Safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi… episode 2… ishqbaaz

Hiii guys…

Here is the beginning… A beautiful girl is coming out of the kitchen with a cup of tea .She walks towards a cute room having ben 10 posters.She loudly calls :sahil…sahil…sahil…wake up…..sahil.. Yes,he’s our cute little sahil,who talks continuously like a non stop train..He is an orphan and the only person he has in this whole world is her.. Sahil:why Anika Didi..Today is Sunday na…let me sleep.. Yes,she’s our Anika,who is too intelligent,beautiful .she is a middle class girl who hates her to even think about her past.Yes,she had a bitter past.Also,right now,she loves someone deeply but due to the fear of rejection,she never proposed him.He cares about her as well as sahil. Anika:Today we have to go to temple.Its Ganesh chaturthy. Sahil:oh yes..i forgot..i will get fresh and will get ready in 5 minutes. Anika smiles.

After sometime In temple, Anika is taking rounds around the temple while sahil is busy praying.As usual,sahil was praying for Anika.He was asking God to bring someone in her life who can keep her always happy.Someone enters the temple right then.He was walking with phone in his hand.Also having a lot of attitude.He made sahil away and stops infront of the idol.Unfortunately sahil fell down but he the guy didnt notice it.sahil ran towards anika.He informed everything to her which made her too much angry.The guy gets a call and went away from there.They start searching for the guy.Sahil finds him and points his finger towards him.anika walks towards the guy angrily and calls him from behind.But he didnt notice as he is busy calling.Suddenly anika took the phone from him and threw it away.The guy turns angrily.Its none other than the famous business man Shivay singh Oberoy. She starts scolding him saying that god is for everyone….and much more lecture.. she held sahil and went away from there.Shivay looks at her angrily.

I know that its short….sorry for that,…how is it? Is it interesting?need ur suggestions.shivay’s character sketch will be given in next episode. Till then..Tata..byebye..Take care….Love u guys….

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  1. Nalla irukku…..
    But make it more longer

  2. Baaakwaaas ….. So much of grammatical mistakes……..

  3. Baaakwaaas ….. So much of grammatical mistakes…….. Faltu

  4. nice yaar continue

  5. Goms

    Abhi keep going..

  6. Nice one….continue but also give little recap….bcz sooo many ff n sometime we got confused…post next soon..

  7. Sat

    Wow,it is nice but make it longer Yar???

  8. Ketaki19

    its nice, waiting for next..

  9. Jazz1

    It’s good ?. Keep going and make it little longer

  10. It’s good… Plzzz continue

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