Saga of love (Episode 2)


Hi it’s me sudharshna ?back with another epi thanks for commenting ..I think there are some silent readers …but I will not ask them comment?don’t worry..
Let’s get into the story
After reaching home adarsh played with sharoon and gave him food they watched cartoon together they together just enjoyed each other’s company… suhashini came calling adarsh for dinner …adarsh left sharoon sleep in the sofa and went for dinner..adarsh day on chair and started to eat…suhashini asks about sheetal…adarsh kept on eating..she kept her hand in her head and asked what happend now? she not looking good….is she not having job what’s the problem….adarsh just replied that I didn’t like her…suhasini asked that means day the reasons clearly…he says Jon leave it…she says how can she leave as he is already 27 …he says u didn’t like her behaviour she just huged me tightly I did not like that ….get speaking way I just hated it….she asks of these is any more thing just say I will hear…you are saying she huged you..which girl will be more close to you…adarsh says mom…just stop…suhashini gets up and says enough adarsh I am fed up of your stories…she went into kitchen..adarsh too left his dinner incomplete and goes near sharoon and lifts him and goes to his bedroom…and locks the door and puts sharoon into the bed and lays beside him …then sharoon just hugs him tightly…adarsh gives a pack on his head and goes into thoughts….he thinks about the girl whom he wants in his life…

1)she should love sharoon as her own child..
2)she should be bold face any struggles as he is an IAS he can face any danger any time…so she should be courageous face any situation..
3)she should stand in her own leg….
4)should equally give importance to his family….this goes without saying she should know the manners…
His mind voice itself says that if he wants a girl like that ..he should build her. …he smiles seeing his own imagination….
Neglecting it he still has confidence that he will meet his girl…
Let’s see if his fate plans to meet swadeentha..

GUYS I M SORRY…I don’t know if this is intersting..just say one ok I will continue till end..
And I thoght that I don’t want an typical love story…it’s a love story with other elements..if u want to change or take out sharoon character let me know ..see my story revolves around sharoon …so think before commenting
And I know this is an story next one will be big I am sure ..hence comment love I all…



Credit to: sudharshna udhayakumar

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  1. ur ff is really gud dear……n d concept too

    keep writing !!!!

  2. Ff is good countinue till the end and update regularly. Keep sharoon character. Make the 2 lovebirds join fast and don’t create any big problems. Don’t worry you are but getting many comments because this is a new serial. Many people don’t know about it. Pls countinue

  3. Hey sudharshna it’s awesome yaar who said it’s boring precap seems to be quite interesting

  4. wellwisher (ww) crazy swadarsh fan

    too good………. its really ncy. waiting for next ff………….

  5. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Thank u swetty and Kristy again for your comments…. ?

  6. sudharshna udhayakumar

    And thank u fatarajo and well wisher for ur comments and will post the next epi within tonight…

  7. sudarshna… u are not at all boring… u r too gud, we readers also want some different story which is not like the typical love stories 🙂

  8. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Thank u shivani ?yes I will continue in the same line thank u gor commenting.

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