping …he kept another hand
over it and slept. …it 4:00 am rohit reached the
hospital and called the adarsh to know the room
number …in room adarsh out his phone on silent hence he did not hear it….at last rohit
came into the hospital ….and asked the nurse
can I know in which room adarsh singha
additional Secretary in home ministry is there…the nurse opened her mouth…while
doctor reached there and said New up patient
he is in room 202….rohit came to the room and
knocked the door…but adarsh did not get up..he lost his patience and opened the door….there he
sas the scene where adarsh was sleeping with
holding the hands of a girl my God…he laughed

….while adarsh got up heading the sound…he asked when did he come? Rohit said when he
was holding hands…adarsh have a angry look …and took his phone to call swadeentha s parents. ..swadeentha s mamu took the phone..adarsh enquired whether it’s swadeentha s house mamu replied yes…adarsh said that that swadeentha let with an an accident and she is admitted in nearby hospital ..don’t worry she is fine..Mamu asked the address …adarsh at last informed..and disconnected the call….adarsh took his wallet and phone and ordered rohit to be there till swadeentha parents reach…he came it and thanked the doc and left in his car to home…he reached home by 7 am and went to his room where sharoon slept…hearing his sound sharoon waked up and higher him…adarsh asked sharoon whether he missed papu? And sharoon shaked his head and asked where he went leaving him… adarsh replied that he went for meeting….and he he too missed his baby too much and kissed him…
And today’s eod finishes with happy faces of adarsh and sharoon.

Hope u like today’s epi..stayed tuned there will be two epi …thank you for reading ..and sorry for late update…?

Credit to: sudharshna udhayakumar

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