Saga of love (Episode 4) Part 1


Hi guya it’s me sudharshna back with an another epi…sorry last epi I think I dragged it too much …sorry for doing that ….let’s get into the story…

ADARSH wakes up at 4 am and sees sharoon sleeping beautifully…he had to wake up early has he was called as chiefguest in haridwar engineering college which is 400 km away from delhi..he took his diary to see the shedule…he was supposed to be there at 8:30 am hence he should start his journey early. .to be there at correct time…actually it’s a convocation of law students and he has been cahhed to give a inspirational speech to them..he didn’t prepare anything..but thought that he could use the travelling time for it …while brushing he thought about yesterday night his mind was damn worried but today he had more positive energy.
His face glowed..he got ready and went near the window and watched out it was still dark and so cold he went near sharoon covered him with bedsheet..and kissed him and left down he waked up gèetha to see over sharoon ..and started his long journey. …..

SWADEENTHA woked up at six with her teady bear and took the news paper and a cup of tea and went to the balcony…to watch the beautiful sun rise .. at the time someone came and huged her.. …he is asad her brother and he said di today I am having my convocationn so get ready fast . .she smiled and said yes.. she got ready with asad and started their journey towards college…they reached the college around 10 am till then there were cultural events. ..the cfunction starts over 2pm her bro went to enjoy with his friends she waited patiently in the cafe..while that she saw a boy of 7 to 8 years working in the cafe slipped and tell down he dad 10 cups which fell down and for broken then his owner came near him and started beating him harshly ….he was bleeding badly…

ADARSH was also standing near the cafe while the college girls were taking selfies with him …he heard the sound and turned that side and saw the scene that was happening …he immediately went to stop him…while then a girl wearing a white top and black jeans with a floral
Caught the hand of the owner and shouted stop it!and immediately bended down to the boy and carried him in her the nearby
table..shouted for first aid box …and somebody have him first aid …till then adarsh was standing like a statue and without blinking saw the girls action..and that he fell for her….the girl was holding the boy close to her and was rushing her hands into his hair…he felt that she was so caring ….somedy called the police and they came and arrested the owner …came near
adarsh and salueted him …now only adarsh came back into the reality… and salutued them back…and tried to go near the girl …but she
went inside the crowd ..and he could not find her…he missed her..

It’s time hence adarsh left the place he was arranged a special luch by the college admin so he left his searching job…while that he
called gèetha to enquire about sharoon she said he ate the food and is playing now…he smiled and disconnected the call…it was 2 he was called to give his speech …he went and started his speech…swadeentha was occupying a middle row…actually she can to know the chief guest now only and she was delighted to hear his speech…the speech was over adrsh started to give certificates to the distinction scorers ..asad was one of them so he went to the stage to get the certificate from the CG while he was getting swadeentha shouted proud of u baby….ADARSH again spotted her in the crowd he smiled seeing her …. suddenly swadeentha for a call and left to the end of the auditorium to get signal while she spotted an man was having a gun and was speaking in the phone he got behind the pillar to hear him clearly …he said boss I missed him again he is inside the crowd can’t have an clear target …convention went on and he suddently kept the gun inside and went outside the auditorium ….has swadeentha was an reporter she was interested in these jobs…shy follwed him secretly…and he went into the jungle swadeenthaa too follwed him after 20 min of walking he went inside a bigmansion…she followed him to it ….



Credit to: sudharshna udhayakumar

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  1. Can u plz tell me the age of sharoon

  2. sudharshna udhayakumar

    2years athira ….thank u for commenting?

  3. WOWWWW SO SWEET ff sudarshna… if u dont feel bad then can u tell me abt urself? m sry if i asked something wrong

  4. ohhh it was soooo gud…………… but that means now i cant write an ff coz i had thought of starting mine frm d convocation ceremony too…….. will have to think of smthing else.

  5. sudharshna udhayakumar

    No probs shivani I am sudharshna basically a tamilian I am studying 11th….now writing
    11th board exams..I had free time hence I started writing ff. ..I am living in Chennai.
    Can I know about u also…

  6. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Sure sweety try yourself. .Will get ideas better than me…

    1. don’t mind dear if i start my ff wid a convocation ceremony……… being a law aspirant, just can’t take d thought out of my head !!!!

  7. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Guys I am sorry I didn’t post 2 epi yesterday as I have my exams…today by evening will post next epi..sorry for the delay?


    wow………. ur ffs r NOT dragging dear………. its really awesome…….. nyc story……….

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