Saga of love (Episode 3)

Hi it’s me sudharshna ?back with an another epi and thanks for commenting .lets get inti the story.

Swadeentha goes down with her friends after she got ready in a kancheepuram saree (same she weared in serial)and she was damn nervous for her engagement ….she sees rohit who is in sherwani and smiling at her …actually she got irritated due to his gaze ….she went near him and stood …..he came near her ear and said that he was born for this …..made her more tenced. half an hour went by taking photos …while that her mamu came and made an announcement “ladies and gentlemen thank u for your presence and now the most expected moment rohit my boy will hold swadeentha s hand .rohit came near swadeentha and raised her right hand to put the ring …while putting half swadeentha took her with a jerk and she shivered saying no she can’t in her mind…rohit was shocked for a second but he smiled and held her by her shoulders and to everyone that his friend will be shivering when she is tensed and asked servant to bring aglass of water and made swadeentha drinl it .

swadeentha was like a idol doing all the actions made by him to her like standing ,drinking water….she didnot like him from first when he proposed her ,asked her for engagement…but the next second she thought about the family s happiness and stood like a idol….at last she came to conclusion that if she can’t decide now her life would be tell…but rohit did not give any chance to escape he quickly lifted her hand again and for fixed the ring in her finger tightly..swadeentha a eyes were full of tears…but all thought that those were happy tears as her love got success ….but she can feel that moment that she does not belong to rohit…after engagementthe guests had their dinner swadeentha was standing near her mamu while that rohit s sis came near her and asked her to follow her ….

swadeentha thought for a second and follwed her to the swimming pool at back of her a distance before reaching she could find rohit with greetings and a red rose..praying to the God she went near him and stood before him..he suddenly bended in his knees and said I love u ..while that she spotted mamu was standing near the tree and watching them…he was still waiting for her to get the rose…she immediately got the rose from his hand and he got up and to a sudden he huged her came near her ears and said thank u for accepting the rose my sweet pondati *wife in tamil*and gigled she was already shivering …she thought of running from their but she can’t has he huged her so tight…this hug also said her that she does not belong to him ….suďdenly he left his grip and tried to kiss her..he came near her forehead…but he felt a tight slap in his cheeks..shy San from their and went to get soon and locked the door with a sound…and started crying vigorously. …she thought about the last moment between her and rohit. …after somete shy went to change her dress..and went near the window she spotted rohit looking at her angrily …she closed the window vastly..shy just lied in her bad and started thinking about her soulmate…get friend ,loves whom she want in life…
1)he should love kids as her dad was always bad to her young age at dosnt want her child to bw like that.
2)he should allow her to do any work at her own and without choose he should allow her to work after marriage..

3)he should be attached to her family..
4)he should think her as a part of him and should give equal rights to her in deciding processes…and he should be caring that if there is any danger he should be like super man to save her..she laughs at her own thoughts..
And sleeps smilingly without rememembering any incidents that happened just before..?


GUYS DO U think I streched the epi so much..wait for next epi and pls keep commenting your no adarsh SCENE sorry from next epi will give equal importance to both?

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  1. very nice epi……… plz remove this rohit n bring adarsh soon. n where is asad in ur story???

  2. i think you stretched it too much. Plz plz bring adarsh as soon as possible. Its boring to read adarshless updates. I love Harshad :-*

  3. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Sure sweety will include asad character in the epi?

  4. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Sorry banno from next epi will give both characters equal importance ?I too love adarsh soory?

  5. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Nice yaar and remove rohit soon

  6. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Not so soon he will be playing a big character along with sharoon in joining SWADARSH ?any way thank u for commenting.

  7. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Guys I have uploaded next epi pls read it !thank u !!

  8. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Sweety I have included asad in next epi pls read it !

  9. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Guys today t
    2epi so pls don’t miss it! dont worry will include SWADARSH romance scenes soon?



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