Saga of love (Episode 1)


Hi his this is sudharshna …actually I could Not control my love for writing this is a kind of stress burster …so I think u shall give ur love to it….?

Aadarsh sinha:son of mukesh …is a IAS officer ..
Swadeentha ramakrishnan:a bold reporter working in BBC channel
All the other characters are same as the serial…
Only 1+ abay and his wife died in an accident ….they are having a son named sharoon ..who is very close to adarsh….
Suhasini : adarsh..u should get married before it is too late…
*she come with 2 glasses of milk to wake up sharoon and aadarsh ..
Adarsh :ma ur daily dialogue after bhai s death ….plz give me some time..’s ur answer for the past 2 years.. today u are meeting a girl at lunch ..that’s it..
Adarsh: ush. .don’t shout sharoon is sleeping..
*She leaves and adarsh goes to washroom to get ready…

Swadeentha get up fast today is ur engagement…get ready quick days her mother. ..swadeentha gets up slowly and goes near the window..she goes into her memories when Rohit proposed her ….in their office she could say anything as there were employees around her..she slightly shaked her head …but it was took as yes a answer from her…she didnot opposed it as rohit was so caring and friendly with her and her family..she thought may be God thought this way…days went by today her engagement ..she thought no she can’t do this ..but the next sec she thought about her family and went into washroom to get ready…
(Actually rohit is swadeentha s best friend working with her as camraman…in the same company)

(Adarsh meets the girl..said by his mother at an hotel near his office)
Adarsh waits at the hotelfor about 20 min and loses his calm and thinks how can a girl be so late in her first meeting with a boy and takes his phone to call geetha*a girl who takes care of sharoon while adarsh is out *and calls her and ask about sharoon she says he did not even eat his food and he is crying and says she can’t make him stop him stop his crying if he is not there. ..Adarsh says he will be home by 5 min and says sharoon not to cry ..
While speaking a girl comes and says sorry for being late and introduce her as sheetal adarsh cut his call and says hello but she hugs him tightly and says u are looking hot..he does not like her behaviour first..and shaked his head with a hard smile..after lunch he returns home to take care of sharoon…

Here swadeentha gets ready for her engagement and thinks hardly if she is taking a good step in her life …?
Precap: will swadeentha and ardarsh meet…will they call in love…will adarsh say to his mother whether he liked sheetal of not…will swadeentha engagaement to well ..

.wait for next epi…bye love u all.
Can I know one thing did like this story …can I continue to write or stop all lays in ur suggestion and comments. …

Sorry for any mistakes and wasting ur time ?

Credit to: sudharshna udhayakumar

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Super we both write ff on same show wish you all the best… In precap they will fall in love and not call in love otherwise superb

  2. wellwisher (ww) swadarsh fan

    aray who said that u r wasting our time……….. its too good………….. but dont make it a big ff………. have it like ranaji who will give 15 to 20 epi……….. sorry if its hurting u…………..

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Superb DP yaar can you share the link of this pic? Becoz I have started dehleez fans in FB page so I can post this pic

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Thnx yaar

      2. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        ranaji forgot the rule???? thanx is not allowed among frnds…………

  3. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Sorry for the mistakes..ranaji thanku for ur wish and wish u the same?
    And sure this series will end with 15to 20 epi don’t worry?actually I am typing in mobile so it’s very hard to type correctly and this auto corrector troubles me alot..Sorry and thank I got ur comments?

    1. wellwisher (ww) swadarsh fan

      no thanx allowed among frnds………….. n its okay of ur typo mistake…… its natural…….. i understand……… our support s always with u…………. all the best dear…………… n nice name SUDHARSHN……………

    2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Hi fi for me also same problem

  4. I liked the plot

  5. sudharshna udhayakumar

    GUYS I have posted my second episode …hence read it without fail plz….

  6. Sudu…. Machi mass yaar.. Superb… First update eh awesome… Ur passion… Semma talent… Go ahead…. ?

  7. hi…. ur ff is awesum

    btw which class r u in?

  8. sudharshna udhayakumar

    Thank u darling subha!swetty I am in 11th to 12th. Actually I am writing my 11th final exams.and thank u abhay and Kristy for commenting.

    1. oh gr8. im 1 year elder to u

  9. hey sudarshna… its very gud… i just love dehleez frm the first very epi… and ur ff is veryyyyy gud

  10. Hey .. i am new here ,. Can any1 say me how to write ff


      u can either send it to email r in above tu website u have a column submit ur article……… there u can do it……….

      and Welcome to sweet Swadrash and Dehleeez fan club…………

  11. I am not getting dis ff!
    coz vtever is shwn in the tv is quite different from vt u have written in d post.
    is it imaginary or smwhere dis is also shwn in d tv?
    I am very confused.
    plz clarify.if I m nt wrong den air time is 10:30 pm.
    yeh serial kya do bar ata ha….yeh story apne likhi ha..yeh kaha dekhi?

  12. sudarshana mam …plz reply Nd solve my query…oderwise it won’t be possible for me to enjoy the saga series.
    I read your saga series 3 rd episode…it was awesome….I am ur big fan.
    plz tell me is dis series imaginary or real.
    mam plz reply.

  13. sudarshana mam …plz reply Nd solve my query…oderwise it won’t be possible for me to enjoy the saga series.
    I read your saga series 3 rd episode…it was awesome….I am ur big fan.
    plz tell me is dis series imaginary or real.

    mam plz reply.
    I have commented using my another account as I was nt able to do with my previous account.
    mam plz answer!

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